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  1. With the adapter the 32X would still go in the top of the system. The MegaSD goes into the expansion port adapter. When you want to play CD titles and into the 32X or system normally when you want to play most anything else (expansion port has a lower address limit than the cart slot so only small ROMs would work there). I don't know if the 32X will generate anything if it doesn't get sync from the Genesis. Pretty sure they are locked in order to do the overlay stuff so it makes sense that the 32X sync is built from the Genesis' sync and it all falls apart without that.
  2. Yep... and the video review in question went to great lengths to clarify. Even the paragraph about what was being reviewed clarified by differentiating the CD support as the one which does not require original hardware. It takes careful reading with the question in mind but that basic info was there in one succinct paragraph summing up the capabilities of the device. It's hard to do better summarizing so much in one paragraph. I'm rather impressed by it and somewhat surprised to see the summary get singled out as a review with "inaccuracies."
  3. ... I don't get why anyone would take issue with someone pointing out that the phrasing is confusing at best.I'm not taking issue with that. That's fair. What you said before was that reviews were inaccurate and that the statement contradicted the product page. I took issue with that because neither were true. Heck, that wasn't even the review. The review itself was a video where the particulars were all explained. "In truth" it plays everything on that list INCLUDING 32X games. Obviously, one of us is wrong. The "ROM cart" plays 32X ROMs every bit as well as it plays Genesis ROMs. Every single 32X ROM runs on this cart. Heck, it can't even make that claim for Genesis ROMs (Virtua Racing) or Master System ROMs (SG-1000 graphics modes). Rather than fixing it, you really just left out an important bullet point that every Genesis flash cart is sure to list in their capabilities. The reasoning is contradictory and only makes sense if you also leave out Genesis and SMS for the same reason. Again, by the same logic where it doesn't play 32X games (because it requires 32X hardware), it doesn't play Genesis games (because it requires Genesis hardware). Get it? The base assumption for flash carts and even for some ODEs is that they only replicate the game data and that the original hardware or something else approximating it is still required. Indeed, that's usually the point (playing on original hardware). For fixing any ambiguity, I MUCH prefer the way the actual paragraph handled it by distinguishing the CD support from the usual "ROM cart" functions with the line you left out of your quote: "Unlike many other Optical Drive Emulators, this doesn’t replace the existing optical drive…and in fact, it doesn’t need any original Sega CD hardware at all!!!" Did he say the same thing about 32X, Genesis, or Master System? Nope. That's obviously because it does require hardware for those. Anyone interested who might assume otherwise obviously needs to do more research and would benefit from watching the review where he did an excellent job explaining pretty much everything. It is a "ROM cart" that plays every 32X cartridge game just as well as it plays every Genesis cartridge game. The review is explaining the particulars about the six CD32X games which require an adapter and how you can play the CD games with a 32X attached (also matters for non-32X Sega CD games and yet you aren't characterizing them as incompatible). Earlier you used it as an example of an inaccurate review for saying that it plays 32X games and now you're saying that the review spends an inordinate about of time saying exactly the opposite. Come on now. I thought you didn't want to argue? Are there some "gotchas" for 32X support? Yes. You can't play CD games through the 32X, including standard Sega CD games, which means it requires a passive expansion port adapter to play the six so-called "CD 32X" games which require a 32X to be inserted. While I would generally expect all 32X games to include the "CD 32X" titles, "CD 32X" games are distinct from 32X games... even as far as the logo on the package. You could even say that the MegaSD plays all 32X games perfectly without the adapter if your audience understood that distinction. Obviously, saying that it supports 32X games does not imply "all" 32X games any more than saying that it supports Genesis games (Virtua Racing). Even without considering the adapter, I can't find fault or inaccuracy in the statement from either perspective. If I was looking for something wrong or inaccurate with that paragraph to take issue with, I'd point to where he calls it a "ROM cart" to distinguish it from other cartridges. Even original store-bought single-game carts are ROM carts. He's stubbornly doubled-down on that one though. Perhaps that's even why he links to his own page where he attempts to redefine it. "Flash cart" even works for carts that use RAM instead of EEPROM or Flash because even RAM carts use flash memory for storage (SD, CF, etc). The few old devices that don't? Well, no one would call something like V64jr or Z64 a "flash cart" or "ROM cart." Those were backup units or cartridge emulators or unofficial devkits. Zero issues with using "flash cart" whether it uses flash for storage or execution.
  4. Well, yeah. Sega had a lot of similar hardware permutations. Do you see how this reasoning applies exactly the same way to playing Genesis games without a Genesis? You didn't seem to think that was a reasonable expectation for 2019 yet, if anything, it applies even more. There is no way to interface a 32X clone with an original console without video loop-back which can't be done through the cartridge connector. Nothing about it being 2019 changes that. If you were going to clone the 32X in FPGA you'd be better off cloning the Genesis with it.
  5. That’s fair, ...and worth correcting/explaining. However, I don’t think the confusion is the reviewer’s fault. It’s our assumptions. Did anyone get the impression that it played Genesis games without a Genesis or MegaSg? The MegaSD simply eliminates game cartridges and CD hardware/discs. It can also support 32X CD games with a simple adapter. The accusation was that multiple reviews get this wrong when, in fact, we have yet to see a single review that gets this wrong. It’s how we interpret it that’s wrong.
