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  1. Watched an episode of Tales from the Crypt last night for the first time in 30 years.  It was entertaining!  I kind of lost my interest in horror movies over the years, but this was fun.

    1. retrorussell


      Great series!  Deservedly nominated for multiple Emmys.  It was great that HBO aired it, so it was free from censorship.

    2. GoldLeader


      Oh,...I Love those!  I have a ton of them on VHS tapes from Columbia Hose (haha...er House I mean) I think...I was watching them ages ago, but most are still sealed with the shrinkwrap and everything...Good Stuff!

    3. deepthaw


      I've been rewatching the show Monsters on Amazon Prime. The acting's not very good, and the sets are cheap, but I'm a sucker for anthology horror.

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