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  1. Sold an XEGS on ebay a month ago. UPS lost the package, then found it weeks later, then shipped it back to me totally mangled (torn box, etc). Contents are all there and seemingly intact, I packed it really well. Now I have to retest and see *how* well... The buyer has been very patient, which is great, though I did offer a refund.

    1. DragonGrafx-16


      Is the console all right? I once had Fedex deliver my $200+ audio mixer to some guy's garage down the street. Luckily he was a good person and brought it to me.

    2. BydoEmpire


      I checked it out this morning, and everything still works!  I'm going ot refund buyer's shipping cost, but hopefully it'll be resolved. Plugging it back in and playing Necromancer again gave a little tinge of regret, though, I love that game.

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