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  1. If you've been staring at these computers for over three decades, you recognise them even if for a split second. At 3:14 they have an Atari SM124 monitor painted entirely blue and then you see the computer and monitor all blue at 3:18 & 4:18. Great catch, Mark loves Stella.
  2. Schematic for the Replay-16 cartridge can be found here and other versions on this page.
  3. If you removed the exterior top case and gave it a good cleaning, you could fill the engraved numbers with putty or resin. Then sand it down with a course sandpaper to match the surrounding rough texture. Remove/coverup the badge and give the whole thing a coat of Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Stone Grey in satin finish, it's so close to the original colour you can't tell it from an untouched ST/XE machine.
  4. Does the MouSTer also allow you to connect a USB drive to your ST?
  5. I had a problem similar to this a few years ago and it was a bad video connection. Do you have another monitor or video cable to try?
  6. It seems to be a Spanish Covox / Speech Thing clone from 1992 or earlier. I found a mention of it on another site and a Spanish article on Archive.org.
  7. The only thing I could find was some software called MagicSound for the Amstrad. I think you may have to open it up and see if there is a date, name, or special chips on the circuit board to help identify it.
  8. Me too. I was looking for the Desktop Publisher Expansions the other day after seeing unopened boxes for sale on eBay.
  9. DarkLord, I just reread your post and realised that your system clock was changed to 1939, so it wasn't just BBS Express. Why not try an experiment and change the Control Panel date back to 1/20/2022 just after midnight and see if it happens again.
  10. 1939? Obviously, there is a Nazi Virus on your drive. Time to start sleeping with a Webley under your CPU. Seriously though, that is very strange. My gut is telling me it is a glitch because BBS Express! ST is not Y2K compliant. It may be time to offer a prize to anyone who can hack the software to make it handle 21st century dates properly.
  11. Calgary Atari Users, just noticed an STE for sale on Kijiji if anyone is interested... https://www.kijiji.ca/v-desktop-computers/calgary/expanded-atari-1040-ste-and-color-monitor/1595423474

    1. Zeptari1
    2. MasterMotorola


      Sorry, I didn't see this until now.  I posted the link in the original post but maybe it didn't show up... https://www.kijiji.ca/v-desktop-computers/calgary/expanded-atari-1040-ste-and-color-monitor/1595423474

    3. Zeptari1


      Got it. Thanks 

  12. Thank you. In all of my searching, his site never came up. Perhaps my searches have been too detailed thanks to reading Google Hacks. Desktop publishing, scanning, and layout is what I do for a living. Perhaps I can fix up the remaining issues.
  13. Does anyone have a PDF of the September edition (issue five) of Atari World? Before anyone asks, issue three was the weird "Safe Sex" issue that led to its cancellation. Issues 1, 2, 3 ,4, and 6 are available online. Thanks.
  14. Connect97 was the last that I know of. conn97en.zip Update: apparently Connect98 was released but was very buggy so most people use 97 instead.
  15. I would have showed up to the guy's house with my ST and power cord. Nothing gets a price reduction faster than showing the seller their items don't work as advertised right in front of them. Granted, some sellers are not outright liars about their items -- most are just uninformed or inexperienced. Let's hope that with the service documents and help of the forums that you can get them working. Those are two great monitors and any collector would love to have them. How is the physical condition of the monitors?
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