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  1. Charles Barkley was making fun of a Twitter troll when they ran a little clip of a stereotypical "nerdy guy" troll his basement. Awesome they gave him a 2gs!
  2. Congrats on finishing Hard mode @ZeroPage Homebrew! I couldn't tune in live, but did watch the replay on twitch this afternoon.
  3. You can make a little money, but it's a LOT of hours to see an unknown amount of money 6-9 months after your effort. You'd likely make more per hour bagging groceries. Let's say you sell 50 copies and you net $20 each. How many hours will it take to get that game done and shippable, to the degree of quality that anyone wants to buy it? Maybe 200 hours, minimum? That's not a great return. Then again, the hours are flexible, it's a heck of a lot of fun, and a good learning experience. There are better ways to make money. To answer your original question, there is very small, niche market. People are overwhelmed with choices for games and other entertainment these days. It's a small (but awesome) community that will spend $50+ on an Atari cartridge when you can go download AAA games for free pretty much every week.
  4. Director's Cut of the original Star Trek: The Motion Picture is playing in theaters next week!  Definitely going, it's been ages since I've seen it. Lots of other Star Trek, but not the first movie.

    1. GoldLeader


      Do not be sober  ;)

    2. GoldLeader


      I saw it in the theater though BITD (Not Director's Cut of course),...And ...Well...Yeah,  first time I ever took a nap in a theater at age 11  🙂  


      New one has some lengthened scenes, tightened audio, new CGI (?)..HMMmmm...Better bring a pillow!


      Seriously though,  have fun!

  5. I saw The Northman last night. I definitely liked aspects of it but I think I was expecting less artsy more fartsy.  More of a Conan the Barbarian type of fantasy action film. It was more artsy and bizarre than I expected, and like many modern movies it tried to squeeze too much in. Still, I think I like it more after the fact than I did while watching.

    1. GoldLeader


      I definitely need to see it sometime...

  6. The beauty of classic-era games is that they use your imagination because every detail isn't filled in. Who cares if they are ghosts, monsters, or ghost monsters. They can be whatever you want them to be, and personally I kind of like it that way. As this thread shows, it's probably all of them depending on the context or who was talking to whom. Are they "officially" supposed to be monsters? Probably, but I still call them ghosts most of the time.
  7. @aaron1677 - we should try having a tileset for common tiles like the status bar, "walkable" tiles, etc. and see if we can share that across different screens. It'd also let us use a different palette for the status bar which would be huge.
  8. Can you share a tileset across multiple maps? For instance, if we had a tileset for the status bar, or common trees or something, could we share that across a screen (tilemap) that also has its own unique tiles? Or does each screen/tilemap need its own independent tileset.
  9. I love the TV you're playing this on! I think you win just for that alone.
  10. Local library had their bi-annual book & DVD sale, and amongst tons of other stuff, I randomly picked up one disc of Hercules: The Legendary Adventure Season 4. I think I watched an episode or 2 of it back when it aired, but I must say, it's pretty good. The acting is about what I expected (e.g. bad), but the production values are much higher than I remember, and the storylines are decent.  All the new shows these days take themselves too seriously to be fun.

