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  1. Oh man this is bad! All it takes to see that the game doesnt work on all televisions and that the scan line refresh rate is crazy is to look online and check the information. If the buyer is too lazy to do that then its his fault but IF it was actually damaged on the way to his home then fair do's he is entitled to a refund. Also I'm slightly getting anxious as to what information you were going to give us about the game as well kidsconnection, Come on please give info are you trying to tell us you're the original author? or something not as big? Either way hope this goes your way and the buyer, I hope it gets settled for him too.
  2. They could be Brazillian I suppose.
  3. Hmm wasnt his name Thor? Anyway good luck with the project may I also suggest Nintendo Characters: Bowser from Super Mario Brothers Ridley from Super Metroid (Metroid 3) Other Characters: Harley from Harley's Humongous Adventure. (Anyone remember that game? ) Anyway like I said before good luck!
  4. It is very difficult to determine that sort of thing, nobody knows exactly how many of what exist and how many survived. What I do know though, is that I have never been offered a Gauntlet for sale, nor have I seen one sold (zip it Marco, I don't care about unlabled carts ). I also do not consider Xante or Beagle Bros. carts rarity 10's. It is a very gray area, since there is not that many people around, insane enough to drop the kind of money needed to aquire rarity 10's. Another reason why I want to know from little Saikyo what he bases his choice on, I bet he has never even seen a rarity 10 cart up close. That is right I have never actually SEEN a rarity 10 cart (though I'd like to) I also agree that Xante and Beagle Bros. carts shouldn't be that rare. Beagle Bros. carts are (allegedly) pirates and Xante carts were made almost everyday from people who visited the shops and had the carts made. The reason I chose these games is based on a lot of info from various sources. First off Air Raid hardly any of these have been found and I do beleive that less than 40 were made (not 20 dont ask me why i chose 40 just an estimate). BTW I know that this is a pirate also but its a unique game. Pepsi Invaders is self explanatory Only 125 were made and were not for sale at all, only those lucky coca cola guys got these. Probably loads got thrown out as not everyone is interestd in video games so maybe a little over 50 have survived. Eli's Ladder and Video Life, well Im not too sure about these However I think that 200 of each were probably made but how many have survived is another question. These games are just rough guesses. I know im probably wrong in all aspects of my list but still.
  5. I mean of course it could just be the PCB thats broken, If you have a spare PCB (board which plugs into the atari) then try transferring the EPROM(s). The data on the actual game its self may or may not still be intact but It's worth a try I suppose.
  6. And what do you base that one? What do you mean? I'm not ignoring anyone.
  7. He was joking Read it carefully "According to people on Ebay" which means that loads of people on Ebay try to sell dirt commons and say that they are rare.
  8. LOL! No one actually know what are the 3 most rare because raritys change all the while and more carts that were thought to be very rare pop up more frequently sometimes reducing its rarity. However I think these are the most rare 1st: Air Raid 2nd: Pepsi Invaders 3rd: Eli's Ladder (OR) Video Life (Im not too sure which one is rarer) Anyway if you want a rarity 10 then good luck because you'll need it!
  9. Saikyo

    ...I think not.

    Well I have never seen anything like that before! and he only says it's a controller. I suppose that Atari at one point saw the NES pads and decided to make a new controller to rival it that never took off from the drawing boards. I don't know if this is fake or not, but that overlay looks stitched on as if it was cotton or something. Don't know could be a proto I suppose.
  10. Yeah something this delicate is harder than rescuing an endangered species so I wait with baited breath quite easily.
  11. Oh yeah and if so surly lots of ppl would be reported because its a shopping site where you can buy carts as well so I doubt it.
  12. That site just reported you directly to Activision. It's all over now, you clicked on the link. Huh? but like i didnt even download any Roms im gonna go ask Admin you better be joking here i was going to ask Albert or whatever to report the site but still
  13. Just found it really quick but the site has activision roms on it so i cant link. Should I PM Admin so that they can link or what? As I dont know what to do.
  14. I saw the ROM on another site about buying games or something, If I find the link ill tell you about it.
  15. http://www.atariage.com/forums/viewtopic.p...c22e09a0db7f4b9 Try this link.
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