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  1. (Rubs eyes) I can’t believe how good this game turned out! The hit detection looks spot on, and the action looks intense! Okay... you sold me on Saucer Wars, Jeff.
  2. Boy, Saucer Wars is looking really good. If this game continues to maintain the progression seen in the above video, I will definitely purchase a copy when its available. I like the gameplay element of saving people from being ‘beamed up’ by the saucers; Great stuff!
  3. Damn, I missed out on the pre-order. Rampage looks awesome, btw! Gaz, please let me know if someone changes their mind about Rampage; I would like a copy.
  4. Great effort so far, Jeff. As long as you listen to your play testers (which it seems you are), you’ll end up with a wonderful game worth buying. What I have seen of your game so far really has me excited. Now if life would just slow down on my end and allow me more free time, I’d be able to post more often and enjoy my Jaguar!
  5. I really missed a lot being on the road. Bosconian, Mappy and now Wizard of Wor... what will be next!
  6. Take your time, Gaz! My TMHT/Rick Dangerous 2 order arrived recently, so I have a lot to keep me busy in the meantime.
  7. Thank you for the update, Gaz. I’m looking forward to receiving TMHT and Rick Dangerous 2!
  8. Summer vacation, baby! I have some catching up to do!

  9. Hey Gaz! I sent a PM, but will also send an email regarding ST Ports 3.2 and Rick Dangerous 2.
  10. I missed out on this game too. I’ve been patiently waiting for a copy to pop up somewhere (i.e. the selling forums, eBay, etc) at a good price. I’m happy to hear that you found a copy!
  11. You know, this is a good question. I remember watching a Youtube video some time ago where someone bought Gauntlet on cartridge for the Jaguar. (Edit - I believe it was John Hancock?) He said the game was purchased here, so I am assuming it was from an earlier ST Ports thread. If Gaz doesnt mind, I would love to purchase a copy of Gauntlet on cartridge!
  12. The first system I ever programmed was the Commodore 64. I developed a series of Text Adventures that were decent for the time. I never sold any of my projects, though. I always felt my work could be better, and this resulted in me rebuilding (or expanding) on titles that were technically finished. I was quite young at the time (11 years old) and felt nobody would be interested.
  13. BTW - CJ and Gaz are making me feel like a kid again with all these new releases! Good times!
  14. Yes! I’m a big fan of TMNT! I’m sending an email right now.
  15. I subscribed. I can’t believe I missed this thread!
  16. “I find your lack of faith disturbing.”

    1. Master Phruby

      Master Phruby

      ColecoGamer release him!

    2. Inky


      I agree. It's possibly the best pop album of the 80's!

    3. GoldLeader
  17. Sounds good! I’ll be waiting patiently for my tracking number. ☺️
  18. You’re the man, Gaz! (Rubs hands together) It’s almost Rick Dangerous 2 time!
  19. Nice looking adapter! This is my first time seeing it, though.
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