  11. They were unused, and that was most of the problem - both with the one value being 288 and the screens not displaying properly. I replaced the empty tiles with a 'solid color' tile and it mostly worked, except: This was the other part. I was still using plotmap to plot currentmapdata afterwards. When I just did this: plotmapfile gfx/tmx/forest_20x14_screen5.tmx forest_20x14_screen5 0 0 20 14 it showed up correctly! Thanks for your help, getting these things to finally work is so rewarding! -Bydo
  12. For the one that does run (screen2) I'm not sure exactly why it displays a whole screen of tile 0 (the tree). Any thoughts on that? I'm wondering if it's something with the data, or something else I'm doing in code. Tilemap in Tiled: Screenshot using plotmapfile gfx/tmx/forest_20x14_screen2.tmx currentmapdata 0 0 20 14 Looks like this (nevermind the one empty tile in the center column, I manually plot that)
  13. Two steps forward, one step back. I got a tilemap loaded (above) and sort of running with the XML(deprecated) format so that's good. Aaron gave me 3 more screens, two of them build fine. The 3rd one gives me this error but I don't see anything particularly wrong with the file. Here's the asm: .L0427 ;; plotmapfile gfx/tmx/forest_20x14_screen1.tmx currentmapdata 0 0 20 14 lda #(<plotmapfiledata19) sta temp8 lda #(>plotmapfiledata19) sta temp9 jsr plotcharloop jmp skipplotmapfiledata19 plotmapfiledata19 .byte <(currentmapdata+0), >(currentmapdata+0), $2c, 0, 0 .byte <(currentmapdata+20), >(currentmapdata+20), $2c, 0, 1 .byte <(currentmapdata+40), >(currentmapdata+40), $2c, 0, 2 .byte <(currentmapdata+60), >(currentmapdata+60), $2c, 0, 3 .byte <(currentmapdata+80), >(currentmapdata+80), $2c, 0, 4 .byte <(currentmapdata+100), >(currentmapdata+100), $2c, 0, 5 .byte <(currentmapdata+120), >(currentmapdata+120), $2c, 0, 6 .byte <(currentmapdata+140), >(currentmapdata+140), $2c, 0, 7 .byte <(currentmapdata+160), >(currentmapdata+160), $2e, 0, 8 .byte <(currentmapdata+178), >(currentmapdata+178), $1e, 288, 8 <-- this line .byte <(currentmapdata+180), >(currentmapdata+180), $0c, 0, 9 .byte <(currentmapdata+200), >(currentmapdata+200), $0c, 0, 10 .byte <(currentmapdata+220), >(currentmapdata+220), $0c, 0, 11 .byte <(currentmapdata+240), >(currentmapdata+240), $0c, 0, 12 .byte <(currentmapdata+260), >(currentmapdata+260), $0c, 0, 13 .byte 0,0 skipplotmapfiledata19 I don't know what each parameter in that line represents, nor why one row would have an out of bounds value. Here's the file in question. There's nothing unique about the 10th row versus other rows in the tilemap as far as I can tell. forest_20x14_screen1.tmx FWIW, here's one that does not give me the same problem. Same tileset. forest_20x14_screen2.tmx
  14. This is good to know. I've gotten lazy about reading instructions in the digital age!
  15. I should probably read the instructions for the HSC games. You seem to get a lot more points for hitting the chefs than saving pieces of food. 151,000
  16. @aaron1677 - with the latest version I'm getting the same error. Is there anything Muddyfunster posted above that might help? The tmx file you most recently sent sure looks right to me, it's certainly an XML file. I tried with 7800basic-0.19 just to see if it's something broken in whatever older version I happened to still be using, but I get the same error either way.
  17. Haven't played in a while, but I think this is one of the best scores I've gotten. I hope I can break 100k this round. One of those games were I get to a certain level with no problems and then lose all my lives really quickly. 97,300
  18. Lord help me, I started playing Civ 3. There hasn't been a single game in my life that sucks away the hours more easily than the Civ series.

    1. carlsson


      Feel free to count your hours and post in either of the two weekly trackers, depending on if it is a pre-Y2K or post-Y2K system.

  19. Hi all. @aaron1677 and I are trying to get something working using mapfiles generated with Tiled in a banked 7800basic game. First, the sample tileset is in xml format (attached). I'm not sure what it's looking for. odyssey_tree_test.tmx code is: incgraphic gfx/tilesets/tileset_trees.png 160A 0 1 2 3 incmapfile gfx/tmx/odyssey_tree_test.tmx Error is: I must be doing something silly. Second, the tmx file is referencing individual "tree" tiles. Can I assume naming limitations exist (no spaces, special characters) and is it recommended to have each tile be its own png, or can we make one big tileset containing them all, the way we'd do with alphadata?
  20. Cart+Manual. I'm too cheap to get boxed games. I don't have any ambitions for a complete collection and boxes take up a lot of space. I think I only have 4-5 boxed 7800 games in total.
  21. New Conan novel coming - Blood of the Serpent https://conan.com/conan-returns/

    Apparently on the 90th anniversary of the Phoenix on the Sword (REH's first Conan story).


  22. You mean to play the games? MAME works fine, but for the last year or so I've been using BupSystem. It's worked really well for me.
  23. I don't know how common it is, but Wizard's Dungeon brings up the pause/map screen by holding button 1 and then pressing button 2. It works great, and is much more convenient than hitting pause on the console.
  24. I used to work with a programmer from Poland. He said when he was a kid radio stations would "broadcast" software, which kids would record onto cassette for use on their computers. I thought that was super cool.
  25. Your ROM breakdown is very helpful as I'm starting my first project using bank switching. It's nice to see what other games look like as a sanity check. And Harpy's Curse looks like it's coming along nicely!
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