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  1. It does indeed. Cracking PSU. But that ST has been parted out and it's surplus.
  2. The Jaguar at it's best is when it's playing games like T2K and Rebooteroids, 'modern' re-imaginings of classic arcade games. I'd personally like to see this continue along with old-school style, Jaguar flavoured games like that Thrusty thing Cyrano is dabbling with at the moment. They're the things that appeal to me on the 2600 and 7800 also, and what I think is what Atari consoles should be about. EDIT: ...and ST Super Sprint with spinner support... Just because I bloody love that game.
  3. A direct comparison for you, which I've tried to make as fair as possible. This is on my 13" PVM that this machine actually lives on, it's the modded S-Video out of the 800 vs the Sophia RGB. FWIW, it looks really good in person on using both, taking photos' of a CRT is difficult. Again, click 'em to see them properly.
  4. Fitted a RevB Sophia to my 800XL today, really rather pleased with the results (running on a 20" BVM). Toying with putting a DVI one into my XE now... No real issues to fit, though I did have to remove a socket and solder a chip directly to the board to clear it and cutting square holes into vintage computers is always a worry. As for what else is going on in there, there's the ubiquitous U1M, a dual pokey with 3.5mm jack in the place where the modulator out was) and some s-video mods that while surprisingly good, aren't as good as the Sophia. Click the pics for embiggenment.
  5. Absolutely. I have 3 games I'd like to pick up for the Jag then I'm done, and I've been watching them rise to the point that I'm now waiting for Saint's flash card instead. It's not like AvP is even rare, everyone who had a jag had it and there are always copies up for sale, it's just what it sells for now. Which is I suppose the thing, they do sell at these prices. FWIW I always buy new releases and homebrew when they're available. I have no issues paying the actual creators for their stuff. After all, I want them to carry on creating more cool stuff for the machines I love.
  6. Another thing I would add is that using a modern PSU can introduce quite a bit of noise. I run my A8's with Raspberry Pi PSUs, but straight in they are noisy buggers due to a distinct lack of filtering in the A8's themselves (it was probably in the original PSU). I ended up making a little filter box with caps in it with a modern DC jack on one end and the A8 plug on the other. That does the job nicely. I suppose that's sort of what your cable is in essence in the original post, just smoooother My 7800s I've put a DC jack on and run with some big Uniross PSUs. They work just fine.
  7. I'm not sure that's the case because the nostalgia will pass and those that want them will have them. We've seen this with the 2600. You can buy those and the games for pretty much nothing now because of the way nostalgia moves onwards. I for example had huge nostalgia for a pong machine because it's the first console I ever had, few people care about those now and I got one for next to nothing. Same went for the 2600. Someone younger than me might have it for a NES/Master System. As time goes on that'll be a SNES/Megadrive, etc. The Jag, like a few other consoles is in it's sweet spot at the moment of rarity and nostalgia hitting at the same time, hence the frankly silly prices for both the consoles and games. I can only see it going one way long term, and that ain't up. Likewise currently PS3 and 360 games are abundant and cheap as chips. Give them time and the prices of those will start to climb as the nostalgia wave hits that generation.
  8. Page two of the blog I posted explains the refresh rate and the resolution difference between PAL and NTSC. Basically why PAL/50 appears to be a squished version of the NTSC/60 'full screen' image (in many instances) and the speed difference. Games that were written with the PAL market in mind often run better on PAL machines. This is more evident on 8-bit computers that were popular in Europe, but Tempest on the Jag is another good example. So having it switchable, especially when it's so easy to do so, is preferable.
  9. There's a lot to get your head around. There's the transport method like SCART, that can carry RGB, S-Video or Composite signals, they can be NTSC, PAL or SECAM standards at different refresh rates (50/60Hz). I went through a lot of it ages ago from a UK perspective in a blog here when I re-started my retro journey. Initially with panels and scalers, eventually fully re-embracing CRTs. As for the Jag. The 50/60Hz switch is a nice to have. If you're into Tempest 2000 however, a spinner controller is a must and it's really easy to DIY if you're handy with an iron.
  10. Stuck a mouse outside in the UK for 3 'sunny' (around 20C) days... I suspect it's not gonna work here. Retrobrite would have done the job in a single sitting, two at most.
