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  1. No matter, as I couldn't find any word similar to "Widgit" or "Widget" on mine, just NAVARONE. Believe it or not, on the back side they call it a cartridge expander, so I guess we can call it anything we wish. My wish came true. It's a FG99 module or cartridge or what ever you wish to call it.
  2. I'll take one, if it accepts a standard height 3.5" floppy disk drive. I guess shipping will be significant as I live in Arizona.
  3. I have all those files, so I could make you an equivalent SSSD disk, but I doubt it would work on your PC. I think it would minimally require a DSDD disk with those files, but what OS does your PC use? What specific files are you planning to use, as many of those files will require a MG GramKracker or other similar GRAM device for use on your TI-99/4A system?
  4. Did you or anyone try DU2K? As I recall I used it to format MFM hard drives to 248MB, and in the case of IDE up to 4 partitions of 248MB each, using 1GB IDE drives. Supposedly, CF cards could be used with Jon's adapter to do this also. I know I wanted to try it with SCSI and the CF adapter, but never got around to it. Bill
  5. Thank you very much, as you've just reminded me of my 3 years in West Germany during my U.S. Air Force service back in the early 1960's. I married my girl friend the last year I was stationed there (about 30K West of Hof am Saale). I was never good at spelling German (High German or the Northern Bavarian version). Bill
  6. Thank you, but I don't celebrate my Birthday any more, because everything seems to be going down hill now, so not much "FUN". I only remind myself of it, as I'm now older than my mother and father. They were 76 and 77 respectfully. Bill
  7. How do you do that? Isn't it installed in a TI PEB or connected to a specific 32K sidecar? Bill
  8. That all sounds very good to me, but it's going to be awhile before I can get "deeply" involved. I just have a lot on my plate, and I get a little slower every day doing anything on my plate. What use to take 10 or 15 minutes now takes close to an hour. Not to mention that I will be 78 next week. Pending Birthdays, since age 65, always make me feel older. Keep me posted as to your FG99 arrangements. Bill
  9. Hi Jim, do you still have a 1 MB SAMS to sell or do I have to wait for the 4 MB unit? Bill
  10. I don't know about OMEGA, but I use them to enhance TI BASIC programs, because I have other uses for the available GRAM in FG99.
  11. In the mean time you could get ready for the product(s) you're describing by using the MAME emulator (no video upgrades needed), for both Geneve & TI software development. I'm headed that way due to my destructive ways with both TI & Geneve hardware/firmware. MAME supports both platforms rather well, so BITD, I used MESS for SW development for both, especially when assembling AL code, thereby preserving valuable Geneve & TI hardware. Even before this I assembled TI AL code on the Geneve, as it didn't give me "out of buffers" errors, and was much faster. As everyone knows I'm not an AL programmer, but TI Forth and others come with lots of AL code, and other helpers provided me with AL assistance, so I did assemble lots of AL code BITD, and I believe or have hopes of doing so again. We shall see.
  12. What? I'm normally very confused each morning, but I don't experience any improvement through out the day due to my age and health. However, you've really confused me, as I don't know how you're "mounting" DSK1., DSK2., & DSK3. using TIDir (TI99Dir by Fred Kaal?) or some other program I've not heard of before? Anyway, you said nothing about removing the actual CF card from your CF7+ side car in order to mount it in a CF card adapter attached or internal to a PC. So, can you, please clear up my foggy brain, just a little? Bill
  13. I don't know, and I don't keep track, as I don 't care any more. I have no time to learn anything new; TI or Geneve.
  14. I won't say anything bad about any XB for our TI systems; other than that there are too darn many of them to choose from, and I made the mistake of going for Myarc XB II Level IV (which is the fastest interpreted XB for the TI, in addition to being the most expensive), so developing software for it is a waist of time, as there are so few users. So, I opted to enhance TI BASIC (TIB+), mostly because I could make use of more program space in GRAM (used by all versions of XB as GROM/GRAM). Also because I had a full SNUG TI-99/4P with a 16 bank SNUG HSGPL card, so no new XB choice to make.
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