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    I learned about Opcode Games, the Colecovision SGM, and the Atariage forums on reddit.

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  1. I know this is an old thread, but I was hoping that Opcode could provide some updates on the SGM2. Judging by the older posts seen here, it would appear that Opcode went back to the drawing board on a few things regarding the SGM2. The one thing that really caught my attention, was Opcode’s comment about an attached plugin module only making things worse for the aging ColecoVision hardware. I was wondering if they somehow found a workaround for this issue, or is that still up in the air?
  2. I’m ready to pay for shipping! I’m all set on the monitor, but I will take it off your hands if its a deciding factor. (I hope my response made it in time).
  3. I’m interested in a lot of those games, if you decide to break things up.
  4. What kind of NES stuff are you looking to get?
  5. Thank you for the offer, @SlidellMan! It’s much appreciated. ☺️👍🏻
  6. @nanochess Thank you! I really appreciate it
  7. I apologize for bumping this old thread, but the link provided earlier in this thread no longer contains Intellitools (it contains emulators, etc.). A second link was provided, but unfortunately it links to some chinese website. Does anyone know where Intellitools can be downloaded today? Thank you in advance!
  8. You have a nice little setup there. Do you plan on coding some applications or games?
  9. Update: I’ll be providing some mockups soon, to give everyone a better idea of how Downward Ho’ will look. Edit: After that, I’ll start posting actual samples of my work, so the Jag community can try out my project as it progresses.
  10. Please add me to your list as well for a LTO Flash! cart. I’ve been wanting one for some time now.
  11. I’m not surprised to hear that Gex was the best selling game on the system. I always felt that if more games like Gex and Street Fighter appeared on the system, the 3DO’s lifespan would’ve been far greater than it actually was. In either case, I still love the 3DO. It’s a fantastic console system imho.
  12. Aside from the tongue-in-cheek marketing used to promote the game, I felt that Gex - despite all its quirkiness - was a solid platformer that had the potential (at the time at least) to be the next iconic ‘Mario’ or ‘Sonic’ mascot, but for the 3DO platform. Thing is, new IPs like Gex were sadly overlooked due to 3DO Company’s insatiable desire to port PC games to the platform. While a good portion of those PC games were fun to play, a lot of 3DO gamers like myself (at the time) also wanted to see arcade games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter II ported to the platform. By the time the 3DO company finally realized this - and released Super Street Fighter II : Turbo to the platform - it was too late; the ship had already sunk. In retrospect, games like Gex (again, imho at least) were the real gems in the 3DO library. Moreover, Super Street Fighter II: Turbo is the definitive home port of the coin-op for its time, surpassing all other home ports that were available. Again this is more proof of the 3DO’s untapped capabilities. Had Trip and company secured more IPs like SSFII:T, I believe the 3DO’s story would have been much different than what it is today.
  13. Gorf looks amazing! I can’t wait to add this gem to my collection. Which reminds me - I still need to purchase Zoo Keeper and a couple of other Champ titles I missed out on initially. This is more of a sidebar question I’ve been meaning to ask: How does Champ Games produce such high quality graphics, sound and gameplay for their Atari 2600 releases? Is it due to the larger ROMs they use, or is there something else (i.e. a chip/processor inside their cartridges) that help produce such amazing quality?
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