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  1. I think I'd like Dr. Who, but have never seen it. I just know "of" it.  I tried watching part of a couple episodes on pluto but it was hard to follow.  Any recommendation for a movie or something to start with?  Maybe I just need to find one of the series and start at episode 1.

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    2. DamonicFury


      IMHO, the best entry point would be the start of the 2005 reboot, "Rose."  The first season is a little bumpy, but fun, and Christopher Eccleston's Doctor is extremely entertaining.  The writers assumed no one watching knew a thing about the earlier series, so there's no worries about having missed important information.  And while I very much like that first season, the show only improves from there (for quite a long time, anyway.)

    3. MrMaddog


      Do you want to watch the "classic" or modern version?  For the modern, I recommend starting with either 9th, 11th or 13th Doctor (first apperences) since they also start with new companions which makes it easy for new watchers to follow along.


      I do not recommend watching the very first episode with the First Doctor, too many missing episodes & it's too old fashion for current viewing tastes.  If you remeber seeing any from the PBS days (70's & 80's), then start with those first.

    4. doctorclu


      I totally agree with that.  "Rose" is a great intro.   Christopher Eccleston is one of my favorites as the main character (The Doctor).


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