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  1. The 4th level of Temple of Apshai is pretty tough, I can kill Antmen and Zombies all day but one room of spiders and my head gets lopped off. :(

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    2. BydoEmpire


      I pretty much like all the Apshai games, largely fueled by nostalgia. I remember going to a local mom and pop computer store in small town Wisconsin around 1980 and being enchanted by the Temple of Apshai box.  This was before we even had a video game console, let alone a computer, so anything computer game related was magical.  D&D on a computer!  Wow.  You can play it by yourself?  Fight monsters?  Explore dungeons?  Find treasures?  It sounded incredible.


      I started the original a couple years ago because I realized as fondly as I remember that, and playing it a bit back in the 80s when we finally got our c64, I never got very far and certainly never finished.  For a year or two I was playing on my real Apple 2c w/ sd card floppy drive, but flipped to the internal drive to save.  Then my internal drive failed and I could no longer save the game, so I shelved it fo ra while.  I finally broke down and bought Virtual II the other day so I could pick it back up and go through and finish.


      FWIW, I'm not sure you can finish it, but my goal is simply to hand map each room in each level and find all the treasure.  If I do that I'll say I'm "done."

    3. BydoEmpire


      I actually realized that maybe the reason it seems so tough is that I based my "new" character based on a picture I took of my character stat screen at the end of 2018.  I don't recall exactly how much I played since, but maybe I did all of level 3 since that picture, which is putting me behind for level 4.  I'll have to grind a bit to catch up.  Wish I could recover my save on the Apple 2 disk and see exactly where I was when I left off!  Maybe I should spurge for an ADTPro...

    4. GoldLeader


      But the real question is,  Do people get that your avatar is Gateway to Apshai?   A better question might be..Why am I so late in pointing this out?


      Or do people ever even read the later replies to Status Updates?

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