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  1. My thoughts exactly, Newcoleco. The thought for a Team Pixelboy subforum came to mind yesterday, when I was digging through all the new posts to find his latest bulletin.
  2. Really? You deserve one as much as anyone else. It would make it easier to find your bulletins, especially after the forum fills up with new posts. Just a friendly suggestion/thought to consider.
  3. I appreciate the response, rga321! I'm hoping the Mods will consider the request for a Team Pixelboy subforum, if we have enough people respond. Edited for spelling.
  4. Just placing the idea out there for consideration. Like Collectorvision and Opcode Games, Team Pixelboy releases high quality games for the ColecoVision. A Team Pixelboy subforum would be a great edition to the Coleco forums.
  5. It's not a big deal as far as I'm concerned. I was just wondering if it was possible on Prometheus, especially if a third-party wanted to develop an expansion of some kind.
  6. Looks great! I need to get my pre-order in before the July deadline.
  7. My knowledge of Prometheus is limited to what is posted here, so feel free to correct me if what I am about to say isn't feasible: would it be possible for a third-party to develop an expansion module to play Atari 2600 games on the Prometheus? From what I have read, the system will have an expansion port of some kind. With that being said, could the aforementioned expansion module output the composite signal in HD? The Prometheus will use HDMI, right? I'm just wondering if an expansion module/software emulation combo could work around the new tech being used in Prometheus. Edited for additional comments.
  8. How sad. They used Ben Heck's portable (which they had no involvement in) to purchase the Coleco trademark; they've harassed hombrew developers and gamers alike for using the Coleco logo; and now they're buying Twitter/Facebook followers to create a false sense of progression (and security) for their 'shell' company on Social Media. I haven't seen this company do anything honest or positive since this entire debacle started. SMH Their days are numbered in the retro community, whether they want to believe it or not. Good riddance, I say! Edited for spelling.
  9. The topic header says it all. I'm hoping to find a copy that isn't too expensive.
  10. You're welcome! I'm a big Ninja Mission fan, too. By the way: These games are compatible with WinUAE! From what I found, Arcadia released most of their games on the Coin--Op Arcadia. I found a few more during my search:
  11. While browsing Youtube last night, I came across something that I never knew existed - the Coin-Op Arcadia series. Apparently, these machines were a series of upright coin-op machines that contained expanded A500 motherboards that accepted up to eight smaller PCB game boards, which contained games. Think SNK's Neo-Geo MVS and you'll get the basic idea. Ninja Mission for the Arcadia looks incredible. The backgrounds animate; the sprites are larger; there's better sound; a faster-paced soundtrack; and a boss at the end of the game. Aaargh and other Masteronic/Arcadia games also appeared on the Coin-Op Arcadia with additional/improved visuals, better sound, etc. Just thought I'd share my findings with those that may not be fimiliar with the Coin-Op Arcadia. And those that are fimiliar with the system -- please chime in with what you know about it!
  12. Great seller that provides fast, professional service! I purchased a pair of Atari 7800 controllers from him 4 days ago. The items not only arrived quickly, but they were packaged extremely well. He comes highly recommended as far as I'm concerned!
  13. New items added: Atari Games & Recreations Book $8 + Shipping Sega Genesis: Crackdown (Cart Only) $7 + Shipping GBA: Namco Museum Manual $3.00 + Free Shipping Ty 2 Bush Rescue Manual $2.50 + Free Shipping PSOne: Worms World Party (Complete) $10.00 + Shipping Wii: Pandora's Tower (Complete) $15 + Shipping
  14. I am! I started with Deluxe Paint III and the Disney Animation Studio back in the mid to late 1980s on the Commodore Amiga. Edit: I have plenty of examples to provide, if you're interested.
  15. So... it's believed that Ben Heck was funded by Coleco to build a portable Coleco system? Does this mean Coleco will start butchering perfectly good Coleco systems for a limited run of portables?
  16. June 9th Update: New items added. June 8th Update: Prices dropped. Working on adding more. I'm looking to sell all the duplicates from my collection. I'm currently going through my collection, removing items as I go. As I find duplicates, I will post them here for sale. All items are priced on the low side to help them move. Free shipping on purchases that contain three or more items. I am Paypal verified. PS3 Game(s): Grand Theft Auto IV (Complete) $8 + Shipping (ALL PS2 games $3.50 ea. + shipping unless otherwise noted) PS2 Game(s): Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (Complete) Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal (Complete) Naruto: Ultimate Ninja (Brand-New/Factory Sealed) $7.00 + Shipping EOE: Eve of Extinction (No Manual) Xbox: Unreal II: The Awakening (Complete) $5.00 + Shipping Texas Instruments: Parsec (Complete, but writing on box by previous owner.) $6.00 + Shipping Atari 5200: Blue Print (Cartridge Only) $7.50+ Shipping More to come! Thank you for looking. Edit: Added photos.
  17. Oh, great. I had no idea that homebrew developers from the community were working on Rainbow Brite. I've read a good portion of this on-going saga, but apparently not enough of it! I apologize to the hombrew developers for the comment I made. I'm just upset with Coleco, Cardillio and the trouble they have caused.
  18. The SGM works fine with my orginal Coleco power adapter, so I doubt it requires anything special to power it. Yeah, I broke down and bought one on eBay. But despite this, I still plan on pre-ordering a second unit from the 4th production run to support Opcode. The one I bought on eBay was a lot cheaper than some of the others, which all sold for $300+..
  19. I'll update this thread as soon as I convert those sprites. Again, thank you for the assistance!
  20. Thank you! I'll look into it along with Magellan, which artrag suggested. It'll be good to have more than one program to try.
  21. You, good sir, just made my week! Thank you!!
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