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  1. I really enjoyed the game (I finally found time to play it last night). Maybe it was Stella, but I noticed something about Player 1's missile: sometimes after firing, the missile will get stuck at the top of the screen before vanishing. Otherwise, you have an addictive, fun game that I'd be happy to purchase if it does receive a cartridge release.
  2. Will this game have a physical release?
  3. Prices have been lowered. Best offers are accepted, so please don't hesitate to send me PMs.
  4. retroillucid is working very hard on maintaining the gameplay of the original game. The project is moving along at a good pace, and the new ideas that are being implemented will only enhance what is already an addictive, fun game to play. I can't wait to play the finished product!
  5. New items added 7-9-2017 New items added 7-5-2017. Recieve a discount when you buy multiple items; I combine shipping. Just thinning out my collection, and trying to sell my duplicates. I'm still new to the boards, so the only references I have right now are GarrettCRW (I purchased AD&D for Intellivision from him) and masschamber (I purchased a pair of Atari 7800 controllers from him). It also took me a few tries to figure out how to add the photos beneath each item. My old FS thread was a disaster and I apologize for that. Important information regarding shipping: Shipping in the US is a flat fee via First Class Mail, unless otherwise noted. This is due to some items being CIB and requiring a shipping box, and not a bubble mailer for shipment. I am Paypal verified. Best offers accepted! Intellivision: Demon Attack x 2 (Cart Only) $5 ea. OBO + Shipping World Championship Baseball (Cart Only) $30 OBO + Shipping Chip Shot: Super Pro Golf (Cart Only) $15 OBO + Shipping (The panel to the backside of the cartridge comes off; it was purchased this way. Game still works great with no issues. Please see photos.) Atari 7800: Karateka (CB). SOLD Atari 2600: Bump n' Jump (Cart Only) $5 OBO + Shipping Atari 5200: Blue Print (Cart Only) $8 OBO + Shipping Texas Instruments: Parsec (CIB) SOLD [Previous owner had written on the box for some unknown reason.) PS3 Game(s): Grand Theft Auto IV (Complete) $8 OBO+ Shipping ALL PS2 games $5 ea. + shipping unless otherwise noted) PS2 Game(s): Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (Complete) Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal (Complete) Naruto: Ultimate Ninja (Brand-New/Factory Sealed) $25 OBO + Shipping EOE: Eve of Extinction (No Manual) $15 OBO + Shipping Xbox: Unreal II: The Awakening (Complete) $5 OBO + Shipping New items added: Atari Games & Recreations Book $12 OBO + Shipping Sega Genesis: Crackdown (Cart Only) $15 OBO+ Shipping GBA: Namco Museum Manual $3 + Shipping Ty 2 Bush Rescue Manual $2.50 + Shipping PSOne: Worms World Party (Complete) $10 OBO + Shipping Wii: Pandora's Tower (Complete) $25 OBO+ Shipping
  6. I think having both would be a great idea. In fact, maybe there could be an option at startup where the player can choose?
  7. I love the SNES! I can't wait to play the game. Any ETA on release?
  8. Can you mention which platforms Venture DX will appear on? What I love about Venture: Treasue collecting Killing the different monsters What I'd like to see: Rooms with more traps More monsters Boss battles! Edit: Love the graphics, btw!
  9. I am really sorry about your daughter. Anorexia is a difficult condition to overcome, and I hope your daughter's recovery has been a positive one. I have no doubt about Thom's involvement in the Atari community or the communities themselves. And while the Coleco is my system of choice, I still buy and collect for Atari and Intellivision because of all the incredible hombrew games and people that comprise those commmunities. The last thing I want to see is an invisible barrier erected between the communities over a thread like this. At the end of the day, it's about the connections/ friendhips we forge here, and the new games we all get to play thanks to the homebrew developers that frequent here. Agreed. There's little else that can be said from my end. Going forward, we can only hope that Pixelboy and Thom will come to some kind of understanding regarding this matter (whatever that may be). Edited for spelling.
