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  2. I see what the problem is (at least for me). I used an electronic chromatic tuner to verify the published pitch values against the musical notes. If you try and match pitch values of 60 to 255 to musical notes, you can come pretty close (in most cases spot on).. If, on the other hand, you try and match pitch values of 0 to 59 to musical notes, you can only approximate. Has to do with the scaling of the higher pitch values such that a small pitch value change in that range results in a coarse change in the musical note sounded. So I just work with the lower notes now....
  3. I'm glad you brought this up. I have been trying to recreate a basic program I wrote many years ago on the 800 that would randomly play music based on the chosen scale. It worked fine then but using Altirra is a different story - it sounds bad. I noticed last night that the table of "pitch values for the musical notes" provided in the original Atari documentation does NOT match the table provided in the ALTIRRA manual.
  4. Wow, my head is spinning! Thank you for your suggestions. I'll try to digest each one.
  5. Yes, I used Save / Load and it worked fine. I also make a habit of saving my basic programs with a .bas extension. Since I now associate this extension with the Altirra program, I only need to double click on the filename in windows explorer and it automatically starts Altirra and loads and runs the program. I also experimented with loading a LIST file into MSWORD and replacing the funky line character with a paragraph marker (^p). It looks perfectly readable. But I couldn't ENTER it back into Altirra with paragraph markers.
  6. Back in the 80's I used a secondary cartridge (the name Monkey Wrench sticks in my mind) that would allow me to automatically renumber my line numbers. GOTO and GOSUB lines would automatically be readjusted to address the new line numbers. Is there a command like that in Altirra? I can't find it....
  7. Thank you all for your prompt offers of help! I tried Dragonstomper's suggestion and it worked like a charm! Dragonstomper, thank you so much!
  8. Can someone please suggest how I can save my basic program to my PC hard drive using the Altirra emulator? I have been using an earlier version of Altirra and saving my code by saving the state. I just installed the latest version of Altirra and, unfortunately, I it won't let me load a saved state from an earlier version. Using an actual Atari, I guess I would type something like SAVE "D1:TEST.BAS". Using the Altirra emulator, of course that doesn't work.
  9. Can someone please suggest a forum that would support discussion of the Altirra emulator?
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