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  1. Didn't Swords & Serpents push it ot the limit to where they were unable to give a slain dragon or any payoff?
  2. Madoff hired George Soros to install chem trails into the new system. Its all very well documented. Combine that with the fact the new system will turn frogs gay...and you have a recipe for disaster..not to mention a new generation of Uber Gay Gaming Frogs. The very fact they are manufacturing this system on the very spot of World Trade Towers Building 7 should give you pause. And combine that with Tommy censoring free speech globally....and secretly having a crush on Hillary from the last Molesto-Pizza-Ring gathering last month...... (Sarcasm mode off) I go away for a week on holiday and i come back to a thread that took a left turn at albuquerque! As for Tommy's STFU comment about a system thats not been released........ I kinda agree with his overall thoughts. Be like folks flipping out over the newest ford car thats still in prototype mode. Lets all chill out...........and wait for a system. Its got 24 months to evolve and change. Now is the time to make requests...not to yell at the DJ for a wedding reception we have yet to attend. D
  3. This is what i am needing to hear. For all the groaning this causes in me...it makes me happy! It means the Intelly-Gods have heard my cries and are including BOTH old and new. NOTHING else matters to me....i am fully IN on this console! Now i just gotta hide 179.00 under my mattress till 10/2020~ D
  4. And from i read the buttons will be more 'arcade style' in action. I may have projected too much onto it...but i am hoping that means they are more responsive than the originals. I freely admit i am curious and receptive to the reinvented disc that's in the pictures. I grew up on the disc and love it....so if they improve it...EVEN BETTER! (Emphasis on IMPROVE).
  5. Well....as a Pessimistic Fatalist...i am not even ready to use the word "Failure" yet. Two years is a very long time in the world of technology and games. They have a great team assembled and i look forward to seeing what they come up with.
  6. As a father of 3, i can only express our experience as parents. We struggled to find newish games for our kids in the age window of 7-13 that were PG rated. I didnt have my old Intelly system. We settled on a game cube and played ENDLESS hours of monkey-ball with the kids. I see this new system filling a niche of that age group. It will also have some appeal to old farts like myself who suffer from game nostalgia. I dont see many 17-22 year old boys buying these systems. Think of the racks of your favorite toy store. Each toy had a 3+ years, 11 months - 2 years old, 8 and over label on the packaging. I see this as exactly that. Maybe they are not boldly saying it...but they kinda are...in code, saying it. "Family Friendly" is that. I dont see this as the Xmas MUST HAVE toy of the season in 2020 but there is a demand for it, me thinks. Especially at the price point. They are abundantly clear they are not going after Playstation and the like due to the violent nature of the games, so its implied they are targeting a younger age group and families. Looking back, i played a crap ton of Lock n Chase and MLB with my mom.....and a boat load of Space Battle with my dad in the ages of 9-11..then as i turned into a teen...i wanted Less to do with my parents and more to do with my pals. I think Tommy & Co know and understand this. And THIS is the age group and target audience of this product.
  7. And i hope this is something that can be turned off in settings. I need the games, not the bling....
  8. Dont be coy, spell it out to me! Who is the VP of Retro and why is that important?
  9. Not the synthesized country voice..but an actual Slim Pickens sound alike!
  10. Well, the HYPE is there. This promo video alone is a PR dream. Its got 'what every kid on your block has, dont you want it?' combined with the resume of who's who in gaming history.....and this is 2 years out from its release! I hope there are some 'eyes' here who get word back to Tommy & Co about having access to Original & ReImagined games. I think it would be a gigantic let down if the originals are left out. We have 2 years of finger crossing to do now......... So we wait...........
  11. I am a 49 year old wine drinking dude who grew up on Intelly and hates the current lot of games. Even tried a recent star wars game and gave up. I am in for a full 200.00 for this system, full stop. I keep saying it...i just hope they have Original Games (original graphics, sounds, gameplay) as an option with the reimagined games. Hey, i'll pay more for a "Deluxe Set" that has OEM and New!! Some of us old farts......we're nostalgic about our games.
  12. I think all the great changes to the controllers are worthy of an oscar, golden globe....maybe a Nobel Peace Prize! The very fact i will never have to finagle an overlay into the controller makes me giddy with laughter~
  13. I must say that i appreciate the Tron look of this commercial. Makes me feel 11 again feeding quarters into a machine.
  14. Please no! I seriously got a bit of vertigo watching that. Not kidding.
  15. JUST a random thought.....but seeing the "Reimagined/Reworked" lingo next to the games....got me thinking. How AWESOME would it be for them to get a voice over actor doing B-17 Bomber with a Slim Pickens style voice? (think Dr Strangelove) This idea amuses me~
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