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  1. I don't know about Dream Gear specifically, but my understanding was that all of these micro arcade cabs run firmware based on old cellphones that only do java apps. I'm pretty sure you can add java files by SD card, but that's about it in terms of software. You could easily modify in the input buttons/gamepad. That's just wiring. I wouldn't recommend messing with the plastic glob. Removing or damaging the glob will destroy all the transistors that it covers. It's part of the design. If you wanted to play Genesis games on it, you'd have to find a version where someone ported the game to java. Even then, I have no idea how much ram is on that thing, or how the audio works. Unless you can find a driver board that matches the model number on the LCD display, using any other hardware with the display is pointless. A Raspberry Pi wouldn't be compatible with any existing hardware. The cabinet, itself, could be useful for housing, though. Please keep us informed if you go the RPi route!
  2. Hopefully, I'm just beating a dead horse, but the ED case fits all Game Boys. The first thing I did with my ED was test in all Game Boy versions to see which one I'd like the best.
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