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  1. Given that production has ceased completely on CRT tubes, prices are already starting to rise on desirable CRT kit. Professional and broadcast monitors are already well into the $100's. Dual/tri/true multisync monitors are bonkers money, even boggo Commodore and Atari branded stuff are creeping up. If you ever think you're going to want a CRT, grab one now. You can still get domestic Trinitrons and VGA monitors for next to nothing, and if you keep your eye out on the whatever the local version of Gumtree in the States, there's always someone getting rid of something. It's still possible, if you're patient, to build up a bit of a collection for very little money so you have some spares.
  2. For me that's MiSTer, it's got me retro gaming on a panel again because it just does everything so damn well, and it's just getting better all the time.
  3. My worry for 2030 is the current gen of software that is all DRM and/or 'games as a service'. So on PC, *if* your games service of choice is still around (steam/epic/battlenet/etc) you might be ok. If not, all those games you bought, you don't own... GOG aside who let you download the installers and are DRM free. Anything online or needing online activation is pretty much screwed. Digital on console it's potentially worse as we're already seeing things getting pulled. The Wii Store for example. I'm amazed the Wii U store still exists given Nintendo did their absolute best to bury the existance of that console so they could scavange it's corpse for 'new' games for the Switch. Getting games on disc doesn't guarentee they'll work in future either given that most games these days ship broken and in need of a day one patch to make them work. The future is grim for retro gamers...
  4. Vintage hardware is a very large part of the hobby for me. I particularly like buying ‘for parts or repair’ old computers and consoles and bringing them back to the land of the living. However I appreciate that even within that hobby, that’s pretty niche. There are always groups of people interested in the history of things, otherwise we wouldn’t have antiques or vintage cars. Playing on original hardware with correct displays is part of that desire to preserve things how they were. It’s just a different facet to retro collecting/gaming. Emulation will continue to get better. MiSTer is probably the cutting edge of that currently and it is utterly brilliant. Emulation will help preserve the software and a way to run it. It’s absolutely necessary.
  5. All I would say is don't expect the MK or UAV mods to be totally clean on the 7800 side (done both to two seperate PAL 7800s), it's better, but it's far from perfect. Personally I'm waiting to see if Tim manages to pull off the 7800 RGB mod. I love the console, but it's easily the worst picture of all of the ones I own.
  6. Lotharek is another option. Edit: Just noticed who posted above me
  7. Did a replacement label for mine. Bought some super cheap A4 51x59 labels (knock offs of Avery L7668). Came out nice.
  8. Not quite, someone who 'couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery' is a bit useless.
  9. Check for bad joints everywhere. I just bought a light sixer recently that I RGB modded and there were many. Power jack, joystick jacks, but also the socket and cable between the two boards. Reflow the lot, certainly anything that's moved (switches and the like). Then you're into fault-finding mode after that. As ever, voltages first. Make sure it's right at the reg, then work forward. Shame I'm at the other side of the pond, I'd happily take a look at it for you had you been local
  10. That was it! To be fair, it was a while ago and my memory it really bad...
  11. One once used the Pompey Packer on their cover disc in an issue where they were attacking piracy. A mate of mine highlighted the hypocrisy to them. Fair play they published his letter and he ended up getting a shout on the next PP disk scroller
  12. Doesn't surprise me at all. A lot of the packers they wrote ended up being used in commercial things. Not something you could ever complain about really.
