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  1. Hi Daniel, It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. First, I am really sorry about your mother. Losing a loved one is never easy, but to cancer? I can't even imagine... I've been unemployeed, supported by family. and buried in a mountain of debt all at the same time, so I can definitely sympathize with your current situation. While I am not fimiliar with you personally, I have read about your games on FB groups and websites. In fact, I believe I might have subscribed to your Youtube channel a very long time ago, while searching for Coleco dev/homebrew videos. The channel was called newcoleco, I believe. I hope you stick around and become an active member of the community again. And if you ever decide to finish and publiish those unfinished projects (which I assume are games), you can count on me to place an order. Edited for spelling.
  2. Hello! Please put me down for (1) NTSC copy! I
  3. You definitely have my support! Just a quick question: will Opcode Games implement the SGM Pro concept into the new console or the SGM?
  4. It might be too early to say this, but put me down for the new 8-bit console system! Pinch me; I think I'm dreaming.
  5. My wife has tried to get me on Facebook more than once, but I flat out refused. I don't know; there's something about Facebook that I just don't like. Maybe my destain for the platform derives from the way people use (and yes, abuse) it. Call me old-fashioned, but the idea of posting selfies - and airing your dirty laundry in public for all to see - is a real turn off to me. I acknowledge the benefits of using Facebook when you're a business owner (it's a great way to interact with exisiting customers and attracting new ones), but for personal use? No way. Besides, you can still visit companies that are on Facebook without actually joining. You can't post or interact with anyone, but that's fine by me. I find what I'm looking for and then move on when I'm done.
  6. Yes! This is great news! When can we expect the restock to happen? I currently have two games on order with Team Pixelboy, and I need to pay for that before I can buy Bosconians. We were suppose to recieve a late Holiday bonus in our paychecks before the boss man went on vacation, but no one got it last pay peroid. I've been literately chewing my finger nails off because I had plans to purchase quite a few Coleco games. The boss is back, though, and he promised everyone that we will see the money very soon. Grrrr. It can't happen soon enough!!!
  7. Any news for those that signed up for the DK waiting list?
  8. I would like to contribute to this thread. I think it's a great idea, btw! I have two duplicate Colecovision carts to give away: GONE! Edited for spelling.
  9. Wow! Is it still possible to pre-order a copy of Yar's Revenge?
  10. Looks like I'll be adding Kung Fu Master to my collection. Thank you to everyone that responded!
  11. I would like to thank everyone that has responded to my post (including Opcode Games). I'm convinced that Gradius is going to be a fun game to play (especially after the technical improvements that were made by Opcode Games), so I have decided to buy a copy. I would also appreciate it if someone would chime in about Kung Fu Master! Edited for spelling.
  12. I am hoping to hear from people that already own these titles. Right now I am eye-balling Kung Fu Master by Collectorvision and Gradius by Opcode Games. I may buy both, but I need to know - since Kung Fu Master is a port of the MSX version, how does it play? I can only find videos of the MSX version on Youtube (I was hoping to find a video review of the Coleco port), so I'm not sure what to expect (I've never owned an MSX). Also, how is Gradius? The graphics look amazing. The scrolling seems a bit slow in some of the videos I've seen, so what I'd like to know is whether the scrolling affects the action or not. I know that may sound like a silly question to ask, but it's been on my mind, and I was hoping someone that owns the game could chime in.
  13. Can you tell us when pre-orders will start for the SGM Pro? Are we looking at weeks or months? I ask because I had initially saved $90 + shipping for the original SGM, not realizing that Opcode Games was going to upgrade the hardware for its 4th run. I'm on board for the new hardware; I just want to make sure that I have enough saved to purchase the Pro and any games that are released.
  14. I would love to add an Opcode Colecovision SGM to my collection, but they're not worth $300 after they're sold out, right? Here's someone on eBay selling one for that much: https://www.ebay.com/itm/162346270709 Edited to fix eBay url.
  15. Good point, Dan; I didn't mean to exclude the other developers that work hard to produce quality games for our favorite console. I'm still new to the idea that new games come from multiple developers/publisher. Up until I discovered Opcode Games, I didn't even know that new hardware and games were being made for the Coleco (let alone the Atari 2600, etc). I just learned about Team Pixelboy, Collectorvision, etc. I feel a bit overwhelmed by everything I've learned so far by browsing the forums, but I'm loving what I see! Edited for punctuation.
  16. (Moderators - Please forgive me if this was posted in the wrong section. I have been doing everything I can to become familiar with Atariage's rules and regulations.) I wanted to start a thread where Colecovision gamers could post a wishlist of games that they would like to see released for the SGM/SGM Pro. Here is my wishlist of titles: Arcade Games: Krull Tron Discs of Tron Donkey Kong Jr Donkey Kong 3 Qbert Cubes Toobin' Russian Attack Contra MSX Ports: Double Dragon Metal Gear Aleste Gaiden Commando I look forward to seeing eveyone's lists!
  17. Pixelboy, I sent you a PM earlier today about your upcoming releases. If you need anything from me, please don't hesitate to ask.
  18. Incredible! I'm really looking forward to the SGM Pro. Thank you for posting that video.
  19. Hello peedenmark7, It looks like the Atariage store still has Penguin Adventure, Gradius, Warp & Warp and Tank Battalion for sale. When I first contacted Opcode Games via Facebook, Ed told me that the fourth run will take half the time to manufacture. He said pre-orders would ship somewhere between 4-5 months.
  20. Hello Everyone, I am new to this message board. I am a big Colecovision fan, and I recently learned about Opcode Games, the SGM and AtariAge while browsing reddit. I've alreadly signed up at Opecode's website for the 4th run of the SGM, and the excitement is killing me! I even pre-ordered (and have recieved) Penguin Adventure, and I can't wait to play it. Are we looking at this weekend for pre-orders? Please say yes! Lol!
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