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  1. This is a lot to chew on, and I don't have any time to spare. I'm doing things a little differently 😄 . Easy BUG, SBUG pretty much the same thing for all practical purposes. I've sorta made my own Super Space II cart using Winfried Winkler's Assembler Editor, SNUG HSGPL RAM6000 (4 x 8K RAM) per RML page (16, so >0 ~ >F), and MSAVE (located in GRAM 7, >E000 ~ >FFFF from MG 80K GramKracker. SBUG is available on the TI-99/4P's Main selection screen, as an invisible 0) selection, along with 1)TI BASIC, etc. I intend to use TIB+ and/or TI BASIC programs to access TIB and/or TI BASIC programs and data in 8K of BCART saved in 4 x banks of RAM6000 per RML page (>0 ~ >8) only, as I also intend to use the remaining 8 RML pages for special modules (to be determined later). I'll have to find out why neither BANK selection method (CALL LINK("BANK",A) or "C 0802(enter)"; next line; "C 0802 =00 ->"1 Actually, I don't see the "->", as anything entered at this point causes an abort to next line "?", at that point I type "1" then "Q" after the "?" to exit SBUG, believing the Bank selection has been made. I hope the above is understandable, and I'm not sure I can make it any clearer. Let me know what you think. Bill
  2. Where did you find out about this method of BANK selection using SBUG? As I've never heard of this in any documentation or email from Michael Becker or Harald Glaab, since I first purchased my SNUG TI-99/4P system at the 1996 TI Treffen in Wolvesburg, Germany. I'm also unclear about the exact procedure in SBUG. Typing, "C 0802(enter) produces on the next line: "C 0802 =00", at this point I should add ->1(enter)? This does not work in Windows 7 PRO 64 bit MAME v2.10b, as soon as type a space or anything else SBUG aborts to ? on the next line. Bill
  3. As I expected, I got a User unknown reply for Brad Snyder. So, no luck.
  4. This is a lot for me to consider, as the MAME v2.10b, that I'm currently using was provided by Michael Zapf, so not the one I originally downloaded myself. It probably just included some specific batch files for me to better understand the differences between TI-99/4A, 9640 Geneve and SNUG TI-99/4P types. So it will be awhile before I make this decision. I surfe sdo appreciate your efforts to resolve these supersp2 BANK selection issues. Bill
  5. Yes, I understand that. Unfortunately, I don't have one nor do I know anyone that has one. Wait, not true, as I'm sure that Brad Snyder, the author of BCART has two; but the only email address I have for him is @Delphi.com, so a bit doubtful as current. I'll give it a shot, and see if he responds, as we only communicated twice BITD. Bill
  6. It wouldn't matter, as it doesn't make any difference which Basic program I save at Bank 2. I can also shuffle the Basic programs and save them in different BANKs. BANK 2 is the only BANK that gets trashed or occasionally I get the INSERT CARTRIDGE screen because BCART erases before it saves the Basic program, and BANKs 0,1 & 3 are always successfully saved and accessible when rotating BANK selections. Bill
  7. I have a little bit of good news to report; I can effectively save and access BCART Basic programs in BANKs 0, 1 & 3 now using SS2BNKSW, but saving to BANK 2 trashes the selection screen. However, it's not locked up, as I can still access 1) For TI BASIC and 2) For Editor Assembler. Therefore, I have three 8K RAM banks, that I can use for my purposes. Thanks guys, but let's find out why BANK 2 gets trashed. OK? Bill
  8. Welcome to AtariAge. You're coming on board with a real TI-99/4A, just as I'm leaving most of my real hardware behind. We could have been neighbors at one time, as I lived in Orangevale, next door to Folsom until December of 2008. Due to health issues my ability to maintain TI & Geneve hardware has severely tanked, so now I will almost be MAME emulation only. Although, I do intend to keep my SNUG TI-99/4P system in the hopes that I will find someone to repair my EVPC card. Years ago I used MESS for emulation as it was the only one that supported TI-99/4A, SNUG TI-99/4P and Geneve systems. Now MAME has pretty much taken over those systems. It too, has been a slow learning process for me, but I'm very determined to continue a few software development projects; mainly for the SNUG TI-99/4P system, of course. With your background I'm sure you will build and enjoy your ideal TI-99/4A system for many years to come. I wish you all the best. Bill
  9. I know this isn't the same as the commercial version, as it uses physical switching, but I haven't found the location of the actual DataBiotics, Inc version, yet. I know I've seen it at some time or another. I will keep looking. Bill supercart_4bank[1].html
  10. Hi Michael, HOME AUTOMATION is doing the BANK selection coding using 32bit MAME, so I will wait on him. Will there be a problem with 32/64bit MAME BANK selection operation? Bill
  11. Glad to see you back Michael. Even though I've been spending most of my hobby time dealing with the BANK selection issue with Super Space II, I did manage to install the HSGPL DSR update. Both cited issues have been resolved (although I haven't thoroughly tested every possibility). However, Harald did not "fix" the catalog issue in the expected way, it does work in a "tricky" way. I'll explain later in an email. Bill
  12. I started this reply yesterday, but one of my grandsons came and told me I had to take him immediately to his football practice at the high school. When I came back my in-process reply was gone. How about BANK 0? I'm still limited to BANKs 1 & 3, which always work, and easy to recover by re-inserting supersp2 over the one I just broke by selecting BANK 2, and trying to load a different TI Basic program. Anyway, BCART auto erases selected BANK before saving. I wonder if "auto erase" upsets the apple cart, so that the actual program is not "saved"? Another way to erase/clear a selected BANK is by using CART-CLEAR in the SUPERCART.dsk, which is also available on WHT. Michael Zapf gets back tomorrow, but might not hear from him until Sunday night. Bill
  13. Considering the 32/64 bit probability, I now believe that I can't select BANK 0, I just get BANK 1 as the default, and obviously, I can't even select BANK 2 (Insert Cartridge screen), but BANK 1 & 3 are always OK. I am sure that Michael Zapf will get to the bottom of this issue as soon as he gets back from the trip he's on. Bill
  14. Yes, I was also thinking that 32/64 bit may be the issue, as BITD, when the CRU addressing was first used to control the RAM banks, those using cross-assemblers would have been doing so on 32 bit computers. Let me know either way, after you do the RAM check, please. Michael Zapf uses Windows 10, so 64 bit only. My Windows 7 Pro does support 32 bit also, but I'm using a 64 bit version of MAME. Which means I can down load the 32 bit version of MAME 2.10b; I just don't know how that might effect all my associated files created in 64 bit MAME. I sure hope I hear from Michael soon. 😡 Bill
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