  13. Bah, missed Asteroids Deluxe out of the pic. It was in-disguise with the other 7800 games (label is very similar).
  14. TL:DR, and there’s going to be a LOT of contentious stuff in here. So I grew up with piracy. I’m fairly certain I got a mention on a scroller once... I know a friend of mine definitely was on more than one, and hacked one or two games himself. I knew odd people who were part of the scene. I even arrived at someone’s house as he was in the middle of being raided by the police, but I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m a child of the 70’s. Had a Binatone pong machine, then a VCS. My parents certainly weren’t wealthy, but picked us (my brother and I) a selection of games for it. Indeed we ran that puppy for a LONG time, mopping up games when the prices of them plummeted. Next came 8-bit computers, which were huge here in the UK. Cheapest was the Spectrum, many people ended up with these (me included, we were deeply envious of those that got C64s). We might see an Atari 800 in a big department store, but I didn’t know anyone with one. Apples and PCs were business machines no one could afford. Most people didn’t have disk drives leaving your Spectrum and C64 games on tape. Which is where it all started. A cheap tape to tape ghettoblaster was all you needed to copy your mate’s games at school. So yeah, we all still bought games, but there were LOADS for the Spectrum and most were shit. So you bought games, but you also copied them for your mates and they copied theirs for you. Later on when copy protection got smarter, interfaces started to turn up that could snapshot and save games states beyond the copy protection. I had one of these, by this point copy protection had become so convoluted I even snapshotted many of the games I had bought just to get around the complete ball-ache that were code wheels, manual look ups and the dreaded Lenslok. This was the start of the trend of hardware appearing to circumvent copy protection. Then came the 16 bit machines and for me, the golden days of computer gaming. I used to attend the Huddersfield ICI working men’s club back in the late 80’s - early 90’s. Once a month this was a room full of people with ST’s and Amigas. 40+ machines wouldn’t be unusual (all running from maybe 4 wall outlets). Most Amigas would be running X-Copy with 3 external FDDs sat on them and a big pile of blank floppies. People there would be made up of people just copying stuff, coders, and a few members of some of the northern hacking groups. It was just a massive social event where a lot of like minded nerds got together, played games, copied games, and showed off demos and what have you. Indeed I remember it’s the only time I saw a Falcon when they came out and one of the coders had it and was just showing stuff he’d written on it. Did piracy occur there, certainly. None of it was for money (that shit happened later and it wasn’t cool, killed it for me). It got raided a couple of times, but someone always found out it was going to happen. For those nights we still went and just had a Sensi-Soccer tournament or what have you as the whole point of the thing really was nerds being social (I have life-long friends I met at this place) however oxymoronic that may seem as a concept. Sadly as with all good things, it came to an end. I know of a few people who attended that club who went on to have notable success in the games industry ironically. For the rest of us there were smaller clubs, but none had whatever it was that the ICI had and they eventually petered out. Actually their death knell was people coming into them with the express intent of selling stuff. People started to be wanted to be paid for downloading stuff and sticking it on a CD. One thing led to another and everyone bailed. I know it’s hypocritical that when it became about people ‘making money’ out of it that some twisted form of morality should kick in, but that’s just what happened in this case. Personally this is when consoles started to pick up again here. We passed over the NES, it just didn’t really happen in the UK, the cost of the carts killed it. The Master System was way bigger but still really didn’t make an impact. The SNES and the Megardrive however did. With the waning interest and stalling of the 16 bit computers it was those and PCs that started to gain traction. Piracy on the PC was less interesting because of people trying to profit from it so I didn’t really do that even though I had one (to play Doom of course, which I owned along with just about all the games I ran on that machine come to think about it). However, still knowing people that hardware thing re-appeared and I got myself a Super UFO for the SNES. Again, we didn’t buy many games in the UK down to the sheer cost of the things so rentals were huge. With a UFO you only need to rent a game once to copy it’s ROM to a floppy… I remember being a member of all the video rental stores that rented SNES games for that reason. I still bought games mind you, just not many for the SNES because the UFO took care of things so effectively. Now these devices were not common at all bear in mind, and one upside you have to this is an extensive collection of ROMs for your emulators now. But of course, morally speaking, it was dubious as hell. Beyond this we’re getting to the Playstation generation and mod-chipping. By this point I think that the culture had just become entrenched here. The PSX was easily the most modded machine I can think of. I knew of so many people who weren’t nerdy at all with chipped Playstations. By this point I was heavily into buying imports for it, so my ability to play CDRs was a byproduct of me wanting to play other region originals. Which is the way I pretty much went. I was working and earning well by this point and could afford to buy the games so I did. Amusingly meaning that by the time we got to the most pirated machine of all time (it’s likely…) I had mostly originals. Give it it’s due though, I got into electronics by modding old computers and consoles, so it wasn’t all bad. I did still continually buy games during this entire period. Shit loads of the things because the games that were good warranted it. Not just on moral grounds, but because when you bought a game back then, you got a lot for your money in terms of packaging and manuals. This of course doesn’t justify anything, but this is what happened and this is my account of it.
