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  1. Obviously, I was sleep deprived yesterday, as I've now discovered that Super Space II is not memory mapped to >6000->7FFF, like I assumed (I know and accept it). This means that only bank 0 is useful for BCART, I only hope that I or some kind sole can modify the BCART source code to use it accordingly; otherwise the PAL would have to be modified for memory mapping, and I certainly can't do that. Not so happy now. Retro Bill
  2. I wish all you guys complete success, as now that I have my Super Space II working they way I need it to, the PAL is the only serious concern I have with it, as I have enough batteries for it to last a couple of decades.
  3. Not to worry. As I told Adam, once I discovered that the test sequence on page 8 in the manual is wrong, and did it the correct way; I also found that the ROM/BANK test I have for Super Cart is also wrong, so I rewrote it, and now I can test and use all 4 banks, as intended. I did all of this early this morning, so I'm happy and ready to go back to bed. Retro Bill (Smiling)
  4. I drove some military vehicles while in the USAF, but never had the desire to repair them; that's for sure. I did get my Super Space II working well during the hours of 3:00AM and 6:00AM this morning. Now I'm ready to go back to bed, but you should keep on trucking!
  5. Yes, I am the guy! I'm very happy to inform you that I now have your (now mine) Super Space II working 100% for my BCART operations! Now I'm having FUN again. Once I discovered that the test sequence on page 8 in the manual is wrong, and did it the correct way; I also found that the ROM/BANK test I have for Super Cart is also wrong, so I rewrote it, and now I can test and use all 4 banks, as intended. So, no more complaining. Retro Bill P.S. BTW the batteries I ordered on-line arrived (BR2325), but the manual says they should last two or three years with normal use, so I'm set for a couple of decades.
  6. I need the exact dimensions, as the location for my coffee thermos is a bit snug, but I sure do need one (peering at the coffee stains 😋).
  7. Wow! We have a lot in common. My car hobby got too expensive years ago. I began with a 1964.5 Mustang; then a 1966 GT HP 2+2 fastback with 4.57 limited slip differential; added dual quad carbs (straight linkage for balanced fuel delivery). Absolutely the best street machine I've ever owned, but wife made me get rid of it in 1973, and I lost wife in 1983 anyway. Yet she still pesters me via text messages! Today, I have a 2017 Mustang, but due to "house arrest" it spends most of my free time in the garage, where I can look at it from time to time and shed a few tears. I wish you all the best with both of your hobbies. Retro Bill P. S. I sure wish I had the ability to rebuild my blown PEB cards; especially the SNUG EVPC.
  8. That's great because this has not been a good day for me. The serious problem is as follows; first off the original battery is absolutely dead (assuming it's never been replaced prior to yesterday); the replacement seems to be good, but I performed the test on page 8 of the manual; results are first step good, second step failed. In which case, they say replace battery, but it still tests like new, so something else has to be the problem. If not the Super Space II, then maybe something in my console causes the reprint to report all "0's" ? I'm using the following TI-99/4A (Silver & Black) with F18A & USB wireless keyboard, TI Speech and NanoPEB (V2, F18a V1). I also get the same results with the TI Speech & NanoPEB removed. I haven't, yet, tried the only other working TI-99/4A (beige). Any suggestions on how I should proceed will be welcome. Retro Bill
  9. Now that I have a Super Space II, I really need help resolving a serious problem I have with it. I guess no-one is still following or paying attention to this thread any longer. Meaning I should initiate a new topic. I will do so after lunch today. Retro Bill
  10. Hi Ricky, my internet just now slowed way down! Because of my age and health I've been under house arrest, so I haven't been to Walmart or out to breakfast with friends in over a month. I even grew a beard in protest, but it itched so much I had to shave it off. How are you doing these days? I just found that USB drive, I'll have to check and see how much space is actually used, as I believe I also considered a 64GB USB as being adequate. I got started BITD using MESS for my two Geneves (gone now), but my SNUG TI-99/4P became my favorite TI hobby until I blew the EVPC. I'm still holding on to a TI-99/4A with F18A, USB keyboard, TI Speech and a couple of NanoPEB side cars for real hardware time, but mostly MAME on a Dell Optiplex 7010 with real serial and parallel ports. Retro Bill
  11. Absolutely! I save TI Basic programs to emulated hard-disk sub-directories, floppy disks, and 16 banks of RAM disk. The MAME documentation will tell you how. Floppy diskettes drives beyond two are a little complex to set up, but up to 720K is doable. I could probably send you some MAME batch files that would could setup these type operations. All of mine are for 64bit windows 7, and would probably work on 64bit windows 10 also. Retro Bill P. S. I think I have a 128GB USB thumb drive I setup for MAME a little over a year ago. I don't know what they cost now days.
  12. I probably will not be involved, as I don't have any use for my GOTEK in my current TI hobby operations. Retro Bill
  13. FYI. I have found that my CF cards all work best by setting the strap from 5.0 VDC to 3.3 VDC. It's even on my old CF7A+ unit's 90 degree mounted CF adapter. I'v also had to quick format CF cards due to volume one being trashed. The quick format allows recovery of all remaining volumes after converting to TI format, so only transferring another 1600 volume to volume one finish's a complete recovery! Retro Bill
  14. This is a very interesting idea; using a phone jack/plug for the connection. I guess "sound" makes it a sound idea! LOL Retro Bill
  15. The simple solution to your problem is to restore the original directory the way it was! You will be allowed to fully see the top directory (also sub-directories) by using the "." to page right and the "," to page back left (the upper right corner will have the page count for the current level). You select each sub-directory by pressing the "A,B,C,D,E,F," etc. Please go have fun now with this amazing super cartridge!!!! I do so with my F18A/USB/KVM TI-99/A w/TI-Speech+NanoPEB that shares this "workstation" with two Dell laptops, and one Dell Mini-Tower OptiPlex Windows PC. Retro Bill
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