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  1. Was going through and archiving disks from former Atarian Jerome Domurat and on a disk labelled "Salk" I found this image hidden on there. Was pretty cool to watch this load and realize what it was. Kind of felt like I was in the movie. Anyway, thought I'd share it here since it must have been for the 8-bit version Dave Comstock was working on. No idea who the artist was.
  2. Any chance anyone has an .atr of this disk for the Voice Box 2. I've searched here, Internet Archive, Google, etc. but can't find this one. They all seem to be for Voice Box 1 or one of the other Box 2 disks. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks. That's what I've been doing is just do a screen capture, copy to paint and crop the desktop out of it. Was just hoping there was an easier way. Thanks for the info.
  4. Been playing with Winplus 4.1 a bit over the years and one thing I noticed is that when I do a screen capture, the saved image is a fair bit smaller than the size of the screen window I see on my PC. Anyone else have this issue or know how to keep the same screen ratio? I looked around a bit on this forum but didn't see it mentioned in any threads. Thanks in advance.
  5. Interesting. I've noticed some graphical issues and assumed it was because the game was PAL even though it doesn't roll. I think it's an amzing package and game. Maybe @Duddie can clarify the NTSC question?
  6. Curious about the monogrammed Space Chase. Has a second copy been found? John
  7. Actually, the real essence was to see if there's a hardware issue or some components that might be causing the issue or perhaps something that could help the issue. Software discussion of vectors and entry-points to the OS is way over my head but I do find it fascinating. Thanks for everyone's input but hoping there is a hardware cure other than using a different OS or adding a cart with coldboot. John
  8. The Doctor, You mentioned in another thread about a capacitor that was responsible for holding the memory. Did you ever find out which one it was? http://atariage.com/forums/topic/206880-130xe-reverse-option-key-for-basic/page-2 John
  9. Yeah, I have an old Rambo upgraded 800XL that didn't require more than the normal 2-3 seconds. I almost thought about replacing some caps (maybe they're keeping charge on the ram?). I use a couple of cold-start tricks since back in the day. From Basic - Poke 580,1 then press Reset (+option to boot without basic) From Dos - option M (run at address) enter E477 then return. This will cold boot as soon as you hit return (so hold option first for no basic) John
  10. So, I just upgraded an 800xl to 256K. I noticed that after the upgrade, i have to wait ~8-10 seconds after power off before powering on again. If I don't, it's like the memory is not clearing/draining and it just comes back with a blue screen (doesn't boot). I thought this might be an issue with the newer type ram that came with the upgrade so I ordered some old school ram and the problem is just as bad. I remember seeing this issue back in the day, but honestly don't remember what the fix is. Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Thanks, John
  11. David, Did you sell the write protect bypass as a "commercial" product? Just curious. Thanks, John
  12. I was the Vice-Presiden of the Alamo Area Atari Users Association (A.A..A.U.A.) in San Antonio back in the mid-late 80's. We had a great community and always welcomed new members. We were fortunate to have a great support network of local dealers and at one point even held meetings in Federated Electronics stores after Atari bought them. When i moved back to NY in 1990 I was contacted by the Ol' hackers User Group who saw a goodbye message in the AAAUS newsletter. They drafted me right in. I have heard from other s though in the past about groups being unwelcoming. Thanksfully, we had a great group of people.
  13. I don't know about shipped, but they were definitely made.
  14. DavidMil - All of the pins were making contact. I hesitate to say soldered because it basically popped off like it was just sitting on top of the 74LS74. But even pins 11 & 12 were connected to the 74LS74 even though they also have a switch soldered to them. See pic below. vitoco - the switch has 3 poles (left, center and right) the wires from pin 11 & 12 go to center and one side. My impression would be that you throw the switch and close the circuit between pins 11 & 12. Well, no matter which position the switch is in, those 2 pins never short out. Tested with a meter, so assume the switch is bad.
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