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  1. Bought an RF cable from Tombstone, works great, thanks!
  2. I need a replacement RF cable for an atari 2600. I would prefer to use a vintage cable, not something new. Checking to see if anyone here has a spare to sell before I drop $30 on another atari :/
  3. Thank you! The console is in nearly unused condition, so I was very annoyed at the possibility of the switch being broken. We will probably have Pac Man soon. This is our first Atari. Very proud to have it in the family!
  4. I have found a lot of threads about Ataris that will not show color, but I may be having the opposite problem. I have a light sixer. The color switch doesn't have any effect on my games, as in the games stay in color even when I toggle black and white. Hi I am not sure if the switch is broken or if the two games I have do not support black and white mode? I have only been able to test Berserk and SwordQuest.
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