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  1. I think what you are seeing with Tempest is normal for the 360 degree playing feilds. Level 8 switches to 180 degree playing feilds and works as you would expect. Gorf works but needs both x and y axis. There is an xl conversion of clowns and balloons that works with a paddle. Kaboom should work fine aswell:-) Re space invaders and galaxians, i have noticed the same delays on a paddle controller. btw. Love Your Design and Artwork !
  2. Thanks for uploading Missile Command Plus ! would be nice to have a digital version but until someone with the skill, time and desire to take on such a mammoth task does so, the existing analogue version works just fine IMO. I dont have a working 5200 analogue controller so i improvise. AtariAges own Redemption board does a good job with PC analogue joysticks. The design files are available on the Grand studio/Pixels Past site for anyone to download. It's much easier/less work to build a pcb. :-) I have a Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro hooked up and works quite well.
  3. I assume that most people would run these games from the Atarimax cart. Has anyone tried running these from Eprom? They dont work for me..
  4. Love it ! Played it on real hardware from eprom and tried a couple of different controllers (quickshot and a homebrew cherry key controller). I did'nt notice any problems with controls or graphics. It is very playable as is :-) Thankyou.
  5. Great Video :-) Works quite well with the games you demonstrated. I'm using the redemption board with 9 pin input with a retron 77 joystick. Works well with most games but not Missile Command. I do have a Gravis Analogue Pro Joystick. I might build another board with a 15 pin input and give it a try. Thanks.
  6. Very Nice ! Interested to know how you got the Gravis Analogue Pro joystick to work on the 5200?
  7. Looks like a fun game. Much like lawn bowls :-)
  8. The XL cartridge arrived today. I'm very happy with the quality.
  9. Here's a picture of my rig setup on my workbench in the shed. No room in the house at the moment . I purchased a console from the US recently without covers and a couple of controllers that did not work very well. Thus the steel plate covers and homemade controllers. It was fun getting the system working. The rest of my 5200 stuff is packed away in boxes at the moment. P.S. i'm more of a Deep Purple fan :-)
  10. The VCS adapter has it's own joystick ports. So you could use any atari 2600 joystick. I have a retron joystick that works quite well. Carnival is a fun game :-)
  11. There is a way of playing Carnival and many other games on the 5200 :-)
  12. Thankyou ! The 32k binary worked. I have been using 16k images up until now. Thanks to all for your input :-)
  13. Just wondering how other users are able to play Montezumas Revenge on the 5200. I know the obvious way is to buy the cartridge but they seem to be way overpriced and rare by what i have seen on ebay. I have tried some binaries that are available in various places but they will not run from eprom. I'm using the pixels past eprom pcb. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. The bin file works great on eprom :-) Thankyou !
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