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  1. https://www.theverge.com/2021/8/4/22609923/playdate-handheld-crank-panic-game-season-one
  2. Okay, great. Thank you. I never knew about this feature on here.
  3. Would it be possible to have a dark mode option for Atari Age? I know some websites have a dark mode setting like YouTube & Reddit.
  4. I knew about the internal storage. Glad to hear that there are saved game states.
  5. Agreed. I only asked because I haven't heard/seen anyone mention it. Not even the Playdate website shows anything about saving the game progress.
  6. I wonder if game progress can be saved on the Playdate? I would assume there's a save option.
  7. Yes. I pre-ordered on Thursday and it showed that it would ship late 2021.
  8. I think for those who missed the first season, they'll have to buy the season. Then the season would download to the console with all 24 games at once. Maybe they'll get the season one games at a discount because of having to wait. Or perhaps Panic will allow the first season to still be free for people who didn't get the console at the start.
  9. Well I decided to pre-order the Playdate. I hope I like it. I think it'll be a fun device to try out. Looking forward to how many games end up on the console and how well the crank works.
  10. https://www.engadget.com/playdate-preview-170047433.html This is from the article. I should note that the Playdate does last a long time in between charges. I’ve left it unplugged for nearly two weeks now, and even though I’ve played a few hours every day, it still has over half of its battery life left. I also noticed an “Upside Down” mode in the Settings menu, which turns the screen, well, upside down. When asked, Sasser said that this is an experimental mode for left-handed users who want to use the crank with their left hands. He did say, however, that this is feature is still subject to change.
  11. According to the Playdate website under the specs, it says battery life is 8 hours.
  12. https://www.theverge.com/2021/6/4/22466184/panic-playdate-handheld-price-double-season-one-games-update-preorder
  13. On 2/16, when I would go to save a post, it took a while. Usually the post saves within a few seconds. But there were times where it took a whole minute. I'm not sure why there is a delay? Also, some of my posts were not showing up in my profile yesterday. They would appear later on though. Then today 2/17, I go into my profile and under activity, I have no posts at all. In order to see my posts, I must click on see my activity, then on the left hand side click on posts. So, my question is, what is going on?
  14. RIP Larry King.

    1. CPUWIZ


      Never liked that man.  But R.I.P., old grump.

    2. xenomorpher


      He was great whenever he interacted with Norm MacDonald, who also did a funny impression of him. He also interviewed Norm in character as Larry.

  15. Youtube is down.  

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    2. Intellivision Master

      Intellivision Master

      It was out for many people.  You were lucky.

    3. OldSchoolRetroGamer


      Yep, I had definitely noticed an unusual disruption here as well, everything appeared normal but video loading circle just kept going round and round.....fine now though. 

    4. CPUWIZ


      Are people really staring at youtube so much, they'd actually notice?  Does anyone still work for a living? :?

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