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  1. Will have to check. I'm 99% sure that's all of them.
  2. Wasn't sure where to post this but figured Atari 2600 forum would be best. Sorry to share sad news that Jan Marsella, an icon and legend at Activision has passed away. Very sad. John
  3. We have a set of them at the museum but no idea what the Videodome was..
  4. Yes, we've tested it and it does work.
  5. Recent trip picking up donations for the National Videogame Museum yielded this Demo Unit from Imagic with 12 selectable games which was used at CES. Never saw one before and thought others would enjoy seeing as well.
  6. Thanks! I'm on the road for the next week and a half. John
  7. I've scanned them all but some of them are pretty big. I've sent them all to Atarimania to put out for people to download. John
  8. Sorry for the delay in uploading this.... There were some other Happy Docs with this. - 1982 Happy 810 Enhancement Installation - 1982 Happy 810 Enhancement Information Package - 1982 Happy Computing Slow it Down - 1982 Happy Backup Program Instructions - 1986 Happy 810 & 1050 Enhancement Manual - 1983 Spartan Software The Chip Let me know if these are of interest as well. John Happy Customizer Program instructions 1982.pdf
  9. Sending you a message. John
  10. Well, I looked through the paperwork I got in this collection and in the very last binder I found this: Along with several other seemingly early Happy documents. I'll take these to work with me Wednesday and get them scanned in ASAP.
  11. I can appreciate your views and of course, you can't compare the situation to Curt who was sick. But the reality is that Mike avoided my calls long before he had troubles that caused him to disappear. In fact, it got so desperate to get the items back that I sent him money to ship the items back to me. He gladly took the money and never shipped the items. Again, this was long before he had serious troubles. So, I hope you'll understand my views and opinion.
  12. Unlikely he still has them. Curt Vendel had found his abandoned storage locker that was put up for sale years ago when he disappeared. Several people loaned him stuff including Curt and myself. He had an Atari XC-1411 color monitor and several 1090XL cards that belonged to me.
  13. Sounds like a possible layout for an arcade, maybe Atari Adventure?
  14. Just reading this, if people here have contact info for Mike, I would appreciate it. The guy is a crook and ripped me off many years ago when he disappeared with several of my prototypes I lent him. Please message me if you can help. Thanks!
  15. @Nezgar - Nice detective work and thanks for the thorough explanation. This disk was in a collection I got that belonged to a former Roklan programmer. Unfortunately, I don't believe I have any documentation but let me look through the paperwork that was in the collection.
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