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  1. Ok I'm gonna defend the Wii as someone who wondered what the point of it was other than it was for people who don't play video games. I had a friend with one who had all the Just Dance and Wii Play bollocks. The usual, and that's all I thought the console was for, until I kinda bought one by accident... (it was stupid cheap). Then I found all the really amazing games it had that you never see in people's collections. Those controllers that were gimmicks in Wii Play are easily the best light gun alternatives ever concieved. Some games are just better on them... Resident Evil 4 and the Pikmin games for example shine on the Wiimotes. Then it played your gamecube games over component without costing you megabucks for the priviledge. Finally, and I know this isn't a selling point, but god damn the thing has excellent emulation support if you hack it. So yeah, I went from what is the point of it to I bloody love it.
  2. PCs are an odd thing because they're just so damned variable. I've currently got four of them because the idea that old software can run on modern PCs is a fantasy. GOG definitely helps in this area to be fair, but there's a surprising amount that just won't play ball. So I've got all my games spread over the following machines: My earliest is a Dell XPS-333 (freebie from a friend that I restored/upgraded) - Pentium II 333Mhz with a 3Dfx Voodoo 3 and a Soundblaster Gold running Win98. This for me covers the golden era of PC games between 1997-2000. The sheer number of utter classic PC games from this time is bonkers. Plus it's not difficult to still get DOS games running it. Why 98? Because it's got USB support and that's really bloody useful to get stuff onto the machine! Next I've got a pair of Lenovo M70e (about £25 each from ebay then upgraded) - The first is a Core 2 Duo E8400 3Ghz with a AMD Radeon HD 7000 running WinXP. I tried a later/faster GPU and it ran sketchily so I grabbed what appeared to be the latest XP supported Radeon instead and this one works like a dream. The second I swapped the processor for a Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83Ghz, dropped in a Nvidia GeForce GT 730 and 8GB memory I had lying around to make a Win7 machine. Other than the Voodoo 3 card, everything was super cheap to do so it'd have been rude not to. My last machine is a 'modern' (I don't do modern), cast-off bitsa-PC from a friend that I've slapped into a nice new case and put a modern-ish GTX 1060 graphics card into. That's my Win10 machine. They're all pure games machines and I definitely recommend doing it even though getting things working right on PCs given their nature can be a pain in the butt. There's something about playing Unreal Tournament on a PII/3Dfx machine on a CRT that's just right.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/8P2W-8-Pole-2-Way-Slide-Switch-Model-Railway-Hobby-CY04/362635750770?hash=item546ec66d72:g:w9EAAOSwF2hcxiat Only thing I didn't switch was the ground line, all the others went through that. Fits perfectly, and invisibly, in the now empty hole for the RF lead. It's too big to fit where the A/B switch hole is.
  4. I've got to agree with this. Over Xmas the Xbox One X was reduced to £270 here for a few weeks so I picked one up. It's a brilliant machine. Most cross platform stuff runs better on it, and the backwards compatability library has so much good stuff in there that it's become my primary console. I ran an S for ages to this point and it was sadly lacking in grunt so it just really sat there to play Forza. The difference in performance between it and the X is really quite remarkable. Unlike the difference between the PS4 and the Pro which just isn't big enough to warrant changing. I've ended up going though my PS4 and PS3 libraries and replacing all the games that run better on the X. Some titles are staggeringly different (Digital Foundry is your friend), Final Fantasy 13 on Xbox 360 goes from being easily the worst version of the game to being the best when run on an X for example. Last but not least, back compatability OG Xbox and 360 games are region free on the X. I bought a US Bloodrayne 2 to test this and yup, went straight onto my UK Xbox X no problems. Shame they never did the Japanese Cave shooters in the back compat program
  5. I ended up getting an A1200 because Amibian didn't quite work for me. Certain games (Shuffle Puck Café, Virus and Vroom) I really struggled with on the emulator because there was lag there that I just couldn't compensate for and it just didn't feel right in those games. Minimig on the MiSTer however I cannot tell the difference between the real thing and the core. The same has to go for the NeoGeo core, it's pretty much indistinguishable from the real thing and certainly a load more reliable (I will be taking a soldering iron to mine tomorrow in the hopes of bringing it back to life...).
  6. I bodged mine into an old LaCie NAS enclosure. It works Not so pretty inside however. There's hot snot and cable-tie action going on there. Also added the 128MB memory module later.