  10. Thom, have you tried reaching out to Collectorvision and Opcode Games? What were their responses?
  11. Paul, I can't speak for the others, but for me - it's the way Thom went about requesting the ROMs. He didn't need to single out Pixelboy. I have no issues with someone requesting ROMs, as long as the ROMs in question are legitimately released by the developer. But again, we have a thread dedicated to a single hombrew developer that calls them out for not selling ROM versions of their games. Pixeboy has told Thom 'no' on multiple occasions, so what was the reason behind this thread, aside from stirring the pot? None of this is going to help the Coleco community loosen up; in fact, it's going to have the opposite effect instead.
  12. You had every right to ask about the release of certain ROMs, but how you went about it was completely wrong (i.e. singleing out Pixelboy, for example).
  13. What may be acceptable in one community, may not be acceptable in another. Even after Pixelboy told you 'no', you continued to press the issue by going public about it. The only 'asshole' here is you.
  14. Something isn't right with the above statement. You keep saying you'll pay full price for the cartridges, even though you don't have a Coleco to play the games on. Yet you can go to eBay and buy a working Colecovision (which are in abundance I might add) for less than $60 with controllers and all hook ups. That's cheaper than all the Team Pixelboy games you want to buy combined. But instead, you're going to build a ROM dumping station? I'm sorry, but your motive is pretty clear here... Edited for spelling.
  15. ColecoGamer


    I would like to purchase a copy as well. Any updates on when Bosconian will ship?
  16. You know, this entire Coleco debacle reminds me of an article I read in some European Amiga magazine years ago. Some asian company began producing Amiga clones that functioned the same way as the real hardware, but physically these machines (supposedly) resembled a PC and costed a lot less. Commodore - a company that relied on 'word of mouth sales' and independent third-party support - sued the asian company, and the Amiga clones were no more. Commodore could have used the exposure. They were bleeding money badly, and this was close to when the company went bankrupt. Case in point: had Commodore done the right thing - and worked with the Asian company responsible for those Amiga clones - maybe they would have survived as a company. This is also true for the new Coleco: if you bite the hand that supports you, it will come back to haunt you. If I am not mistaken, those Amiga clones eventually became the x68000 line of Japanese computers. Edit: My mind is growing hazy in my old age, so what I remember may not be entirely accurate. LOL
  17. Email is the best way to contact Pixelboy. He responds quickly, and he will answer any questions you may have about his products, etc. His service and games are top-notch, straight down to the packaging, quality of shipping material, etc. He's also a really nice guy. Another developer is Collectorvision: http://collectorvision.com/product-category/colecovision/ Also visit Opcode Games (Makers of the Coleco SGM (Super Game Module) etc.,): http://opcodegames.com Edited to add urls
  18. I like the subforums because they take me directly to the the content I want to read (i.e. Opcode Games, Collectorvision, etc.). without having to dig through other content. The search function works, too, but it also brings up threads I may not be interested in. In a subforum (i.e. Opcode, Collectorvision, etc.), important announcements are either pinned at the top or easier to find due to a lack of clutter. It all boils down to personal preference, I suppose. Edited for spelling
  19. That's good to hear. I did read the entire thread from start to finish. There were some things that were left hanging in the conversation (i.e. certain bugs not being addressed, etc.), so it read like certain issues may or may not have been addressed before the game launched. I appreciate the response.
  20. I just searched eBay, and found a few copies being sold by Jeffery for $24.95. It looks like he only has 3 copies left. I may purchase a copy if Lianne confirms how the game plays.
  21. Well then, that is really good to hear. It sounds like the OP may have fixed most of the bugs. Can you post an update when you find the time to play the game? I'll buy a copy if its playable. Can copies still be purchased from the OP's Facebook page? I also wouldn't mind paying $20 for a copy, if an option for that exists. Edited for spelling.
  22. As someone who is looking from the outside in, I can't really comment on the OP's integrity as a person, seller or programmer. But I can (and will) say the following: your Fast Food project showed a lot of promise in the beginning. You also had some of the best people in the community giving you advice and assisting with the game's development. As someone who is trying to expand his programming knowledge beyond C64 Basic, I personaly would have listened to the advice that was given and took my time polishing the final product, regardless of any personal, financial issues that I may have had (If I did have any to begin with). Releasing a buggy, unplayable mess - and then selling it for $60 - was not the way to handle this. Just my two cents worth on the subject.
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