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  1. How do you make 2020 even worse? Delay the release of The Amico, sigh........ It was going to be a very bright spot for me in a very bad year. I know its out of TT's hands and its for the best but still .......it's a bummer, dude. I was hoping to play Amico before i catch Covid and die..... Sorry to be a debbie downer.........just got the 2020 blues, yo.
  2. ZERO complaints here! As long as i have access to them...i will gladly pay for them. My fear was that they were not going to be an option at all. This is very very good news!
  3. Thanks. I am just dreaming of Demon Attack, Cloudy Mountain, Dreadnaught Factor, Star Strike, Burgertime, He Man and countless other games of my youth (all of them 🙂 ) Have they confirmed that each game will come with Classic Play as well? The new Astrosmash looks bad to the bone...but there may be days i wanna go play the old version too.
  4. May be way too early to ask....but here goes. Will there be a Complete Classics Pack we can buy? One that has all the original Intelly titles from the 1980's? Has this been discussed? If so, have they hinted at the cost of such a classic pack?
  5. The moment i got the email i clicked BUY. Didnt even look at the content of the page. Just scrolled to find the buy button! So there's one waiting for me!
  6. While less 'painful' of a process and prep...this does not remove any polyps. They spotted one in my colon and removed it. Its those buggers that are believed to be the start of colon cancer.
  7. But the charm of Amico are the wireless controllers........ I know, i want it all...and i want it my way!
  8. Hopefully Tommy T will hear the cries of we mere Intelly mortals.....and oblige~ In Tommy's name i pray.......
  9. To quote The Big Lebowski....."This is our concern, Dude." Yeah, i am an old fooker and only gonna buy the amigo to mainly play the CLASSIC games with wireless controllers on my 4K 70" TV. While i do think i will enjoy some of the new recreations....i am simply a nostalgic old fart and the new controllers vex me so.... The new games are not really important to me. SO, this change in the controller design is a problem for me. While not a deal breaker....i am simply ready for someone around here to start working on a Mod to recreate the old button layout 🙂 I too hold the controller the way you do and play it with the fingers you do. I bet a TON of us do it this way as well. LIKE YOU....growing up with this system....i LOVED the controller. Compared to the radically STIFF 2600 joystick with one button...the Intelly controller seemed James Bond sophisticated. HECK....i would not mind if Tommy & Crew created Niche' controllers that they sold as accessories. I'd pay for it with little complaint. They could even add a button on the back that when hit it yells "Hey kids, get off my lawn" and he could sell this as the "Classic Old Guy Controller"
  10. I ONLY got the Flashback as a way to get the Raspberry Pi upgrade. Everyone here was saying how the flashback folks pretty much NAILED the controller. i have to agree. I am NOT playing the flashback but a gutted flashback console with its controllers......and it was retrofitted with the RasPi loaded with Intellivision. You get HDMI and ALL the games. For me its a win win. Looks and feels like my old Intelly console from 1981. But the Flashback...as is.....thats a hard pass.
  11. Yeah, i admit its got me bummed. I dont think i am at the Paxton "Game over man, game over" opinion of this, yet. But i just wished they have maybe 3 buttons on the side and WE could choose which TWO worked (with a setting). The fact they are on the 4 extreme sides of the controller gives me....pause~ Its spoiled some of the excitement for me for sure. I hope i am simply over reacting. I will personally be one of those playing 85% of my time in old school mode. Even with some of the new versions looking totally bad arse!
  12. So i had mine done about 6 weeks ago. They give you TWO 16 oz drinks. One the night before drank in 30 minutes or less and one 3 hours prior to the procedure drank 30 minutes or less. It does not taste terrible but something about it makes it hard to drink. Night before was ....uh....amusing. There were not tripS to the bathroom. Just ONE trip of a very long duration. Pro Tip: Dont Trust your farts Day of....was stressful. I thought i was gonna be firing out my rear in the lobby of the Dr's office. I carried a towel in the car with me in case of an accident. I swear i could have hit a moving target at 1000 yards! For me what sucked besides the .....projectile mudbutt was the fasting. The procedure is a breeze. You wont even remember it. They found a polyp. Removed it and sent it to the lab. I now go back in 5 years and am already dreading the prep! Could be worse! The drinks used to be a GALLON the day before and a GALLON the day of..............
  13. Yep, me too! The procedure was a breeze. It was the prep that was....uh......quite messy. I've never been quite......so.....uh...... explosive!
  14. Have a scene between levels where Gias Baltar gets jiggy with Six. That would have to be the rated R version. Ahem. Ya know, Tricia Helfer was never the same after i broke her heart........so many years ago~
  15. This system gets released in October of 2020. I say by Feb of 2021 there will be a couple guys on the forums HERE with "Old School" mods for the new controllers! Think i am kidding? The inty i LOVE to play now ...... is a Flashback modded by someone here from a RasPi mini computer. Nerds here in this forum are Saints among nerds!
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