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  1. I am looking for the same thing. Maybe someone will know.
  2. Any new news on the project? I just picked up a cc40 and am very interested in this.
  3. If you go over to the Denial forums, they have cart pcb designs. Just have a few made and I'm sure someone there would burn you an eprom if you ask.
  4. Thanks for the link. Looks like a lot of custom work. Wish I had the skills to pull off something like this. Someday maybe. Keep the updates coming and thanks for sharing your journey with us.
  5. I really like the looks of your machine. Looks really nice. Do you have and pics of the inside? I love to see the insides of these tower mods.
  6. I have a 7800 console only and would trade. Let me know.
  7. I have a boxed copy of Rescue at Rigel, that looks to be complete. Also in the box is a copy of Datestones of Ryn with manual. Both look to be in very good shape. I really don't know what they are worth. Both seem to be on the rare side and could only find a few sales on ebay. I have no way to test them at this point because my Atari 400 kicked the bucket. So please send me your best offer. I am also willing to trade for an Atari 400 or 800 setup. Please check the pics cause this is the condition of the product. Thanks
  8. Looks like I'm just going to part it out. By the time I buy all the parts just to test it, I could buy a used working one.
  9. Alright I checked the voltages at the sio port and they are spot on. So I went ahead and replaced the GTIA. Now instead of a black screen, I'm getting a Green screen. What should I check next?
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