  15. It's not so much the colour palette issues, it's the terrible dot-crawl interference you get when running in playing 7800 games on a PAL console. The 2600 is absolutely fine, but the 7800 is easily the worst picture I have coming out of any of my machines. I thought I might have a duffer so bought another and it's exactly the same. They're both s-vid modded one with the MK one with the UAV and they both still do it. We've tried lifting pins and switching things like was done in the past with older mods but to no avail. We definitely need someone to look into something along the lines of the eTim 2600 RGB or the Sophia 8-Bit RGB mods but for the 7800. I know that the problem is dealing with essentially two separate outputs in the machine though which is why this particular holy grail eludes us still.
  16. Most of mine are 7800 but there's a few 2600 in there. This is all my Homebrew stuff, including the three that landed this morning (cheers Al).
  17. Personally I'm outputting mine over SCART so I connected the audio to the RGB out (bottom two pins of the DIN socket). It's the only socket I installed. You can do others but I didn't see the point. As for the extra joystick functionality. I don't use it, so I just put a switch on the back of the console to allow you to select the default palette (it auto-selecting isn't always great, so setting a default is nice). I rarely ever change it, but the option is there. Also you essentially end up with a true multi-region console doing this, which is a nice side effect.
  18. I've fitted the eTim RGB mod to my six switch and it really is staggering in terms of the jump in quality even from the UAV. Not cheap, but not unreasonable either considering what it's doing. Now I just need him to do one for the 7800, which has probably the poorest picture of all my consoles now. But I know there are gonna be issues with that one given there are essentially two outputs on the thing (internally).
  19. Me too, because it adds to the size and cost, all of which drive the cost up dramatically when customs get their hands on it at this end. The cheaper and more discreet a package is, the less likely customs are to notice it... Sadly very little slips through these days.
  20. The ones I played the most were probably the VCS and the SNES, but for me peak console gaming was the Dreamcast. It was the first time that a console surpassed an arcade machine. It's library was small but the quality was so high. Soul Calibur was a release title! It's one of the few games I can hand on heart declare as perfect. Indeed that whole generation was special: the PS2, GameCube and Xbox. All stunning consoles, all offering something a little different. Since then they've only been getting progressively worse. A lot of this I put down to consoles going online and the practice of releasing unfinished games and patching them later becoming a thing. It all just mars the experience for me. Installing games... Nope, that's not what a console is about. Games aiming for photo realism at the expense of FPS. 30fps being common place when most games used to run at 50 or 60 (depending on region). It's at the point where I didn't buy into this generation until it was 3 years in... Which considering I've bought most of them on release, that's a sign. As for whatever's next, given the state of the industry with 'games as a service' now. I'm just not interested at all.
  21. Loved the first two, but will wait a few months post release to see what monetisation they decide to put into the game. Can't trust AAA releases these days and a lot of the usual warning signs are there... *IF* they behave themselves, I'll pick it up.
  22. Out of interest, is there a template/guide for creating these?
  23. Had my first go with a Mister yesterday and I’ll be picking one up shortly, but not for the reasons I expected. I didn’t really see much point as I already own most of the things it covers and emulate the others with Retropie. However what it does that is most impressive is the HDMI CRT filtering. It is MUCH more impressive and easier than original hardware through a scaler into a panel. If there is any lag there, it’s so minor I can’t tell. So for convenience it’s just perfect for that, and I can leave my original hardware running through CRTs. It is definitely a work in progress and suits tinkerers. Which doesn’t bother me in the slightest, though I could see it being a bit of a ball-ache for people not into that. But otherwise, it’s a damned impressive bit of kit.
  24. US import duties aren't going to change and we're already boned for importing anything over £15 from outside the EU (20% on the total inc delivery usually, plus another £8 charge for essentially sending you a card telling you to come pick it up and pay for it at your local sorting office). So any parts obtained from the EU might end up driving up the cost I suppose.
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