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  1. I always enjoy your updates, Luc. ☺️ Have a great summer and thank you for the incredible games!
  2. I just bought this for GBC today: Ive been on a Gameboy/GBA collecting kick lately.
  3. My April pre-order from the Jaguar ST port 2.3 thread arrived today:
  4. I agree! I cant wait to own it on Jaguar. Im also a big fan of shmups, so 1943 will be a perfect addition to my collection. Edit: Im also excited about Jaguar ST Ports 2.5. What games will we get next?
  5. Take your time and get some sleep, Gaz. My order from the Jaguar ST Ports 2.3 thread arrived today, so I have plenty to keep me busy while I wait!
  6. Oh, Battle of Hoth, how I want thee!

    1. StanJr


      Spoiler Alert, the good guys lose.

  7. Battle of Hoth, please! I will pay the moment it comes in.
  8. Yes! I received the tracking number to my order. Thank you, Gaz!
  9. The Goodwills in my area started pulling this crap about 6 years ago. There was a time when I could walk into a local Goodwill and find a complete Sega Genesis for $20. Now, though? Try $80-$100 in really bad, beaten up shape. A Super Nintendo? Forget it! The last one I saw there was selling for $150 with one joypad,all hookups and Super Mario World. And to think this stuff is being donated to them! Edit: I used to visit Goodwill because I would always find something to add to my collection. Sadly, this is no longer the case.
  10. No problem, Gaz! Happy Birthday!
  11. Happy Birthday, Gaz! I hope you get some retro goodies today.
  12. Tell me about it! Summer just arrived and I already can’t wait for October!
  13. October can’t arrive fsst enough! Time to grab my Harmony Encore and play some Mappy.
  14. Excellent! I can’t wait to receive my order!!
  15. I purchased a fully functional GBA (Glacier) w/ carry case and 7 games for $13 at a yard sale, and it works great! All it needs is a battery cover and one of those light magnifers, which I just bought off eBay. What a steal!
  16. I missed out on Gradius, but I was lucky enough to snag a copy of Penguin Adventure before it sold out. So... it looks like I will be pre-ordering Gradius, DK and Pac-Man DX when the time comes.
  17. Any updates on the boxed release of Crazy Tank, Franko?
  18. I have the level designs finished. Its just a matter of constructing the actual rooms, which shouldnt take too long. I want to thank retroillucid and Collectorvision for giving me a second project to work on! I enjoy working for you guys, and I love doing this kind of work! Edit: And Ill say it again: this game is going to kick so much ass!
  19. I also forgot to mention that Orion may want to test the waters on Valves Steam platform. I know it may seem like an odd fit for such a project, but you never know. I am making this suggestion because expensive (and professional) game maker tools sell well on Steam due to there being an active community of indie developers and hobbiests. Plus, these very same people have asked for a game maker tool similiar to Orions more than once, so this could be an untapped gold mine for him. Plus, he can do an Early Access release where people can buy the tool early and use whatever engine Orion has finished. Orion would get paid for his work, while being Early Access would allow him plenty of time to finish the other engines. Being a retro game design tool doesnt mean it should live or die based on a Kickstarter or even message boards.
  20. I believe Orion should finish his tool and then sell it as a digital download, both in parts (for each individual system) and then as one complete package.
  21. I really hope Orion takes a step back; cools off a bit; and finds a way to remarket his Retro Game Maker. I feel it would be an invaluable tool for the retro gaming community to have. Buying such a tool wouldnt stop me personally from learning how to program, though. I am already tinkering around with various packages, including Intybasic, Raptor, etc. But I do like the idea of having access to a drag and drop, GameMaker-like system like the one Orion was selling. Oh well, maybe someday... Edit: Orion, you still have people interested in your tool. There has to be a way to make this work.
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