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  1. Is there an update as to what the bonus games are for the new Legends Flashback Deluxe edition from Sam's Club?
  2. Okay, thank you for the list for the Flashback X bonus games.
  3. Sam's Club is selling deluxe versions of the new Atari Flashback X and new Legends Flashback consoles. Both have 10 bonus games. Does anyone know what the bonus games are?
  4. This message is for atarifan88, I thank you for replying to my post. Next time I charge my system I'll do it for the 11 hours. Maybe by charging it longer the games & screen color will work properly. If not then I would have to assume my unit is defective.
  5. This is related to the Atari Flashback Portable topic but my question is about the charging of the system. The first time I charged my Atari Flashback Portable via a cell phone wall charger it only took 5 hours and not 11 like the manual said. When it charged the red light is very bright but once it's done charging the yellow light is dim. I don't know if the brightness of the charging light matters. Also and it may be my unit that's faulty but I've noticed that some games will freeze after playing for about 10 minutes or so such as the Bowling game. Other games I've seen the screen color change randomly from a yellow to a red to a blue, etc. I'm not sure why that is. That's why I'm thinking it could be my unit that is bad. Or is it just the emulation of some games that cause this? Has anyone else experienced this issue with the games on their portable?
  6. Which SD card has the best compatibility for the Atari Flashback 2600 Portable? I've seen different answers but I just need to know so I don't buy the wrong type. Thanks!
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