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  1. Calab, might I suggest looking for a serial mouse on kijiji.ca or a visit to Quarks Consigments, Dallmann Computers, or ValueVillage in Calgary? I picked up a serial mouse for my TT at Staples a few years ago but they seem to mostly have USB now.
  2. Darklord, did this year error only start happening once 2021 came? My Atari ST's RTC wouldn't let me enter a year past a certain date (this was two decades ago so I don't remember exactly what year but it was some time between 1999-2001) so I set it to 11:59pm on December 31st and let it roll over naturally and then I just kept increasing the month and day until I got it to the correct year. If 2020 shows properly, what happens when you set it to New Year's Eve and let it roll over? I no longer have to worry about the internal clock, my TT now grabs the time and date from the WIFI upon bootup thanks to the internal CosmosEx.
  3. It is the T-Board68, I found an old eBay listing with the attached photo. The manual for the previous version is here: https://archive.org/details/T_Board_64_TOS_v2.06_Upgrade_1992
  4. Sundog was what came to mind for me too. There's a nice video of gameplay here...
  5. According to his LinkedIn page, Steven Grimm was the "Author of BB/ST bulletin board software for Atari ST, published by Quantum Microsystems" in 1987-88. Why don't you send him a message and see if he still has a copy of his software? He will probably find this thread amusing. https://www.linkedin.com/in/steven-grimm-96526b1
  6. Randy, The speaker should not interfere with the RCA jacks. I disconnected my internal speaker but the below photo shows where it connects to the mainboard. If you are not getting any sound from the RCA jacks then first try a different cable and then check the volume settings in your control panel if you have that installed.
  7. Below is a photo of TRISTAM ISLAND running on my NoirTT. You will notice there is a canvas next to the computer that looks exactly like the loader screen. That is because my wife painted the background art and I created the logos and loader screens for the English and French versions after learning we lived in the same city as the author, Hugo Labrande. The full version of TRISTAM ISLAND is now available. I hope you all enjoy the game as much as I have so far. Cheers, Stephen
  8. A TT030 user here and just wanted to say congratulations on being reunited with such a sweet machine. One of the first things I did with my TT was play DOOM. The Microbox would have been a great computer.
  9. The Covid-19 Watcher isn't as cool as the OpenWeather client... https://www.howtogeek.com/697300/a-vintage-atari-is-an-amazing-weather-terminal-in-2020/ That makes me want to buy an 8-bit computer, probably an XE, just to run the software (unless there is an ST equivalent).
  10. Nah, mate... you've just got one half of the rare 3D Anaglyph box art. Slide the red box next to it, put on your stereoscopic 3D glasses, cross your eyes, and you'll view it as it was mean to be seen: IN THE GLORIOUS THIRD DIMENSION!
  11. I see you have since listed the TT on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/324363840510
  12. Just in case you have nothing better to do on your Atari computer, you can now keep track of Covid-19 in your area... http://atari.net.pl/covid19-en/
  13. I'm a big fan of the Tomy Omnibot series and still have my Dustbot from 1985. I never knew they made computers.
  14. pmack10, I haven't updated my PSU yet, only the fan (I haven't updated the clock battery either, it's still the original from 28 years ago 😲). But others on the forum have installed the Mean Well so perhaps someone can comment. Have you checked the fuse in the PSU to make sure it's not just a blown fuse? If you do want to update the PSU, this great video by Jan Beta shows the same procedure on a Mega ST...
  15. Beat me to it. I just came here to tell others about this awesome article.
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