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  1. Looking good! Any idea when you’ll have a preview that shows the game in action on actual Jaguar hardware?
  2. The ISC of New York is horrible. I purchased a Neo-Geo CD console to replace my old one over a month ago, and so far my package is stuck in ‘Customs Hell’, as the Postal employee tried to politely put it. The good news? It’s in the country at least!

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      Agreed. I had a package shipped from Germany, and it spent more than 2 weeks in New York before moving onwards.

  3. Invoice paid. I’m going to be busy playing my Jaguar once Rick Dangerous 2, Impossamole and Uwol arrive! It’s a great time to be a Jag fan.
  4. As a longtime owner of PC-Engine hardware, I can say with some degree of confidence that a white screen usually indicates that the Hucard port (where you plug your Hucard games into) is failing on startup. There’s a ribbon cable that connects the Hucard port to the motherboard, and sometimes that cable will fail due to age. A defective CD-Rom drive and/or bad solder joints can also cause a white screen on startup. Returning the defective system to the seller is probably your best option at this point. The PC-Engine Duo I purchased a few years ago was recapped; had the ribbon cable replaced; a new cd-rom drive installed; and modded with a Region Switch. It can play Hucards and CD games from any region. It was an expensive purchase, but it was well worth the price in the long term. I believe the seller is still active on eBay, too.
  5. Thank you for the contact, Anthony. I wonder what is wrong with the cartridge?
  6. Note to self: be careful when eating microwaved popcorn. I bit into a kernal and broke a tooth loose. Talk about painful! It’s time to see the dentist...

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      Yup! It’s like my pappy would always say: it’s ALL downhill after forty! LOL

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      Those kernels are hot too-- I have a popcorn stand and when I scooped up some kernels along with the popcorn and put them in a Ziploc bag they melted through!

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  7. I can’t wait to pay for this game! After I take care of this, I have some Coleco pre-orders to get caught up on.
  8. Hi Anthony, My Crossed Sword II MVS cart arrived, but it’s having problems with my Unibios. Does that sound right? Neobitz developed the Unibios, didn’t they? Wouldn’t make sense for them to release a game that would be incompatible with their widely used Unibios chip. I’m wondering if my Crossed Swords II is a bootleg of their release?
  9. I had no idea that Impossamole was released on the Atari ST. D’oh! I’m sure it’s every bit as good as the TG-16 version.
  10. Hah! The graphics really give the Jaguar release the appearance of a remake! Superb work, CJ! The only version of Impossamole I am fimiliar with is the Turbografx-16 version, which is why I made the comparison.
  11. I don’t believe it is. If you check the screenshots on Piko Interactive’s website - and then watch gameplay footage of the Turbografx-16 version - you can tell the graphics and levels were redrawn/redesigned for the Jaguar version. https://youtu.be/-p8jg2M8Rio
  12. Ive noticed a decline in Jaguar NOS titles as well. What is still available is now going for exorbitant amounts of money. It was just a matter of time before this happened, though. The same could also be said for NOS Neo-Geo CD games. Less than 5 years ago, you could buy just about any title for less than $50 (with rare titles like Sengoku 2, Ninja Masters, Metal Slug, etc., being the exception). Now you cant buy a game without spending at least $100. Its just the nature of the beast, so to speak. Thank goodness we have talented developers releasing new content! Otherwise, we wouldnt have anything new to play on our favorite console(s).
  13. I agree. I don’t see why it would matter as long as you enjoy playing the game. Besides, the Atari ST ports that you and Gaz released on the Jaguar are fantastic. I can’t wait to receive my boxed copy of Rick Dangerous 2!
  14. It would appear that way. I’m really excited about the release of Impossable. It’s an underrated game that deserves more attention than it initially received.
  15. Im in for a copy of Impossamole! While I wait, I cant decide between Custodian and Switchblade; both games look really good.
  16. I hate to bump this thread just to ask a question, but whatever happened to this project?
  17. Payment was just sent for Rick Dangerous 2. I can’t wait to play it!
  18. At least it has a better selection of games this time (i.e. Kizuna Encounter, Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, etc.). 1.The King of Fighters 94 拳皇94 2.The King of Fighters 95 拳皇95 3.The King of Fighters 96 拳皇96 4.The King of Fighters 97 拳皇97 5.The King of Fighters 98 拳皇98 6.The King of Fighters 99 拳皇99 7.The King of Fighters 2000 拳皇 2000 8.The King of Fighters 2001 拳皇 2001 9.The King of Fighters 2002 拳皇 2002 10.The King of Fighters 2003 拳皇 2003 11.Samurai Shodown II 侍魂 天草降臨 12.Samurai Shodown IV真侍魂 霸王丸地獄變 13.Samurai Shodown V SPECIAL侍魂零 SPECIAL 14.Fatal Fury SPECIAL 餓狼傳說 SPECIAL 15.Real Bout Fatal Fury 餓狼傳說 16.Real Bout Fatal Fury 2餓狼傳說 2 The Newcomers 17.Garou: Mark of the Wolves餓狼 MARK OF THE WOLVES 18.World Heros Perfect 19.Kizuna Encounter風雲 Tag Battle 20.Art of Fighting龍虎之拳 21.The Last Blade幕未浪漫 月華之劍士 22.The Last Blade 2幕未浪漫第二幕 月華之劍士 23.Ninja Masters霸王忍法帖 24.Aggressors of Dark Kombat痛快 GANGAN 進行曲 25.ASO II -LAST GUARDIAN-Alpha Mission II 26.Metal Slug 27.Metal Slug 2 28.Metal Slug 3 29.Burning Fight 30.Ninja Commando 31.Top Hunter ~Roddy & Cathy~ 32.Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad 33.Cyber-Lip 34.King of Monsters 2 35.Super Sidekicks (得點王) 36.Puzzled (JoyJoyKid) 37.Top Players Golf 38.Blazing Star 39.Sengoku 3戰國傳承2001 40.Twinkle Star Sprites
  19. Thank you for offering to help, Anthony. The seller only provided one photograph in his auction, so Im not sure if its enough to identify the games authenticity. It does resemble a donor cart, though. Heres the photo in question:
  20. Anthony, How can I tell if the Crossed Swords II MVS cart I bought online is from Neobitz? Are there any identifying markers I should look out for? I plan on opening the cart when it arrives.
  21. Darn it, you beat me to it! I also planned on posting some screenshots I took this evening, while playing. Hamster is doing a fantastic job of porting the Neo-Geo library to Switch People were doubting that we would ever see KOF 01, KOF 02 and KOF 03 due to licensing issues (i.e. when SNK became SNK-Playmore), but seeing how these games were released; it gives me hope that NitD, SVC:Chaos, Rage of the Dragons and Matrimelee will eventually make their way to Switch.
  22. I haven’t followed this thread in a long time. I guess it’s safe to assume that the Ataribox project is vaporware at this point?
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