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  1. If this will get me on the preorder list, then please add me to it. Thanks.
  2. Wow, I haven't thought of Dino Eggs in years! I remember playing it on the Commodore 64 and enjoying it. I'd definitely welcome a Coleco/Phoenix port. And, along those lines, would ports of Impossible Mission and other C64 era games be possible?
  3. I'll be buying the games when they're made available but will be waiting for the Omni itself, as my early access Phoenix will replace my finicky Colecovision systems for good. Hope you're able to meet your goals for the SGM2, and greatly looking forward to the Omni!
  4. I received the same email. I have no idea what it says/means.
  5. Getting more and more excited about this every day! Cannot wait to receive my early access Phoenix!
  6. Bry

    Opcode 2019

    Pengo DK Jr Elevator Action Galaga Would love a Colecovision version of Pengo as well.
  7. Bry

    Opcode 2019

    I'll likely be doing the same as well... I have a Phoenix preordered, which will replace my finicky Colecovision consoles, so I won't have a way to use the module. I'll get the Omni console itself at release and have plenty of games for it.
  8. To preorder, all you needed to do was reply to their e-mail and tell them which games you wished to preorder. That's it. At least for me, the preorder link in their e-mail opens up a reply e-mail. When the games are ready to ship, they'll e-mail you again with payment instructions.
  9. Debated it, but went ahead and placed my early access order. Very excited about this system, as I'm tired of fighting with my current ColecoVision system.
  10. Question: you say that all SGM games can be played on the system, but also that SGM is not being built into the system. Unless you're providing an expansion port for the SGM, how will the SGM games be fully playable as intended on your system? I'm very interested in your system, and have been following your updates, as well as Opcode's updates on his system in development. What I'm looking for is a new, more reliable system that will play all the old CV cartridges, all the homebrew carts, and all the homebrew SGM carts.
  11. I'm guessing I'm in this 3rd group as well. Patiently waiting!
  12. The list of games you provided when you announced the SGM Pro on New Years... with the arcade series, the classic series, and the MSX series... had me salivating. Those are the games I want to see. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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