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  1. Great work. The lower profile version looks very sleek.
  2. Linux applications ported to Windows look like crap, Windows programs ported to Linux look like crap. Hatari on my Linux PC looks great, Steem is ugly.
  3. davidcalgary29, did you try to contact Papyrus directly or ROM-Logicware (the German distributor)? Maybe they still have some old copies laying around. https://www.papyrus.de/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Local-Business/ROM-Logicware-GmbH-463661023749637
  4. Whoa! Sorry to hear that. How badly did it get damaged? I always thought the fuse in the PSU would blow before the mainboard would be affected.
  5. I have not heard of a SCSI to IDE interface. Like ParanoidLittleMan said, a flash-based drive will be better in the end -- no moving parts, no heat, inexpensive media, quieter, and will last longer. Most are priced about the same as a hard drive and many types to choose from... SCSI2SD, Satan, Ultrasatan, CosmosEx to name a few. I am still using the same hard drive from 1994 in my TT (as well as the original clock battery!) but I plan to back it up and replace it with a CosmosEx before something happens.
  6. My guess is backwards compatibility. Many users probably already had tons of data saved on 5-1/4" diskettes when they decided to upgrade their systems. Sell the drive, someone will find it useful. Personally, I'd love to build a SCSI tower that connects to my TT that has a 3-1/2" floppy drive, 5-1/4" floppy drive, 44Mb SyQuest drive, 200Mb SyQuest drive, and CD-ROM drive. Then I'd be able to copy and transfer between all of the main media types.
  7. Strange that there are no archives with an English Atari Mega ST manual. There is a physical manual for sale on eBay right now.
  8. Looking to buy or borrow a 50-pin SCSI-2 flat cable with female connections that will allow me to connect two drives in my TT030. Hoping to backup my current HD onto my new CosmosEx so this will be a one-time operation. I am located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Something like this...
  9. Always nice to find a new game for the ST. I used to write text adventure games back in the late 80s until the early 90s. Have downloaded the Tristam Island demo and will try it on my TT later. I see you are also living in Calgary, hlabrand!
  10. Those are enhanced joystick ports that take the 15-pin controllers like the Jaguar Controller.
  11. Tickled_Pink Here is what the HDD lid looks like, someone made a 3D printable file of it... https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3042071
  12. Makes you wonder if some of the "sealed" games aren't just reshrinkwrapped.
  13. @Romuluz Are you saying that your new controller does not have the wood grain? If so then why not pick up a roll of similar wood grain vinyl for a dollar or two, peel the current vinyl off and use it as a template for cutting the wood grain, apply and it will match the rest of your system. I think the faux wood grain vinyl I have was advertised as drawer liner at the local dollar store.
  14. The TT case has a base or lip around the bottom and is narrower on top so it's like a flat box with a smaller box on top... Base: 2.9cm H x 49cm W x 28.7cm D Upper Unit: 5.9cm H x 44.2cm W x 24.5cm D If you need extra measurements or clarification just let me know.
  15. If you mean holding * and # during bootup then yes, I've tried that many times over the years. I've played the game so much that I'm sure the number of EEPROM writes has been exceeded and it simply won't save the scores any more. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll buy a few 93C46 chips and see if that works.
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