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  1. It's been a while. I have been a bit busy with other projects. But i'm back and i will release mini demo soon :)
  2. And here goes full gallery and short preview of intro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wl_lvny3un4 Time to fully proceed to the next project
  3. Unseen physical copy is finally here! Full gallery of the release coming this weekend (I'm waiting wait for natural light conditions )
  4. I wonder if anyone got complete collection of those. Would be great to see them on one photo!
  5. With McWill LCD it would be a lot better. Someday I need to get one + console for it
  6. Unnamed beta - demo of first room. Video quality could be better, will improve that next time.
  7. Unseen is rather short. But game is constructed in a way that you will need to play it few times to see all the endings. And it's not easy to get true ending.
  8. Lynx scene is small. There will never be enough feedback for small projects, so we need to be strong and continue working on our projects. Your project looks promising, keep working on it!
  9. I really like the graphics of this project. Great color usage! Please continue working on this
  10. Articles are great! Keep your work at promoting Atari Lynx, scene really need it
  11. Second picture from game. I won't show more stages!
  12. Hello again! A lot of real life activities caused that i proceed really slowly with this project. Anyway stages are drawn. Now it's time test game engine and do some modifications here and there. Then i will start coding stages. I also have Twitter now. You can follow news there too https://twitter.com/mshomebrew
  13. Thank you! I forgot to mention that there is also site about my photography / movies. It's not related to my games, although parts of game unseen is based on some real life adventures.
  14. Project of game stages is completed on paper. Now I am redrawing them in GIMP Work goes slowly because I do it only in my free time. I also created simple website about my games. Is is available here http://totheunseen.kylos.pl - click on Marcin Siwek Homebrew Games to access it. You can also find more info about game unseen there.
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