  11. ...and I'm in for a SCR. Amusingly I remember hassling GC himself at a computer show back in the day when he was showing SCR on a stand on ST. I begged him to sell me a copy, but it wasn't done at that point. I did of course end up buying it on release. Seems only right I should buy the new one.
  12. It can be, especially now with the prevalence of youtube and ebay driving prices up. However if you have the ability to tackle things yourself, then things can be a lot cheaper, but require a lot more (enjoyable) work. The key to doing it frugally is patience, common sense and a bit of luck. So, for example. I've got a pair of 8-bit Atari's. The first one was a 65XE that looked rough as hell, was for sale as untested and was pick up only. Thankfully it was near a friend, so I bought it and he picked it up for me. Next time we met he handed it to me. That cost me a little over £20. The machine looked awful. But it was intact, a thorough clean and retrobrite got the machine looking frankly excellent. It had a couple of faults, a dodgy PIA (odd directions not working on both joysticks) which was easily enough swapped and something else that was pretty minor. I re-capped the machine, then made a little filter box for the PSU input and now use a Raspberry Pi PSU on it (I don't trust any old PSUs). Since then the machine has been upgraded to a 130XE and I've done some video mods to it to improve the picture. It owes me very little. However when I came to upgrade it again I thought I'd killed it, so picked up a spares/repair 800XL. It cost a little over £30 delivered. Again, looking at the advert it was intact but dirty. I love people who don't make any effort when they find old kit in their lofts and garages then decide to ebay them. That turned out to be in full working order. So again, it got stripped and cleaned and I did the S-Video mod to it. If you're not electronically inclined, you're at the mercy of the seller and restorer so it's going to cost you. Because this kit is OLD, and like it or not, there are components in most electronic kit that degrades or fails over time. For what it's worth we've just repaired and re-capped a BVM and it was well over £40 in parts alone. The labour on that had we been doing it for someone would have been a significantly more. So I can totally accept higher prices for refurbed kit. I've paid it myself because I just haven't been bothered to do the work at times. Tips from me would be: Tap up any nerdy friends you may have on social media - I've got a few machines for either nothing or peanuts from friends who had them kicking around in their lofts and garages. Most have needed some work, but you can't beat free! Buying bundles can work out better in the long run - Done this with consoles with games bundles. People who just want stuff gone and don't want to go to the effort of splitting and selling things individually are great people to get bargains from. Make a bit of effort selling all the bits you don't want and end up with a Megadrive for £2 (this has happened). Untested, spares or repair - Only really an option if you know what you're doing. Even so you may end up with a machine you can use to repair another. I got a spares or repair 2600 that I just couldn't track down the fault on. Parts from it have ended up restoring a 7800 and another 2600. Never throw stuff away! Patience is the key - I constantly watch gumtree and ebay for things popping up. Be they computers, consoles or PVM/BVMs. I have an absolute load of searches set up that e-mail me. I picked up a PVM recently for very sensible money from a chap on gumtree. When I got there I found he had a second that was possibly a little faulty, but seemed to be now testing ok. Again, if you have the ability to fix such things, this is what you want, so I ended up bringing that back as a spare also. If you're prepared to wait, things do pop up. Clean everything! - Some things can be really nasty/manky. Particularly controllers. Strip them down, wash them. You'd be surprised how well stuff scrubs up. FWIW, the P2 PC in my sig was a Dell a friend had been using as a linux server in his garage and had replaced it. I'd let it be known among my nerdy friends that if they have any old kit they're going to bin, ask me first as I'll likely take it. The chassis was a bit rusty so it needed stripping and sanding back, but otherwise, it worked. That took a V3 card and a replacement CD-ROM drive to get it running as a gaming rig. All up it cost me about £60. It takes work but it's satisfying. The monitor was free, someone was just going to bin it and listed it on gumtree to save them taking it to the tip. I took it off his hands instead.
  13. Rebooteroids and Tempest 2K I put alongside each other as the two best games on the system. By some margin. They're the two games that get what an Atari console is about.
  14. Impossible Mission, Cracked and Planet Smashers are all still fairly common here in the UK. I got IM sealed for sensible money recently. Not sure about Fatal Run, but Midnight Mutants doesn't pop up as often and when it does, it's starting to get to get expensive.
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