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  1. Wouldn't it be cool if the Amico had a screen saver that appeared on the TV while a game is paused? So within 5 minutes the console has a screen saver image pop up showing the Intellivision Amico name or perhaps the Running Man runs across the screen.
  2. Tommy, Thank you for sharing the hands on experiences of the Boston event. I enjoyed reading all 12 of them. Glad to hear that everyone had a great time. Also, it's good to know that people love the controller and they have fun playing the games.
  3. I hope so. A physical version of Battle Tanks would be great.
  4. Right. The game does look really good. I can't wait to play it on Amico.
  5. Battle Tanks looks like a fun game. I wish it was one of the pack in games.
  6. That first deep dive video was great. It was good to see Battle Tanks in action. Also, I liked how you explained things throughout the video. Looking forward to the next one. By the way, the ending was funny. Lol.
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