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  1. Summer vacation, baby! I have some catching up to do!

  2. “I find your lack of faith disturbing.”

    1. Master Phruby

      Master Phruby

      ColecoGamer release him!

    2. Inky


      I agree. It's possibly the best pop album of the 80's!

    3. GoldLeader
  3. It looks like the first Neo Geo CD console is lost forever. I hope whoever confiscated my package ends up enjoying it! The eBay seller in question refunded my money, and I can only assume that they filed an insurance claim on their end. I turned around and purchased a second unit, but this time it was CIB. It arrived rather quickly from Japan (less than 5 days), and it works perfectly! I’m very happy right now. :)

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    2. ColecoGamer


      I agree, GoldLeader; customs should be held responsible for this debacle!

    3. dj_convoy


      Glad the seller didn't give you a hard time

    4. newtmonkey


      Glad to hear it worked out fine!

  4. This message has been subjected to immediate deresolution!

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    2. GoldLeader
    3. doctorclu


      Forget it Mister high and mighty Master Control! You aren't making me talk.

    4. CaptainBreakout


      Do you realize how many outside systems I've gone into? How many programs I've appropriated?

  5. I highly recommend Iron Crypticle for Nintendo Switch. It’s a twinstick, dungeon shooter that borrows many of its core gameplay mechanics from games like Bezerk, Robotron and Smash TV! This was the best $10 I’ve ever spent on the Nintendo eShop.

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    2. Skippy B. Coyote

      Skippy B. Coyote

      That does look really awesome! How's the difficulty level though? I've rolled the score at 10,000,000 in Robotron on the 7800 on normal difficulty so so I'm just wondering if Iron Crypticle has a "tough as nails" difficulty option for me lol

    3. GoldLeader


      And remember Crypt + Testicle = Crypticle

    4. ColecoGamer


      The game has three levels of difficulty - Easy, Normal & Hard. The game is challenging, but fun on ‘normal’. I haven’t tried it on easy or hard yet.

  6. This is nuts. The Neo-Geo CD console I bought from eBay was ceased by customs! Why you ask? Great question! After tracking down the phone numbers for the ISC in NY and Customs in New Jersey, I was told there was something wrong with the package and that it would NOT be delivered. I tried to press for more information, but the only thing the customs agent would say is that the in-box contents were ‘questionable’, whatever the heck that means!

    1. GoldLeader


      Damn!! Has the World gone nuts? I'd keep on'em!...Tell them you paid good money for it and so on...

    2. AtariNerd


      The arcade version, is one serious-looking box. Probably wind-up in the "evidence yard" , later to be auvtioned off, unless someone, inside, claims dibs, if you know what I mean.

    3. Trip2018


      Dang! That sucks! Wish the best of luck bruh! :/

  7. The ISC of New York is horrible. I purchased a Neo-Geo CD console to replace my old one over a month ago, and so far my package is stuck in ‘Customs Hell’, as the Postal employee tried to politely put it. The good news? It’s in the country at least!

    1. ls650


      Agreed. I had a package shipped from Germany, and it spent more than 2 weeks in New York before moving onwards.

  8. Note to self: be careful when eating microwaved popcorn. I bit into a kernal and broke a tooth loose. Talk about painful! It’s time to see the dentist...

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    2. DZ-Jay





    3. ColecoGamer


      Yup! It’s like my pappy would always say: it’s ALL downhill after forty! LOL

    4. retrorussell


      Those kernels are hot too-- I have a popcorn stand and when I scooped up some kernels along with the popcorn and put them in a Ziploc bag they melted through!

  9. Have you played Atari today?

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    2. Flojomojo


      Does visiting this fine site count?

    3. atari2600land


      Does playing a homebrew game I'm making count?

    4. DoctorSpuds


      No I have not... I'm just sitting back playing my Tiger Handhelds

  10. I’m back after a crazy summer. My wife ended up bad sick in the hospital, but luckily she is doing better now. She had both her appendix and gallbladder removed at the same time. The surgeon said having both removed at the same time was a medical first for the hospital Plus, I ended up working my summer vacation. Gah! Life has a way of creeping up on you when you least expect it.

    1. carlsson


      Good to hear things hopefully are about to get back to normal. Welcome back!

    2. retrorandy


      That is a lot to go through... wishing her a speedy recovery.

    3. GoldLeader


      I'm glad she's doing better! I wish you guys the best!

