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  1. I just signed up for the newsletter. I'd like to buy 1 copy, if I'm not too late.
  2. No problem; I figured you were busy with work and everything else in your personal life.
  3. I'd like to be added to the list, if possible. Just to make sure that I understand the rules (and purpose) of this box: the receiver of said box is allowed to take whatever they need, but they must also replace whatever they take with something else that is Intellivision related. From there, they must contact the next person on the waiting list and then ship the box to them. Is that about right?
  4. Does anyone know what happened to ground_gainer? I contacted ground_gainer about a piece of hardware on August 26th. He kindly responded on the same day with a price. I wrote back within an hour of his initial response, agreeing to buy the item. I also asked if he accepted Paypal in the same PM. According to the PM system, ground_gainer did read my second response, but so far he hasn't responded back. Edit: I went back and read his post where he said that work has been keeping him busy. Maybe I'll hear from him later in the week? He has more than one of the same item available, so hopefully he hasn't sold them yet! Edit: Spelling
  5. I know this is steering the conversation in the other direction, but has Opcode decided on which games they're launching with the IntelliXpander? The Goonies? Castlevania? Maybe Gradius? Maybe all three?
  6. The Intellivoice and Intellivoice games have been sold! List updated.
  7. I'll make you a deal on Pengo for the 5200, if you're interested. Yeah, the voice in B-17 Bomber is an aquired taste. Lol
  8. When will you restock the Intellivision version?
  9. I've been playing D2K on my Inty II since July, and so far the game runs fine (no timing issues in the elevator stage). Could it be your Intellivision?
  10. I won't be in Portland either, but I don't mind paying for shipping.
  11. I want two carts... and a wagon that animates!
  12. Intellivoice and Intellivision games added. Photos of Atari 2600 and Atari 5200 games will be in-coming soon.
  13. Here's a more recent update from July 11th, 2017:
  14. Yes, the developer said it will be available for the Neo-Geo MVS, Neo-AES, and Neo-Geo CD by the end of the year.
  15. Greeting, fellow Neo-Geo gamers! Are you aware of Hypernoid, a new game that's been in development for the Neo-Geo for the past year? It's being developed by one person. The game is like Araknoid, but with shmup elements. The game also has boss battles. Hypernoid is coming to the Neo-Geo MVS, Neo-Geo AES and Neo-Geo CD later this year. Official Development Thread: http://www.yaronet.com/topics/171575-hypernoid-for-neo-geo-mvs-work-in-progress https://youtu.be/3i_V-Fd7StI"]https://youtu.be/3i_V-Fd7StI
  16. List has been updated. Will be adding a boxed Intellivoice and games, if anyone is interested.
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