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  1. Still wanted! attached some pics from the pedestal, and I can measure if this helps you! sorry about the delay, i am a commie fan and checking sometimes only this page and this thread.
  2. Looking for an Atari SC1435 crt monitor or the swivel stand (pedestal) alone. I need the stand firstly, so okay for me a faulty one crt (or brokened...). All solutions are interested for me. Pictures:
  3. never mind! anyway please let me know if you checked yet, regadless it has or no. thank you!
  4. Okay, thank you. May i wish about you can separete the stand from the crt? i can make you a nice offer for the stand if the crt has, and of course this is the matching one for my CM-8833-II. Peter
  5. Hi. Interested about the SC1435, depending on the swivel stand type. Can you share some photos from the entire crt, along the disassembled stand? I would like to pay instead the trade, anyway i have a 1084S-P1 for sale if you interested. Also please tell me you location, i dont know what is the "SE MI"... And i am at Hungary/EU. thank you in advance. Peter
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