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  1. PM for Fatal Fury 3 for Neo-Geo CD!
  2. Hey, good on you for sticking by your work, Jeffery. I look forward to eventually seeing a WIP of Jagboxing, once a video preview becomes available. The Jaguar needs more fighting games!
  3. Thank you for sharing; I wasn’t aware of that website until today. I have shyed away from Wave1Games because of all the complaints their games have received. However, their latest project, Jagboxing, shows promise. What has me interested in this project was the promise of at least a year’s worth of development time before the title sees a release. I hope this will result in a bug-free release worth owning, but only time will tell.
  4. It looks like the first Neo Geo CD console is lost forever. I hope whoever confiscated my package ends up enjoying it! The eBay seller in question refunded my money, and I can only assume that they filed an insurance claim on their end. I turned around and purchased a second unit, but this time it was CIB. It arrived rather quickly from Japan (less than 5 days), and it works perfectly! I’m very happy right now. :)

    1. ColecoGamer


      I agree, GoldLeader; customs should be held responsible for this debacle!

    2. dj_convoy


      Glad the seller didn't give you a hard time

    3. newtmonkey


      Glad to hear it worked out fine!

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  5. I’m down for purchasing the MVS and Neo CD versions!
  6. I’m just interested in your project. While I will admit that I am not fimiliar with all your games, I do know about Ants, Fast Food Holiday Edition and JagZombies.
  7. Just about a week ago on his Youtube page, he was telling someone that he would have something to show soon. Oh well...
  8. As the title states, I am looking to purchase games for the Neo-Geo CD. My first attempt at purchaseing a Neo-Geo CD console replete with a large collection of games (to replace the defective system I currently own) ended badly, when US Customs decided to cease the package. Luckily, the eBay seller who sold me the system refunded my money. Long story short: I purchased a second Neo-Geo CD console from somebody else, but unfortunately it doesnt come with any games. These are the games I currently own: Bang Bang Busters Art of Fighting 3 Real Bout Fatal Fury As you can see, I am open to buying just about anything for the Neo-Geo CD. Please send a PM if you have any games for sale. Thank you in advance!
  9. This message has been subjected to immediate deresolution!

    1. GoldLeader
    2. doctorclu


      Forget it Mister high and mighty Master Control! You aren't making me talk.

    3. CaptainBreakout


      Do you realize how many outside systems I've gone into? How many programs I've appropriated?

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  10. What an odd question to ask I don’t believe there’s a console I wouldn’t take, free or otherwise.
  11. I’m really looking forward to receiving my copy of Impossamole!
  12. Fingers crossed those boxes arrive before/on Friday!
  13. I highly recommend Iron Crypticle for Nintendo Switch. It’s a twinstick, dungeon shooter that borrows many of its core gameplay mechanics from games like Bezerk, Robotron and Smash TV! This was the best $10 I’ve ever spent on the Nintendo eShop.

    1. Skippy B. Coyote

      Skippy B. Coyote

      That does look really awesome! How's the difficulty level though? I've rolled the score at 10,000,000 in Robotron on the 7800 on normal difficulty so so I'm just wondering if Iron Crypticle has a "tough as nails" difficulty option for me lol

    2. GoldLeader


      And remember Crypt + Testicle = Crypticle

    3. ColecoGamer


      The game has three levels of difficulty - Easy, Normal & Hard. The game is challenging, but fun on ‘normal’. I haven’t tried it on easy or hard yet.

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  14. This is nuts. The Neo-Geo CD console I bought from eBay was ceased by customs! Why you ask? Great question! After tracking down the phone numbers for the ISC in NY and Customs in New Jersey, I was told there was something wrong with the package and that it would NOT be delivered. I tried to press for more information, but the only thing the customs agent would say is that the in-box contents were ‘questionable’, whatever the heck that means!

    1. GoldLeader


      Damn!! Has the World gone nuts? I'd keep on'em!...Tell them you paid good money for it and so on...

    2. AtariNerd


      The arcade version, is one serious-looking box. Probably wind-up in the "evidence yard" , later to be auvtioned off, unless someone, inside, claims dibs, if you know what I mean.

    3. Trip2018


      Dang! That sucks! Wish the best of luck bruh! :/

  15. Simply amazing!!! I had no idea this project existed! Thank you for sharing!
  16. I’m in the process of building the rooms; it’s not completed yet. The images to build this project are being ripped from the actual game. My goal is to get this fully functional on a stock Colecovision without the SGM, but we will see. The biggest undertaking is how many frames of animation I can use per sequence, and getting the timing down for the player’s input. The SGM’s additional RAM and sound chip would make this project easier in some ways, but again - I would like to make this work without it. Plus, the idea is to play each sequence like a movie instead of using sprites, etc. This would include a timer that would look for the player’s input at the right time. If the wrong move is made, for example, then a death sequence would play and a life would be deducted. If the right move is inputed, the proper sequence would play and points would be added to the player’s score.
  17. Additional touch up would be done before this became a final product of any kind. Dirk, his enemies and some of the traps would be cleaned of any artifacts. Their defining outlines would be restored as best as possible, too.
  18. I have been working on a lot of projects recently. One for the Intellivision (Magician Master), the second for Jaguar (still in the concept stage), and a possible third for Colecovision. First, I had to become fimiliar with the Colecos screen resolution, etc. Second was the systems Ram limitations. I am not promising anything (I still have a lot to learn), but I am currently working on a possible port of Dragons Lair. Ive been ripping frames and converting them to 256x192 and using the Colecos color palette. The real issue is figuring out how many frames of animation I can use per sequence, while allowing enough work Ram for controls, scoring, etc. I guess we will see. Here are some examples of the work I have done:
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