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  1. Well, his "Shape Shifter" game has some amazing sprite and tile-based multi-layer scrolling.
  2. I see. Well, I ordered a Japanese model 1 Mega CD almost 2 months ago and it hasn't gotten here yet (economy shipping is slow!) so I'm curious to see if mine will have a similar issue. Thanks for sharing.
  3. What was your Mega CD doing? Model 1 or 2?
  4. They are on the stand-alone controllers they sell. They chose to replicate the earliest white PCE console release which never had turbo switches. Later white PCE consoles were bundled with turbo controllers but I think that was around the launch of the TurboGrafx-16 (was a couple years old at that point). ...or a CD-R. I think I'll stick to my UperGrafslx though. It uses CloneCD format but PCE/TGCD images are usually distributed in other formats. I did find one HUGE torrent with everything in CCD format... far more titles than the ReDump set. Also, it only recognizes images in that format if you tweak the filenames and headers to look like the ones generated by a free program called CD Manipulator... or rip them yourself with CD Manipulator. It's easy but tedious if you have to do a bunch of them. I've already done this for every title if anyone wants my pile of CCD/CDM files. The final thing people don't like about it is that it doesn't support drag and drop even when you have the right image format. You have to use a utility to copy everything to the SD card. I'm OK with all that since it's a first-time setup thing that most would find the tedious parts already done for them if the thing actually gets any traction... much like the curated set people are trading around for their SSDS3.
  5. In other NGP news: Rattboi seems to have used an FPGA Dev board to get digital video from a Neo Geo Pocket Color: ...and...
  6. You're right. There has been an attempt at writing open Neo Geo BIOS but Kev would probably need to make his own or Analogue would have to license one since they don't want to commercialize open source projects. There is some RAM in the CD-ROM² docks but that would be replicated along with the rest of the base system hardware just as easily. As for using the names, think back to unofficial products sold back in the day. They often had small-print disclaimers to assert that they weren't affiliated with the company or product named, but they didn't shy away from saying things like "Nintendo compatible!" They couldn't use "SNES," "Megadrive," or "Genesis" in the product names so they often incorporated some shortened version of the system's name, like the Fighter Stick SN, Fighter Stick SG-6, etc. They also might say "Super" or "Mega" in the name, like Super Advantage joystick or Megafire controller. Analogue just did both. 8BitDo, on the other hand, was using compatible system names in their product names and later ended up discontinuing and rebranding them. They even renamed the old products on their product pages: No more NES30, now it's the N30. No more SNES30, now it's the SN30. If Analogue has a similar concern at all it's because they bundled the NES30 with their Nt and My Mini before 8BitDo rebranded them.
  7. Yeah. I'm talking about some distant future console possibility. Like, after they've done all the individual system consoles their planning to do, they could take mostly everything they've done up to that point, add something relatively smaller on scope, and turn it into their own version of the Polymega... that delivers on the FPGA promise. ...a Swan Song Analogue console.
  8. I'm thinking more in line with an FPGA system that delivers on the promise many were expecting from Polymega. Like, it has a CD-ROM and FPGA in the base unit and the additional platform modules can have cart slots and controller ports with an additional FPGA if needed. What simple CD platform could the base unit replicate? Well, PC Engine CD-ROM² is the most compelling that hasn't been done to the same level as NES/SNES/Genesis yet (digital A/V with original games). Things like UperGrafx UGX-02 almost accomplish this on original hardware but, well, Hi-Def NES didn't preclude the Nt Mini, did it? Besides, UGX-02 does sample analog audio from the system before mixing with digital CD audio. Neo-Geo CD would be my next guess because the CD part is not complex (just tacked on to Neo-Geo hardware) and the rest of the hardware is very similar to the Genesis. Modules also solve the problem of supporting MVS or AES carts and can contain a second FPGA if the number of I/Os on the main FPGA become an issue. I think Sega CD is unlikely since Kev shied away from MiSTer to avoid accusations of using other code and, well, he already owns a Mega SD (IIRC). Mega SD is not open source though, so... maybe. Still, CD-ROM² has a more compelling library. Reverse engineering the Sega CD could be years of work for a platform he previously implied wasn't compelling enough, and now he'd essentially be reinventing the wheel since at least two others have done FPGA Sega CD. Granted, there are multiple FPGA CD-ROM² systems as well but none replicate the base platform (PCE/TG16).
  9. Yeah. it would need to be unofficial/jailbreak functionality.
  10. That just means there isn't room for more with that core. Exactly. This is what they mean by "Field Programmable" in FPGA. It means the configuration of the logic gates can be changed in the field as opposed to a programmable logic device like a CPLD. That's what happens when you switch cores and the FPGA reconfigures itself to replicate hardware for another system. When an FPGA is almost "full" it means that there may not be enough spare logical elements to replicate anything else in that configuration since most have already been assigned a task. The FPGA would only need capacity for the largest core since it would be field-programmable. When you pick a game that needs a different core the FPGA is reconfigured with a different core. The cores are typically stored in external flash memory.
  11. Yeah, you'd think, but we still saw multiple Mega Sg reviewers ignore the sticker about the mandatory update for using the Master System adapter or say bone-headed things like that external audio should be enabled by default. It would be unreasonable to force them to collaborate and proof-read each other but at the very least they could set up a Questions and Answers group to address these things before the reviews launch and ask that they bring up any issues there before finalizing the reviews. As soon as one of them asks why external audio isn't enabled by default then they all know and their respective reviews will improve.* *might as well answer my example: by digitizing analog noise even when there is no external audio from the cartridge/CD it defeats the purpose of trying to get perfect digital audio. Many if not most users will never use it with a Sega CD or whatever, so it obviously needs to default to OFF.
  12. Ever notice that all the early reviews come out on the same day? That's because they send big reviewers early units with the stipulation that they wait until a specific day to release their review. It helps things trend and gives the impression that everyone is talking about it. A lot of major tech companies do this too. Like, Intel would announce a new CPU and Anandtech and others would already have an in-depth look ready for the world.
  13. Same. I had really hoped the replicas of each would be available. I was still holding out hope that there would be enough demand for the US launch to convince them to make more of the TurboPad style but now I really doubt that. If I were in charge I would sell the pads for $15-20 each (comparable to similar USB pads with a sizeable up-charge for being licensed TG/PCE replicas), and a pad/tap bundle with two pads and a hub for $50. As it is, the price of a hub and four extra controllers is just too prohibitive. They will sell very few full sets. I feel they have squandered the economies of scale you get by sticking with one controller design.
  14. Well, my plan only involves the controller and it would need to be a turbo pad at that so I'm hoping I can just order one of those. Thanks anyway though.
  15. That sucks. I had planned something similar.
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