  6. It does play 32X games, just like the Mega Everdrive. What it doesn’t do without a special adapter are 32X CD games. What reviewer got this wrong? The only one linked here sure didn’t. Also, it does replicate more than just CD hardware... it’s also a cartridge emulator. That’s how it plays standard Genesis and 32X games. Seems a bit odd to complain about multiple reviewers getting this wrong when they don’t.
  7. Well, there's also the MegaSD, which could be an even better Mega Sg companion device. Pretty sure it lets you do save states.
  8. I'm still using my MegaED X5 even though I'm jailbroken. I get Sega CD Backup RAM and I don't have to worry about my saves getting committed to SD when I'm done playing a game. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  9. It also has the original white mask the US version removes... no doubt changed to avoid being sued over the likeness to Jason. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  10. Yeah, it looks like Hori is making the multitap and extra controllers. Their US website seems to agree with Konami's page which indicates that Hori is not going to offer TurboGrafx-16-style or CoreGrafx-style spare controllers. The ones sold 1 to 1 with the console aren't their problem but the ones sold separately are and it would be a risk to make a bunch of different kinds and end up getting stuck with a glut of particularly unpopular ones. Their Wireless Fighting Commander for SNES Classic Edition didn't seem to sell too well since they are still sitting around stores all over. They'll want to play it safe. Who knows though: Maybe the TG16 or CoreGrafx version will sell gangbusters and they'll whip up a batch of matching controllers to capitalize. One can hope!
  11. Yeah. I think the decision to make it the same software worldwide is what killed the other US selections. It's awesome that we'll finally be able to legitimately own some of these without spending crazy money. I was hoping to make an UperGrafx UGX-02 operation guide video featuring these titles since I don't think the creator wants to see anything with games I don't legitimately own... but 2020?! That's a bit too far out for my plans. Guess I'll just put my AES copies in the frame when demonstrating the Arcade Card features. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  12. Expecting Splatterhouse is like expecting N.A.R.C. for the NES Classic Edition. Nothing with dismembered bodies is going to end up on a collection with kids titles. Anyway, the North American site seems to show the PCE-style spare controller and USB hub. I was hoping they'd sell replica TurboPads that might fit the original boards inside but perhaps they don't want to risk making too many of any one particular style. Here's hoping they just didn't have the right images up yet. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  13. New UperGrafx FW is out! It now resets to the game list instead of the System Card when you do an in-game reset (IGR; Run+Select), which means no more power-cycling when you want to change games. A couple IREM CD titles have issues with the IGR so they added per-game settings which let you disable it for those two titles (Image Fight II and R-Type Complete, IIRC) or any others that might pop up with further testing. This is also pretty useful for games which glitch or go out of sync when the disc reads too fast. You previously had to change a global speed setting when you wanted to play one of those games properly but now you can use the per-game setting to override the global one. David Shadoff has been helping with the simulated disc access speeds and he tells me that the the “Normal” setting is pretty much perfect now. That’s why this it can now play some games even SSDS3 has issues with, like Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Vol 2. With per-game settings you can set a problematic game like this to “normal” speed and leave the system-wide setting to “Fast” for everything else. You can now force disc images to load as CD-audio by pressing Select to change the disc icon to a disc with a musical note. Interestingly, you can set multiple different disc icons with the PC software and the options seem to indicate what system card each title uses. Perhaps we’re moving toward a setup where the correct virtual system card is selected automatically when you pick a game (as specified by the icon). It’s pretty easy the way it is already but any extra polish is welcome. Som weirdo who frequently switches between Super System Card and Games Express CD Card games might appreciate it. If I understand correctly, it looks like UGX-01 users get optical drive emulation and some flash cart support (doesn’t load larger HuCard titles or a virtual Super System Cards like UGX-02). I think Bob had one of these when he first looked at UGX-02, so it seems to have been working since last year. UGX-01 is the version from 2016 that was once sold as just a digital video adapter. Perhaps this is only the “refurbished” UGX-01 where you sent it in to have extra RAM installed but I had the impression that the service converts it to a full UGX-02. You still need PC software to write anything at all to the SD card, unfortunately. That means you have to set your per-game settings and pick your icons there and it still doesn’t have per-game save slots (saves to a selectable FRAM bank which you can backup/restore thru PC). I think supporting a file system with user R/W is a bit out of the creator’s comfort zone for now. Of course, this means there is new software for the PC side. I was in the middle of loading a set of over 532 disc images with the old software when they tweeted out the update. My transfer was about halfway done so my first question was “does this mean I’ll have to start this all over?” Answer: No. According to the site all you have to do is rename, move, delete, or add a game using the new software and the list will automatically get reinitialized with the new settings. Unfortunately it didn’t go so easily for me because the new software just doesn’t want to work on the computer I was using. The old software still works fine but the new version would crash with a vague error message the moment I start any SD writing operation. I ended up wiping my SD card as part of troubleshooting before I found that it inexplicably works from another Windows 10 system. Weird.
  14. Yes. The 32X doesn’t pass through all of the connections the Sega CD needs but the expansion slot does. With the expansion slot adapter you would plug it into the expansion to play CD titles and plug it into the 32X for cartridge games. Later 32X systems included a terminator thing that you were supposed to plug into the CD expansion slot after Sega discovered some issues on some revisions of the console. I wonder if the adapter would replicate this when the cartridge is moved to the 32X.
  15. Jump to 28:39 and enable captions: The 32X doesn’t pass through all of the connections the Sega CD needs. You need to plug into the 32X to play 32X cartridge games and plug into the expansion port to play 32X CD games. It only requires a simple adapter to fit it to the expansion port but it can’t play many cart games from there (256K max).
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