  7. Indeed I'm not ashamed to admit that I've got a little desktop Picade (runs retropie) that I prefer to play PSX shoot-em-ups on. Not just because of the controls but because the emulator upscales the 3D elements and it just looks so damned good. I wish Sony had done that with the PSX emulator in the PS3, it's not like they didn't have the horsepower to do that and a lot of my PSX games are PSN store downloads The other is the Lynx on the same with the LCD filter on it. I miss my Lynx from back in the day, and these days I rarely use handhelds. On the little Picade it just looks and plays so much better than it did on my old mk1 Lynx. There are others... The MiSTer has made my NeoGeo CDX redundant. I couldn't justify the sheer cost of an AES and multicart, and though I love the CDX, the MiSTer just works so damned well as a NeoGeo (using the Neo stick and pad) I can't remember the last time I powered the CDX up. The latest thing that particular tiny box of wonder has done is the Mega CD. Again, I was looking to the MegaSD, or getting an actual flakey Mega CD unit. It's just far more practical. The difference being there that I still play the Megadrive because it doesn't detract from just how awesome that thing is.
  8. This ^ I tend to buy from AA maybe once or twice a year, but they're big/expensive orders. The next order I'll be combining with a friend to split the costs. That's another option I suppose for NeoGeoNinja. If you want to combine on one of our orders to split the fees 3 ways on the next one? Might be a while though, I'm waiting for the release of Last Strike and Arkanoid on the 7800 ideally before we put the next one in. But if you're prepared to wait it could be a way of softening the blow.
  9. You just gotta take it on the chin with that one. All I would say as someone who did, even though it's easily the most expensive game I've ever bought (after shipping, duty and fees you're looking at around £90, which is about $115 or there abouts), I don't regret it. For me it's a toss up between Rebooteroids and T2K as to which is the best game on the Jag.
  10. This is the most awesome thing ever. So often these game modes go untried/unplayed because they're option 58 or whatever and ultimately you never dig out the manual to find out what they are. It's already breathed new life into the games you've tackled. Bravo sir!
  11. Some more atari restores here: I really must update my website at some point. The Console/Computer collection section is massively out of date...
  12. Just finished this today so I thought I'd post it up as it's been a fun little project. I tend to buy old 'spares or repair' consoles and computers and repair refubish them. Not to sell, I just enjoy doing it. So it was mid-last year that this gem popped up in Ebay. Advertised as a loft find, and not working, the pic from the advert is linked below. I think I paid £18 for it delivered... One of the paddles was wrecked, but will become spares, the joystick Cleggy made clicky and cleaned up (that's really rather sweet now). The Atari itself, kinda worked. It was iffy. So it got reflowed (it was mostly the power jack that needed it, but also the ribbon between the two PCBs), all the connections cleaned and re-capped, because while we're there, it'd have been rude not to. It then sprang into life and seemed stable. I don't have anything that runs RF and we've done composite mods in the past, but this thing really cleaned up nice and I have a LOT of nostalgia for the old VCS, so I decided to do something special and stuck the magnificent eTim RGB mod in there. It has been pretty great since, but I've been waiting for the Atarivox issues to be fixed (and Galagon to come out to combine delivery...) and my next cunning plan was in motion: Internal Atarivox! It's always baffled me that the VCS has speaker grilles but no speakers, bah, for this one no longer. All I've done here is run a set of lines from the P2 joystick port to an 8-way switch (GND goes straight though), to an internal port. The switch is simply so I can turn it off to play 2 player games. It's all way tighter than I expected, but it fits in there and it's kinda cool that the Atari itself does the speaking.
  13. Given that production has ceased completely on CRT tubes, prices are already starting to rise on desirable CRT kit. Professional and broadcast monitors are already well into the $100's. Dual/tri/true multisync monitors are bonkers money, even boggo Commodore and Atari branded stuff are creeping up. If you ever think you're going to want a CRT, grab one now. You can still get domestic Trinitrons and VGA monitors for next to nothing, and if you keep your eye out on the whatever the local version of Gumtree in the States, there's always someone getting rid of something. It's still possible, if you're patient, to build up a bit of a collection for very little money so you have some spares.
  14. For me that's MiSTer, it's got me retro gaming on a panel again because it just does everything so damn well, and it's just getting better all the time.
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