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  1. ONLY the REAL thing will do, and hopefully at a reasonable price. I've been continuing development of TI BASIC PLUS (TIB+), using an EA Supercart, as the RAM banks on my MG 80K GramKracker don't work (I believe it's a switch problem rather than RAM). I'm sure most of you know that I can no long solder due to hands & fingers not operating well. Retro Bill
  2. Yes, I agree. My only problem with the Gotek and Flashfloppy was DS, as I wanted to use DSDD 80 track capacity, as most of my floppies (not originals from TI vendors) are DSDD 80 track.
  3. Interested, but probably can't afford it. I keep hoping I will get one of my two, that I assembled myself, back from repair some day. I believe they were both using Fred's DSR V 8.0, and I still have a few of the IDE hard drives I used with them.
  4. I use to be one of the first to jump on the new tech for the TI & 9640 Geneve, so the TIPI came along just too late for me. Now, I'm hanging on to just a single TI-99/4A with F18A, USB up-grades, TI Speech Synthesizer, and a NanoPEB or two; also my full SNUG TI-99/4P system, as I will continue (for as long as I'm able) doing my simple software development (TIB+ & X4th99) using MAME emulation. RETRO Bill
  5. Not exactly a cartridge, but does go in the cart slot, so MG GramKracker! Now of course, FinalGROM99. I just wish I could easily convert my GK GRAM creations to the FG99. When I first got the TI Christmas 1982, I was traveling too much to use it, along with the TI Speech Synthesizer, Parsec, TI Invaders, Terminal Emulator II, Touch Typing Tutor, Tunnels of Doom, and the Adventure module, but my son was programming TI Basic games from the 99'er magazine I had also subscribed to, but no way to save them, so I got the TI cassette cables, a Radio Shack cassette tape recorder, and some cassettes. He proceeded to have a Blast, and today he's the manager of an IT group for a large construction company. The TI PEB with 32K, RS-232, TI SSSD controller and drive came later, along with the MG GramKracker! RETRO Bill
  6. I also have a USB adapter in my TI-99/4A console, so I use a 4 port KVM to select it or one of two Win 7 Pee Cees I use in support of my TI hobby (MAME emulation, TI99Dir, TI99Hdx, etc.. RETRO Bill
  7. This is a lot to think about! In my case, I have to keep things simple, unless someone else does it, and sells it as a finished product. My projects never considered making the TI-99/4A or /P faster than greased lightning (old home computers are for amateurs 😉). I was all about making it easy to use expanded memory (either program or video or both) for old salts, like myself, or newbies. I know the TI Avaunt Guard here on AtariAge have a different goal, and I would say ALL are welcome, as it obviously keeps the TI group active and very interesting. RETRO Bill
  8. The only time the FG99 is not in my main TI-99/4A, is when I have my 80K GramKracker in. Which is not often, as the two GRAM banks are not working, at this time. I can test both GRAM banks with the GK editor, so it must be a switch or trace problem. I can't do the repair work any more, and I've not found anyone on-line willing to do it either. It is rather tricky to dis-assemble and re-assemble. RETRO Bill
  9. Not extending the TI-99/4A side port, is never a good idea, as it limits the original purpose, and I do realize that the NanoPEB did just that, as do other mini-PEB systems, but I believe that TIPI should include the 32K on-board, as long as 32K is it's standard memory size, and not a separate sidecar. However, that's just my opinion; everyone is entitled to their own opinion. RETRO Bill
  10. Ideal for my purpose! I might even be able to use it with a NanoPEB by disabling it's 32K! RETRO Bill
  11. More than enough! However, I suppose I could use up to 2 MB. Although, that might be a stretch for most X4th99 users. RETRO Bill
  12. Another earlier idea was to disable the 32K of a NanoPEB, so it could then be connected to a TI Speech Synthesizer and a 1MB SAMS sidecar. RETRO Bill
  13. My X4th99 development requires a minimum of 256K AMS for the application, and can use all of the remainder of a 1 MB SAMS for tracked disk buffering for hard disk drives MFM, IDE, SCSI and floppy diskettes! RETRO Bill
  14. Please, understand, that my heavy use of emulation now, is a recent change this past year due to health issues. Previously, since Christmas 1982, my TI efforts have all been on real TI- Geneve hardware. RETRO Bill
  15. Yes, my investment in my TI-Geneve hobby has been very significant over the decades since 1982. However, I'm in the process of divesting myself of all hardware related to my Geneves and hard drives, except for my HFDC, and mostly concentrating on MAME emulation for primary TI-99/4A with 80K GramKracker function, and my SNUG TI-99/4P, obviously; also keeping it (the hardware) along with one TI-99/4A with NanoPEBs, for real hardware testing of software developed on MAME. All this just in hopes of completing a few software development projects started more than 10 years ago, only to prove to myself that I'm not a "quiter" or speller. It does not matter if anyone else ever makes use of any software that I may happen to finish. My only hobby accomplishment was Forth+ 1.01 for the Geneve released December 1993, and it never had more than 10 registered users. I may not have accomplished much with this hobby, but I certainly enjoyed it, even during my travels all around this country (USA), and around the world attending TI user group meetings and sponsored Festivals/Treffens; which included meeting some of the most significant TI hardware & software contributors, and chatted with many other interesting like minded hobbyists. Some of which contributed ideas, and even coded many parts of TIB+ (still unfinished). To me, it still has purpose; Tony Knerr's module loader for the SNUG HSGPL frees up all 16 banks of my HSGPL card in my SNUG TI-99/4P and in the MAME emulator as well, for TIB+ software apps. Of course, my true hobby desire is to get back to X4th99 development, which is totally 1 MB SAMS dependent, right down to the very core! So also very dependent on the HFDC hard disk and floppy diskette support, by design! Just call me RETRO Bill.
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