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  1. It's more safe to use rechargeable batteries instead of AC adaptor based on transformer. If adaptor fails it can give you too high voltage which may destroy the console. This problem apply to any electronic hardware which is being supply by transformer adaptor.
  2. Take your time and have fun! I nearly finished testing unnamed but... I decided to add game+ with some extras there! So i need couple more days for this
  3. I'm really happy that you like it Did you saw all the unseen there? unnamed is not directly connected to unseen, but it's in the similar atmosphere. The first sentences in game are the same
  4. After two months of hard work the whole game is almost finished. I'm debugging it now, creating manal, box and poster. I need to draw box cover too (or find someone to do the art). Don't know yet how game will be released, I'm thinking about this too Unnamed site has been updated! http://totheunseen.kylos.pl/hg/index.html
  5. Nice update on game! I like the virus idea Can't wait to see more games coming from you.
  6. Really fun game, I like it a lot! Especially the concept of connecting Tetris with shooter.
  7. It's been a while. I have been a bit busy with other projects. But i'm back and i will release mini demo soon :)
  8. And here goes full gallery and short preview of intro. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wl_lvny3un4 Time to fully proceed to the next project
  9. Unseen physical copy is finally here! Full gallery of the release coming this weekend (I'm waiting wait for natural light conditions )
  10. I wonder if anyone got complete collection of those. Would be great to see them on one photo!
  11. With McWill LCD it would be a lot better. Someday I need to get one + console for it
  12. Unnamed beta - demo of first room. Video quality could be better, will improve that next time.
  13. Unseen is rather short. But game is constructed in a way that you will need to play it few times to see all the endings. And it's not easy to get true ending.
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