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  1. Best comment ever! Stop keyboard grime at the source.
  2. I've cleaned several secondhand ST/TT computers back to their original condition using this method... remove the outer casings, separate the keyboard base from its circuit board and connectors. Dunk the whole keyboard (and the case while you're at it) in hot soapy water, let soak underwater with a weight on top for a few minutes, and scrub with a soft bristle brush from different directions. No need to remove the individual keys in most cases. Let air dry for several hours or overnight and reconnect. As long as no electronic parts go in the water they are safe.
  3. So this can be used to do a screencapture of a frame of video?
  4. I was curious about the Firebee as well but it is quite expense. Have you seen the ST Mini? Like the Firebee, it also has MIDI ports which interests me because I play keyboard. https://www.8bits4ever.net/product-page/stmini
  5. Until some other Mega STE owners chime in, take a gander at this for possible solutions...
  6. Hataroid is working quite well on my tablet as a mini ST. Even the MIDI is working when connected to my synthesizer. Although I need to find a newer sequencer program from 1992-93 that works with keyboards having more than 128 voices.
  7. That last picture was nasty but it should clean up okay with a scrub and vacuum. I've seen much worse... grease, dust bunnies, hair, and dead insects on the insides. So other than it not actually being an M model, the computer works as far as you know? Looks like you have lots of neat upgrades for it.
  8. Mark, I'm a MIDI guy too. Take a picture of the PSU and post it. I have a feeling the capacitor(s) will have to be replaced. The socketed chips on the main board may have come loose and if you re-seat them, that usually fixes the problem. Let's see if these first steps take care of the problems.
  9. It's labeled S701 near the TOS chips. Just got yourself a HD floppy drive?
  10. If Best Electronics is sold out of badges, this guy on Etsy mades them just like the originals for under $8 Cdn / $6 US with free shipping... https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/790514072/atari-4160-ste-color-label-logo-sticker?ref=shop_home_active_68&frs=1
  11. Obviously that site claiming it was made by Commodore was completely wrong because they claim the Epson floppy drives for Atari were also manufactured by Commodore. Using the SFP004 name provided by tf_hh brings up much more information about his card... Manual... https://archive.org/details/Atari_68881_Co-Processor_SFP004_1988/mode/2up More photos... https://www.maedicke.de/atari/hardware/sfp004.htm
  12. I have my own printshop and bookbindery if anyone needs stickers or manuals reproduced.
  13. That's a beauty. Any luck getting it to work?
  14. Nice catch. This computer was probably rebadged or re-cased. What does the sticker on the underside say?
  15. I have never heard of it either. According to this web site, it was manufactured by... Commodore! Perhaps it was an Amiga board that Atari was hoping to adapt?
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