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  1. I didn't realize that tool could be used for backgrounds. Is it possible to draw an image in say, Promotion, and then convert it to something the Intellivision would understand? If I knew the proper screen resolution and had access to the Inty's color palette that is. Edited for spelling.
  2. As the title states, I'm looking for a tool (or some advice) on drawing backgrounds/levels for the Intellivision. I already have good tools for drawing sprites, so that part is covered. Any suggestions?
  3. If anyone is interested, please contact me. I am open to possible trades as well. I'm mostly interested in Atari 8bit game cartridges. I recently purchased an Atari 130xe, and the only game I own is Donkey Kong. Thanks for looking! Taking offers on all items New Items Added 9/11 New Items Added 9/9 Save when you buy multiple titles! Atari 2600 : Moon Patrol (Cart) $5 Realsports Tennis (Cart) $2.00 Take both carts for $5! Atari 5200: Blueprint (Cart) $4 Pengo (Cart) $5 Take both carts for $7 PC Software: Simcity Societies (CIB) $4 Day of Defeat (CB) $3 Sega Smash Pack (CB) $4 Global Operations (Sealed, Never Opened) $5 Half-Life 2 Episode 1 (Sealed, Never Opened) $5 Gun (CIB) $4 Take all 6 PC games for $15! Intellivision World Championship Baseball [C] $5 Nasl Soccer [C] $2 Snafu [C] $4 Atlantis [C] $4 Take all 4 carts for $10! New Items Added 9/9: Timex Sinclair Timex Sinclair 1000 Computer (CIB) Works great! SOLD! Playstation 2 Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Fighting Pad Ryu Edition w/ Comic SOLD! Turbografx-16/PC-Engine Timeball (CI) $50 + Shipping OBO Dungeon Master (New, Sealed) $30 + Shipping OBO Nintendo 3DS Steel Diver (New, Sealed) $10 + Shipping OBO
  4. Quick question: do all Super Game Cartridges contain Pokey chips?
  5. Aw nuts! Well, at least you're still willing to make carts for people willing to donate Pokey chips. Edit: I'm off to find a BallBlazer donor cart.
  6. Looking forward to the next batch of Donkey Kong PK, Tep!
  7. Interesting story to say the very least. The orginal SGM was a lot bigger than I imagined.
  8. D'oh! My apologies; I was so excited by the news, I missed your link!
  9. Thank you; I really appreciate the responses! Since the mod is already complete, what parts would I need to take advantage of it? Flashjazzcat mentioned it was an internal MYIDE setup.
  10. As you can tell, I am new to Atari computers. Is the cable inside my 130xe common and not a mod as first thought?
  11. If the picture of the motherboard isn't good enough, please let me know so I can post a new one. I just noticed that my camera's flash is obscuring one of the chips that are attached to those wires. Edited for spelling
  12. As the title states, I recently purchased a working Atari 130XE. What I noticed right away is that someone had cut a hole on the backside of the case. Feeling curious, I decided to open the machine. What I found was a series of wire leads soldered to two different chips on the motherboard. These wires are all connected to what appears to be a passthru/power connector of some kind. I am posting some photos hoping that someone here can indentify what this mod (or unfinished mod?) could be. It looks clean, but there is no electrical tape holding the wires in place, and I am worried about them eventually coming loose.
  13. Congrats on making nearly 400 pre-orders for the current 4th run of the SGM. And thank you for updating us on Pac-Man DX and Donkey Kong Arcade!
  14. I almost dropped my cup of coffee when I saw Monster House on Collectorvision's website. Did you also happen to see the pre-order for Tank Mission? http://collectorvision.com/shop/colecovision/tank-mission/
  15. I know this comment won't be popular, but I think you should drop the cartridge port in favor of A/V output.
  16. Those sprites are beautiful! I can't wait to see them in action. I'm looking forward to seeing the video.
  17. I'm still waiting for Opcode to restock Bosconian and Warp Warp; both games were suppose to be available back in February. Opcode could also just be busy with its IntelliXpander(sp?) project for the Intellivision. They're also porting a handful of games to support the new expansion module, which is probably very time consuming. In either case - I'm sure Opcode will eventually get caught up and not only release the rest of its color line, but DKA as well. Edited for spelling
  18. I want Donkey Kong Arcade for my Colecovision! Please tell us we'll see it by Christmas.
  19. I've been playing Operation Wolf and Thexder too much; I think the Venture Gods are angry at me. LOL I probably should play it later tonight to appease them. Edited: Spelling
  20. Impressive! It might be time for me to revisit Venture again. Once I do, maybe we can have a friendly highscore contest?
  21. Excellent choice as well! I need to get Sydney Hunter asap. It looks real good from the videos I've seen.
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