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  1. Can't wait! Number 30 has already reupped!
  2. I received an e-mail invoice from Collectorvision this evening for $35 that simply says "Due on Receipt." One thing my employer has done is drill into me the importance of cybersecurity and not clicking on any links in e-mails that I wasn't expecting. Could someone at Collectorvision please confirm for me (beyond simply "Due on Receipt") what exactly this is for? I believe I may know, but I'd like to hear it directly from CV to be sure. Better safe than sorry. Much appreciated!
  3. Gameplay is fine on my Phoenix, but I'm also getting that constant annoying whining sound.
  4. Returned home from work today and found the desired Collectorvision parcel on my doorstep! Pleasantly surprised and very happy about the secret game!
  5. Ugh, another day of approaching my mailbox here in Florida hoping to see that desired Collectorvision parcel, another day of disappointment.
  6. Still hasn't arrived here in SW Florida. Here's hoping for Monday!
  7. Came here to ask about the shipping being added upfront, and found my question already answered. My preorder is now in.
  8. I'd prefer this didn't happen. Privacy reasons.
  9. My question: As I no longer own a working Colecovision, and use my Phoenix to play all Colecovision games, would the controller be compatible with the Phoenix?
  10. My dream is a Commodore 64 core! Soooooo many games!!!!!
  11. Received here in South Florida! Pleasantly surprised by the game! Definitely wasn't expecting this, although I'm not sure what I expected the game to be. Thrilled!
  12. Has the game been shipped to all club members? I ask because I subscribe to USPS Informed Delivery, and nothing is showing as being on its way to me.
  13. Fully understand about the purist view. I used to feel that way myself, but when I've gone through multiple Colecovision systems, dealing with constant problems every time, and at the same time never having a single hardware issue with my 32 year old NES, my 28 year old Genesis, and my 27 year old SNES, it was time to throw in the towel. Great to hear about the cartridges being locally programmed and produced by you! That's a huge plus!
  14. Disappointed that you're rethinking some of these games, as I've been looking forward to seeing them. I'd be fine without the fancy packaging, but I do prefer full instruction manuals. As for the cross-platform games between the SGM2 and Omni, my concern would be that games offered for sale for the SGM2 prior to the Omni being released will still be available for purchase at the Omni's launch date. I'm very interested in the Omni, but not the SGM2 - I'm completely done with old finicky Coleco hardware, as I now own a Phoenix to play all Coleco and SGM games, so for me the SGM2 is not an option. Thus, the continued availability of those games released for the SGM2 prior to the Omni's launch date would be vital for my decision to purchase an Omni.
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