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  1. I’ve never met anyone in my life who admitted to clicking on website ads, but I understand. “Gotta do whatcha gotta do.”
  2. I never thought all those “Sans in Smash Bros.” memes would become a reality...

  3. Why does everyone think Sonic Adventure 2 is so good? Nostalgia is one thing, but I think its no better than other recent Sonic games. Its so overrated that when people see a flaw in a modern Sonic game, they hate it. But then they forget that it was in SA2 as well.

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    2. jaybird3rd


      I find all of the Sonic games to be flawed to some degree, even the classic 2D games on the Genesis.  Stylish, but flawed.

    3. BydoEmpire


      Personally, I don't care for ANY of thr Sonic Adventure games.  The first one on DC was a buggy mess.  I've tried and tried again to get into that game, over the course of decades.  It's one of those I used to pull out every couple of years and think "I should give this a try, it can't be as bad as I remember." And yet, there it is.  I actually did like SA2 okay, I wouldn't say it's a great game, but way better in comparison to the first.

    4. GoldLeader


      2D Sonic FTW!!!   Although I did just order Sonic Generations because it looked interesting and I don't always keep up with newer stuff...

  4. Back from yet another hiatus. I’ve just been caught in lot of personal stuff lately, but now I’m back and going to be participating in the 2600 HSC again!

    1. moycon


      Nice....But most AA members want to know, are you still a fan of Atari Pac-man?

    2. Atari PAC-MAN Fan

      Atari PAC-MAN Fan

      Of course I am. :)

  5. I was going to buy Doom for my Switch today, but not anymore. Why did Bethesda put DRM in a 23 year old game? DRM does the exact opposite of what its supposed to do. It actively encourages piracy.

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    2. Flojomojo


      Are you talking about the (currently) mandatory registration for Bethesda.net? That's not DRM, that's just a stupid business decision. 


      Everything you can buy on the eShop has digital rights management, it's not as if you can just copy it from your SDcard and run it on an Android tablet. 

    3. MrMaddog


      This whole "Slayer's Club" thing is a lame excuse...don't we already log in PSN or Xbox Live for achivements already?


      Yes you can take the WADs from the DOS version and run it on an open port for any Android device or jail broken Switch but I guess it's easier for kids to pay $5 for a bad Unity port...

    4. wongojack
  6. WHOA! I'm offline for a few hours only to come back and see that everything looks completely different! I'm not sure how I feel about this new look, but I'll probably get used to it eventually. 

    1. Albert


      There's still work to do, and the theme will need some refinement.  

    2. atari2600land


      I feel the same way.

  7. Banjo finally came home!

  8. Sup guys! It's been a while since i was here. Are tacos still a thing?
  9. I feel like I just woke up from a huge slumber. What did I miss?

    1. DragonGrafx-16


      Nothing... everything...

    2. BigO


      The Great Expansion Revolution.

    3. DeathAdderSF


      I farted.

  10. Yay! Cuphead is finally coming to Switch! Now I can lose my sh*t on the go!

    1. Jin


      lol! At least it's a good sign of things to come for previously X-Box exclusive games? The rumor mill seems to indicate that Ori and the Blind Forest is on the way to the Switch, and Super Lucky's Tale has been confirmed by the developers to coming as well.

  11. I’ve been overwhelmed with work yet again, and I’m back to posting yet again....

    1. doctorclu


      felt the same. Then I realized many were overwhelmed, so I just felt whelmed. ;)

    2. GoldLeader


      I was underwhelmed and then semi-whelmed...And then I realized at my age, it's probably better to be somewhat whelmed then not whelmed at all

    3. DZ-Jay


      I've never been whelmed at any level -- and you can't prove me wrong!

  12. What do you think is best emulation console? My favorite is the Nintendo Wii/Wii U.

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    2. GoldLeader
    3. Keatah


      SFF PC


    4. Flojomojo


      Windows laptop with Xbox One controllers, optional loooooooong HDMI cable. Goes anywhere, plays anything.

  13. Heys guys I got bad joke. Why does Ganondorf hate the internet? It’s because there are too many links

  14. Just got done playing through Super Mario Galaxy 2 after almost a decade. I forgot how good is was. It just might be my favorite 3D mario game next to odyssey

    1. Grig


      My boys both think SMG2 is one of the best wii games ever

    2. Shawn


      I agree, Both the Mario Galaxy games are awesome.

  15. Does anyone else kinda wish that Nintendo kept the “Now Your Playing With Power” slogan?

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    2. GoldLeader


      But Yeah, I like the other one too :)

    3. retrorussell


      Freddy Kreuger ruined it.

    4. Flojomojo


      My favorite was The Fun Machine.

  16. I have officially lost track of the Ataribox thread. Too many tacos to count.

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    2. Keatah


      That thread is an embarrassment to atariage.

    3. Keatah


      That thread is anembasrassmentto atariage and all things Atari.

    4. cybercylon


      That thread can make me hungry....

  17. I decided to add the game to my PS Vita while I was having fun modding it.
  18. Not sure how I feel about this new “Big Chungus” meme. To me it just looks like the 2nd coming of Ugandan Knuckles.

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    2. ls650


      Is this safe for work to look up?

    3. derFunkenstein


      yeah, it's safe for work. Just a stupid reference to a fat Bugs Bunny in an Elmer Fudd cartoon.

    4. GoldLeader


      I read about that (Thanks Flojo) with my PC (W/Adblock Plus), but on my Netbook (no adblockers) I tried and that site is unusable. It has ads, pop-ups, banners and video trying to play...Needless to say it just froze with a fat pic of Bugs Bunny...

  19. I just tried out the new rom. It's looking good! Can't wait until the "pascalator" intermissions are implemented!
  20. Personally, I think the CX40 joystick with the stick-stand is the best. It's even better if you can find the ball attachment!
  21. Just got Smash Bros. Ultimate for Xmas. I have to say that I’m a little disappointed. Fights are much shorter for some reason, you only get 1 life in classic mode, they force you to play every single character if you want to unlock them all, and don’t even get me started on the online mode.

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    2. deepthaw


      I think unlocks are time based if you don’t go through world of light. Every ten minutes of smash or classic mode.

    3. Trip2018


      I play brawlhalla.

    4. dj_convoy


      I don't get the whole Smash thing. I have probably all of them except the most recent one (and I might not have the Wii U version; I do have the 3DS one), and I just think it's merely okay. I don't get the fervor behind it.

  22. Not one of my favorites, but I definitely can see why people love it. Score: 314,490
  23. Baby Pac-Man running on my newly modified Wii U! P.S. The Wii U makes an awesome emulation console!
  24. Kangaroo - 34100 Popeye (1 Level Challenge) - 14800
  25. I'd say these 2 games are pretty good, but game #9 on Defender gets really boring. As for Mouse Trap, it's just another Pac-Man clone. Mouse Trap (Game 1, Difficulty A/A): 9,997 Defender (Game 9, Difficulty A/A): 37,050
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