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  1. Well on the IE website it says the console comes with 6 free pack in games. Astrosmash being one of them. It's true that you have to buy the console in order to play it.
  2. What if you could play as the yeti in Skiing? Seeing him on skis going down the slopes. Lol. Wouldn't that be something?
  3. Thanks Tommy. Looking forward to the next deep dive video. Keep them coming.
  4. Well I didn't know about the video until after the fact. Besides there will be other reaction videos about this. And I'll be posting them when possible.
  5. Yes, it's great news to hear that the Amico isn't far away now. Hopefully all goes well and it arrives on schedule.
  6. You could combine them. Or just leave the 2 games separate.
  7. Yes, I can't wait for Sea Battle on Amico. And Sub Hunt as well.
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