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  1. Hey, I never got to thank you for welcoming me into this thread. I ended up injuring myself shortly afterward, and just recently started posting more regularly again.
  2. Simply beautiful! I’m still in for a copy once the game goes on sale.
  3. Makes sense. I need your approval on those recent sprites, when you have the chance. Check your PM. I want the time I spend on the project to be productive.
  4. Thank you for responding; I appreciate it.
  5. Not to hijack the thread or anything, but I have a question for the developer: what tools are you using for sprites, animation, sound, programming (i.e. What text editor) and compiler?
  6. Collectorvision is working on multiple games at the moment, so right now Venture DX seems to be on hold.
  7. When can we order Defender of the Crown? Please say soon!
  8. What?! Defender of the Crown? Take my money already!!
  9. I appreciate the get well wishes. I'm feeling a lot better today than I did last week when it happened. I'm so excited about the IntelliXpander! Please, take my money.
  10. The Timex Sinclair Computer has sold. List has been updated. PS2 Street Fighter 2 15th Anniversary Gampad's price has been reduced. Adding more items soon. Thank you for looking!
  11. I really appreciate the responses! I'll try cleaning the controller first. If that doesn't work, I'll search for an Intellivision Flashback and buy the adapter.
  12. I've had it in my collection for a long time. It works great too. Stay safe down there! I've been tracking the storm all week, and it seems like it's taking its time reaching Florida.
  13. We all float down here!

    1. zylon


      Can't wait to get my town back.

    2. save2600


      Just saw It last night at a drive-in... the new Annabelle was the second movie. Went in thinking Annabelle was going to be much better, but was totally the opposite. It was pretty good! Annabelle was sooooo sloooow moving that we ended up leaving 3/4 of the way through.

    3. 20ohm20


      Going to a 8:40 showing of It tonight. Can't wait.

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  14. Timex Sinclair 1000 Computer and Street Fighter Anniversary Controller added.
  15. I have an INTY I console with a faulty second controller. The buttons on the controller work, but the disc only works when you press up and down. When you press left or right, nothing happens. I was hoping someone could offer some advice on how to fix the issue. Since the controllers are soldered to the motherboard, I'd imagine that finding replacement controllers isn't easy. If I can somehow repair or replace the controller, I'd really like to upgrade this Inty console with the A/V mod. Edited for spelling.
  16. Yes, this right here. Think Magician Lord for Neo-Geo, for example. Thank you! I look forward to any asistance the community provides!
  17. I'm currently working on my first project for the Intellivision. Right now, I am in the planning phase. I have the foundation already laid out on paper - what the player will do; enemies and their mannerisms ; level design, etc. But there is one aspect of my design that I'm not sure is possible on the Intellivision, which is why I decided to post this thread. A big part of the gameplay is being able to transform into another character with different abilities. For example: the player 1 sprite will always have a default sprite. But say, during level 2 - the player grabs a power up that turns them into a Golem. The player can keep this form as long as they don't die. If they die, the player starts back with the default player sprite. Is this doable as long as I limit the number of enemy sprites on-screen? Also, instead of having scrolling levels, I have decided to chop the levels up into static, non-scrolling screens. Is this a good memory saving technique or is it better to have a scrolling background?
  18. The Goonie footage was a welcoming treat after the weekend I had! Spent the the past five days laid up after taking a bad spill that injured both my arm and leg. Anyway... we're looking at $150 for the Intellixpander and $50 per game, correct? It's time I start saving now!
  19. But unlike ET, there won't be any annoying pits or a New Mexico landfill myth attached to it. (I know the Atari landfill was found; I'm just making funny. ) Edited for spelling.
  20. Wow! You even animated the wagon! Edit: It might be too early to ask, but any idea of how much Oregon Bound will cost?
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