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  1. There has been an open BIOS project for a long time. Big reason it's unfinished is because there's little incentive. I suspect they'd simply pay someone to do the work (provide incentive ).
  2. I believe it had some routines or assets (Fonts? Sound effects?) built-in because Nintendo's BIOS greatly improved VBA compatibility over the freely distributable version. The GameCube BIOS certainly did, which is why you get corrupted fonts when you play a Japanese game with a Freeloader or Action Replay but not when you switch to the Japanese BIOS. Both were made in 2001.
  3. Jump to 16:54. Of course, it may be a different story now since that video was made with the launch FW which may not have had GG support. Some level of GG support is definitely there for the jailbreak FW so I'd be interested in seeing this repeated.
  4. I assume they used the same BIOS as clone GBAs or emulators. I certainly don't think RetroBit developed their own! Who knows... their supplier could have just illegally copied Nintendo's BIOS. Analogue Pocket, OTOH, claims to be completely developed in-house.
  5. Do we know anything yet about the GBA BIOS? I recall that Visual Boy Advance really needed a dump of the original around 2004 since the reverse-engineered one kinda sucked. Still, it was the only one legal to distribute. They've have come a long way and I heard it's nearly perfect these days but who developed Analogue's GBA BIOS? Did they license it? Pay someone else to reverse engineer it? Did Kevtris himself match or surpass the community efforts? I'm genuinely curious to know. Also, the original GBC BIOS had a load of game-specific color optimizations programmed in for classic GB titles (not just default pallets). Will the Analogue Pocket do the same?
  6. I'm sure screen size and ambient lighting are a factor
  7. Nintendo EXPLOITED Gunpei Yokoi for the Game Boy!
  8. I like mine but the D-pad is almost as bad as the NES Classic Edition (diagonals too sensitive). Easy fix though: It's improved by swapping in an original SNES D-pad or covering part of the contacts with stickers ("tape trick").
  9. Yeah, I know. Thanks though. Still, most of the cores would likely run fine on a version of that FPGA with fewer LEs. The FPGA is probably going to come down in cost eventually and Analogue certainly wouldn't be paying the per-unit price. A "do everything" console from Analogue with MiSTer functionality likely could get away with an increased cost, though I'd expect $299 to be the ceiling... otherwise it'd be as niche as the original Analogue Nt and definitely not "MiSTer for the masses." If Zimba 3000 is going to cost $400-$500, well, Kev may be undeterred ($400-$500, it is).
  10. It may not be another product they're teasing. People only assume it's the Analogue 8 because they trademarked it along with Analogue Pocket. I read their statement and figured it could be some unannounced functionality for the Pocket, dock, DAC, etc.
  11. The terminology has arguably been misapplied since the original Nt Mini "jailbreak." The word is pretty descriptive. In the context of unofficial software, it traditionally means removing, working around, or disabling the restrictions in place that prevent end-users from running their own native software/firmware. With the Nt Mini, Kevtris was not an end-user. As the creator, he was never subject to those restrictions in the first place. His "jailbreak" firmware did not remove the restrictions for other end-users regardless of how many restrictions it removed from the software itself. When you jailbreak an iPhone, for example, Cydia (unofficial app store) or iOS tweaks are not the jailbreak... they are the result of it. The jailbreak is what enabled those. Point is, using the open core enable more flexibility for the built-in cores would be even less of a "jailbreak." #1, the second FPGA is already open (no "jail," so to speak). #2, the FPGA that isn't open to developers and the firmware that controls access to it is still locked ("jailed") from users. Now, this isn't to say that we won't get a real jailbreak this time or on the Analogue 8 as some sort of path to Zimba 3K. This may have been the plan all along: partner with Analogue and cultivate their relationship through a few product cycles as a way to make what he always wanted to make. MiSTer is probably getting uncomfortably close so they are already taking steps to move in that direction. Let's assume Kev is behind the jailbreak FW: Analogue still can't be seen as marketing to users who merely want to steal games, so how do you blow the lid off with support for all of Kev's cores without making it appear that it was always meant to be used that way? By opening it up to the community, of course! If, in the course of that, all the other cores land on the Analogue 8, Analogue will have comfortably distanced themselves from that and still have a marketable console that remains attractive next to MiSTer. What would be even cooler is if the Analogue 8 is compatible with MiSTer cores, perhaps even using the same FPGA. MiSTer, for the masses! Not likely though, since Kev seems to keep his distance from that project to avoid the appearance of borrowing from it.
  12. Well, in light of the open core (whichever it is), it is going to be really weird if our benevolent "unofficial" firmware benefactor calls his ROM-loading FW a "jailbreak" if that FPGA remains locked down.
  13. Analogue DAC and Analogue Pocket are coming the same year. Though it's really an accessory instead of a full product, it did get the full introduction and press treatment.
  14. Where did Kevtris say this? Is there an interview? Absolutely everyone else is saying the Cyclone 10 is the one for community development.
  15. "Made in China" He he he... just had a fun thought: What would happen if every one was bundled with a legit copy of an unreleased GBA port of Hong Kong '97? Hope Chris and Kev would follow Matt and Trey's lead and not the NBA or Blizzard.
  16. Many FPGAs have a built-in ARM SoC. I wonder if they use one with a largely compatible SoC. Maybe it's possible to be 100% FPGA with GBA support without the effort of replicating the bulk of a GBA due to the embedded ARM SoC already having much of what's needed.
  17. Never would've assumed otherwise. Where have you been to not immediately associate USB-C with power and HDMI? Think about the Switch or the MacBook with a single USB-C port... and so many phones using USB-C for power, video, HID, and audio. It's what USB-C always promised and what we expect from a device like this. Most electronics stores have USB-C power/HDMI docks of some kind, whether that's a hub for a MacBook or a dock for a Nintendo Switch. Heck, I even see this stuff at flea markets and salvage stores. Enough phones have dropped the headphone jack that you're likely to find USB-C headphones too.
  18. Oh, man... that MiSTer Portable project might have to stop and wait for more info before putting too much more effort there.
  19. Yeah, Analogue 8 has got to be a successor to the Nt Mini but it seems to be a lot on their plate for now and I'd guess they have a lot more work to do. 2021? I no longer think it'll just be a cost-reduced Nt Mini re-issue in a plastic shell. Seeing how Analogue is Analogue, I expect it'll have something big/new... like including an auxiliary FPGA. MiSTer for the masses!* Glad they are embracing community-developed cores. Kev: Did anyone tag-team the cores with you or were you the exclusive core dev again? Perhaps Furrtek? MarshallH? *Psst! Zimba 3000.
  20. Everything I've read says it plays every GB game including GBA. Are you saying GBA is handled differently from the others, like emulation instead of an FPGA core? Edit: Caught your edit. Thanks for clarifying!
  21. This is just the announcement/reveal. I still expect a preorder.
  22. I'm guessing that preorders are more important this time than ever due to the custom screen.
  23. Two FPGAs according to the updated Analogue site. Edit: Auxiliary FPGA is for community development. This is HUGE!
  24. Because they want to force you to prominently display their design.
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