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    Commando, Dragon Breed and Wolfenstein 3D for the Atari Jaguar. Looking forward to playing Flying Shark and Midnight Resistance when they arrive.
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    I'm hoping Collectorvision, Team Pixelboy and Opcode Games release new games soon!

    I learned about Opcode Games, the Colecovision SGM, and the Atariage forums on reddit.

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  1. It looks like the first Neo Geo CD console is lost forever. I hope whoever confiscated my package ends up enjoying it! The eBay seller in question refunded my money, and I can only assume that they filed an insurance claim on their end. I turned around and purchased a second unit, but this time it was CIB. It arrived rather quickly from Japan (less than 5 days), and it works perfectly! I’m very happy right now. :)

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    2. ColecoGamer


      I agree, GoldLeader; customs should be held responsible for this debacle!

    3. dj_convoy


      Glad the seller didn't give you a hard time

    4. newtmonkey


      Glad to hear it worked out fine!

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