  11. Wow. Glad to be back on my feet. Came down with what seemed like a stomach bug about a week and a half ago. It was a really bad virus because as soon as it felt like I was better, the symptoms returned. I hate being stuck in bed!

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    2. GoldLeader


      Yeah I hope you're better!

    3. DZ-Jay


      GI issues? Like war wounds and PTSD?

    4. doctorclu


      Awesome news that you are feeling better.

  12. “The fun is back as you can see, with the 2600 from Atari...”

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    2. BassGuitari


      Curses! Foiled again!

    3. Flojomojo


      Whitest rap ever. Only outnerded by "have you played Atari today."

    4. MrMaddog


      I'm getting a XEGS, who needs a "toy robot" when you got a computer keyboard!

  13. “The fun is back as you can see, with the 2600 from Atari...”

  14. Oh, Battle of Hoth, how I want thee!

    1. StanJr


      Spoiler Alert, the good guys lose.

  15. So much for Spring! We went from 30 degree weather straight into the high 90s here on the East Coast! It’s gorgeous outside. What’s the weather like where you live?

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    2. thanatos


      Had to turn the AC on yesterday with a whole 3 days of not running the furnace. 85 in STL today.

    3. GoldLeader


      Our nice Summery 74 degree weather turned into 39 degrees plus rain (Realfeel 28) Burrr!!

    4. GoldLeader


      I hope it's nice Sunday for Primus and Mastodon at Red Rocks!!

  16. It’s gorgeous outside. The sky is a dark blue and the temperature is a comfortable 70 degrees. How’s the weather where you live today?

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    2. ls650


      It has been sunny and highs of 18C. Nice.

    3. GoldLeader


      63 Tomorrow!!! WooHoo!!

    4. Trip2018


      58 with mostly cloudy skies

  17. What did you buy today?

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    2. Eltigro


      Nothing today, but hoping to find something this weekend. The Highway 80 garage sale is this weekend. Last year I found a couple tubs of stuff (three 2600s and lots of various controllers) for $5. https://www.facebook.com/Hwy80Sale/

    3. adam242


      Two Speedy Freezes. Maybe some Culver's later.


      Yesterday was better - a CIB Powerstar for my 800 :-)

    4. Jess Ragan

      Jess Ragan

      Nothing. I wanted to, but the trip to Tucson I was planning didn't happen. :P

  18. I’m sitting in the livingroom, listening to ice rain ping my roof. Spring what now?

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    2. The Mr. Video

      The Mr. Video

      Yeah, I've gotten a lot of cold days this spring. Makes me wonder what summer will be like.

    3. jd_1138


      I think we got 6 inches of rain last night.

    4. cybercylon


      Tons of rain last night through mid afternoon. Flurries now. Probably snow on the ground in the morning.

  19. Just purchased and downloaded Streets of Red for Nintendo Switch. It’s a fun brawler that plays like Scott Pilgrim vs The World for PS3.

  20. Arnold Schwarzenegger was rushed into the hospital this morning for emergency open heart surgery. http://amp.tmz.com/2018/03/30/arnold-schwarzenegger-open-heart-surgery-valve-replacement

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    2. zylon


      So much for 120 years on existing power cell

    3. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Keep smoking those cigars. They're like health food for your lungs and heart.

    4. frankodragon


      He's probably thinking of sequel to 'Kindergarten Cop' as 'Hospital Cop' where he yells at chatty nurses.

  21. Mark Suckerberg is standing before Congress today. He has to explain why Facebook was collecting private data not related to his FB app. I bet he’s peeing his pants right now.

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    2. MrMaddog


      I bet the NSA would love to have all that social media data...

    3. Bryan


      I bet they've got it.

    4. Positron5


      I'm trying to upload afile to a forum. Do I have to post a certain numger of posts before I get permission, thanx

  22. The Ataribox is now officially named the Atari VCS. I didn’t see that one coming.

    1. CaptainBreakout


      What?!? I thought they were going with the Xplaystation One Switch! I'm cancelling.

  23. I just paid $36 for the Atari Jaguar version of Wolfenstein 3D. From what I can tell, this was a steal.

    1. zylon


      Loved that one, as well as the jag Doom port. Used to use Doom for crank calls, lol.

    2. ColecoGamer


      I bet you blew a few eardrums by doing that. Lol

    3. zylon


      I knew this 1 idiot who'd answer the phone no matter what and we'd play the searching wall sound and some of the demon noises.

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