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  1. That seems like an enormous amount of software. I'll have to dig into this list and, at random, I guess, pick a few programs/games. I'll wait until my joystick adapter arrives to try any more games. Is there a list of published BASIC software for the TI? Adam
  2. It would be a fun video to make covering the example games, although it would be easier (by a long shot) if I had the physical book to work from during the video. There are a few other long example programs from the "Compute!'s Arcade" book that might be fun to try out. For example: Chapter 5: Keyboard and Joystick Control - Flutters (Two-page short game where you catch a butterfly) Chapter 6: Sound - Sound Parade (three-page sound-creation program) There are probably floating around the Internet too. Has anyone seen this game and sound program? Adam
  3. Is there one central TI-99/4a archive store-house? I'm thinking one that might be similar to AtariMania. Adam
  4. Yeah, slowness is the order of the day for TI BASIC. While that surely isn't a "feature," since it is the BASIC that's built into the TI, I'm sure it's the most used BASIC on the system. In fact, how successful was Extended BASIC? Did "everyone" have it, or did just hardcore programmers pick it up? I remember the "Not Quite Human" TV show from the 1980s. I thought it was terrible. It was on for several seasons, I think; someone must have liked it. Wasn't there another TV show from the mid-80s that had a little girl who was a robot? (Yeah, feel free to ignore that question that could derail this thread!) Adam
  5. Uh-huh, I get that; that's why I chose to "just" document for the Bally Arcade/Astrocade. For that reason, many people believe it's my favorite 8-bit system, but that's not true. It very interesting indeed, but I'll give pretty-much any 8-bit system a spin. The Atari 8-bit is still my "fave." When I'm playing around with a "new" computer, such as the TI-99/4a, I try to find what I like about it. Sure, it has flaws, but beyond the flaws, what makes the system successful enough that there is still an active community. Adam
  6. Hey, Allan, what are ya doing in the TI sub-forum? Are you a TI fan as well as a an Atari mega-fan? Please, don't tell me that you archive documentation and programs for this system too...?!? Adam
  7. I put the disk image onto my NanoPEB and played each of the Compute! BASIC game briefly on real hardware. From what I've learned about TI BASIC, the games offered about what I expected. They were simple and painfully slow. None of the games are fun, but that's okay; they're only meant to be learning examples. I had some issues because my TI Atari joystick adapter doesn't allow my known-working Atari joystick's fire button to work. To fix this, I ordered some hardware from Arcade Shopper: 1) TI-99/4a to Atari Joystick Adapter - Hopefully it's my old 1980s adapter and not my TI computer that's the issue with the fire button not working. I'll find out soon enough. 2) FinalGROM99 SD with case, label, manual and a preloaded card - It will be fun to try some of the fast cartridge games. Of course, I've played many of these under emulation already. 3) NTSC composite video cable - I currently have "stolen" my composite cable from my Atari 130XE . Now I can have one for a dedicated TI setup. I'll probably get this hardware by next week. Maybe I'll make a video of some of these Compute! games from the "Arcade" book. If anyone is interested in seeing them, then let me know. Adam
  8. This seems to be the disk I was looking for. Here are the contents viewed using Ti99Dir: It seems that all seven games are on the disk. I'll try playing some of these games this week. You saved me tons of typing... which, let's admit it, I never would have done. Adam
  9. Thanks for uploading all of this software in this thread. I've downloaded it all. By weeks end, I hope to try some more of it. I presume these tapes are rare and only had small advertisements in magazines. Can anyone point me to ads for this software? How about documentation? Adam
  10. I'm looking forward to whatever TI books that you find that you have as spares in your collection. Adam
  11. I understand. Even getting items out of my garage where my collection isn't that buried can take some time when I've got a few things on my plate at once. Going to a storage unit adds quite a bit more complication to the matter. Do any of the titles that I'm looking for sounds familiar to you? Adam
  12. Ah, there was a time when I believed that... heck, to some extent, I still believe it: typing in BASIC programs has become nearly a lost "art." I'm sure that the seven programs from the Compute! book are out there just waiting to be uncovered. I just have to wait for them to pop up. I'm in no hurry. The TI is "new" to me and I've got plenty of other software for it to play around with while I wait. Back in the 1980s, when I did spend lots of time typing in BASIC programs (and, back then, in the beginning at least, I didn't have much of an idea what any of the BASIC commands were doing), I spent plenty of time with the programs that I entered into my Commodore 64. Now that wouldn't be the case at all. I've a curiosity about BASIC on the TI-- especially TI BASIC with all of its limitations, and the Internet, with it's many resources, will probably allow me to try some, most or possibly even all of the games that were in "Compute!'s Creating Arcade Games on the TI-99/4a." Adam
  13. Thanks for the suggestion... but I've done my fair share of typing and/or correcting BASIC listings. I'll wait until I can download the files in either tape of disk format. I'm sure these programs from a popular Compute! book are out there someplace. I bet that someone will come forward who has these programs on tape or disk. Heck, these programs have certainly already been imaged; I just haven't been able to find them. Adam
  14. I'm looking for the following seven games from "Compute!'s Creating Arcade Games on the TI-99/4a" by Seth McEvoy: 1) Martian Attack 2) Martian Revenge 3) Riverboat 4) Shark 5) Mushrooms 6) Hobo Party 7) Moneybags Here's the book's cover: A pdf of the book is here: https://archive.org/details/tibook_creating-arcade-games-on-the-ti994a/mode/2up Here's the book's table of contents: I've looked around for these TI BASIC games, but I can't find them. I'd like to try them. I know that they'll be simple, but I'm curious about what this book hopes to teach the reader. Did anyone here use and read this book? Does anyone have some or all of these seven TI BASIC games on tape or disk? Adam
  15. Thanks for posting another keyboard overlay. It sort of helped me. In the Javascript emulator, the cursor keys seem to be joystick 1 (I could have sworn I tried that yesterday!). I still can't find the fire button. I tried Parsec. I could move around, but I couldn't actually start the game. Adam
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