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  1. hikachi


    It is still the Normal ending Did you get Good one? That one is counted as True ending
  2. hikachi


    Good is good, bad is bad, normal is the most common one and the story ones explain a bit about what happened. It may be hard to achieve some the story ones. For next release version I made them more easy and more understandable 🙂
  3. Haha congratulations! About that similar ending it is my Easter Egg in game!
  4. Haha congrats! The ending you just found is considered an Easter Egg. Last way to die should be easier to found
  5. hikachi


    Unseen have normal ending, bad ending, good (true) ending and two story endings Normal one is...
  6. Awesome project! Sky Rider looks very good, I love the color palette here. I spend my childhood playing River Ride.
  7. Game+ stages were made as the last ones. Those are like natural progression in puzzle development and we could increase challenge there! Glad you enjoyed game so much! That makes me happy and keep me motivated to continue work with another project unnamed was a lot of work, since it was build from scratches (and paper!), and we did many changes at some point in development process.
  8. Those games are not connected in this way, unnamed is not a sequel to the unseen. Stories are different, and those games can be played separately. Also unnamed is more action based game and unseen is mostly about the story (and some choices like in all Visual Novels). Unseen and unnamed are connected only in a few loosely references. And maybe general story idea (message). About that unseen order e-mail Der Luchs (Sascha) and ask when when he will receive next part of the Cards for the remaining unseen releases. More questions he will get on e-mail the faster he might do it. Ok I will spoil it, since you guessed it correctly If people will like unnamed, and when I will be fresh for new work... the third one called unknown will be created. I have it in mind already gambler172 >> unseen is not an easy game, but it is not harder than ordinary Visual Novel. In the manual you have info what endings you can expect, and some small hints
  9. Yeah that is reason it is on hold, because that Vectrex game is not released yet. Sascha also said that new orders for the unseen will be send when he will receive next part of the Cards.
  10. I will try contact with him and ask about unseen and your order
  11. Unseen was being sold by Der Luchs shop, try asking Sascha if he have any copies left: http://www.luchs-soft.de/shop/product_info.php?language=en&products_id=243&fbclid=IwAR1MLIgv-cymKMF-ayAJsIYmwDLccAOgRG-0qAvp8K6VorgN96_0PmLf3HQ
  12. Thanks for warm words! Hope you will enjoy unnamed to the end! Item acquisition is not mark how far you are in the game Finally copy of my game arrived. I must admit that release quality is amazing! Thanks Carl for making this release possible! And together with unseen!
  13. If I can suggest something - maybe providing Virtual Machine image with lightweight Linux distro and working setup would be good idea?
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