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  1. PC DEATHLOOP (571 min) Hero Realms (171 min) Magic: the Gathering Arena (575 min) OQ Beat Saber (248 min) What's with games going all caps in their titles these days? FUSER, HUMANKIND, and now DEATHLOOP. lol Anyway, DL is awesome. Apparently, it's having issues for some people with stuttering or something, but I haven't had any problems. Wait, not no problems. In fact, yesterday I lost an hour and half when my game crashed near the end of a mission. And the way the game works, it doesn't let you save whenever, it's old school in that you need to finish a mission and get back to your base or start over next time. So that sucked, but at least I know where to go now after spending much of that 1.5 hours trying to figure how to get where I needed to go... Midnight Hunt came out in MTGA and I went 7-2 on my first draft run not really knowing the new cards, so that was exciting. I just tried to build a deck around one of the new abilities (Coven) which ended up being a white/green human tribal deck that started 0-2 but then I ran off 7 wins in a row. Billie Eilish map set is coming out today for BS, so looking forward to that. I've got an unofficial map of Bad Guy that's pretty good, so looking forward to seeing (inevitably very challenging) official map looks like...
  2. PC Hero Realms (450 min) Magic: the Gathering Arena (454 min) RimWorld (784 min) OQ Beat Saber (354 min) Finished unlocking my 80 mastery levels for the FR set in MTGA, just in time, as the new Innistrad set releases on Thursday. Also, the older sets are moving out of standard and into historic play, so that will help with my competitiveness. And speaking of releases, Deathloop comes out tomorrow, so I think the RW game is hitting the back burner for now while I jump into that. As for the RW game, it's going pretty well. I've got 9 sets of armor for problems with mechs, but there hasn't been anything too stressful happening for the past week, so I've been able to focus on improving the base.
  3. Maybe more like playing an app on Galaxy 8 vs a Galaxy 21, but yeah. So just report it as Quest, kinda like reporting Android games as Android? I know there are games that are Q2 only, but they're pretty rare, and it might take someone else joining in to affect the list, as you can see, my VR variety is, um, lacking. lol
  4. Hmmm. Turning on 120 hz option makes the game more pleasing to the eyes, but I think that's true for apps on the Quest 2 across the board. There are mods that can use the increased processing power of the Q2 to change up the look of the game, but the base game is literally the same, BS doesn't itself do anything different between Quest 1 or 2 (or PC, for that matter) so I'm not sure...
  5. PC Hero Realms (298 min) Magic: the Gathering Arena (504 min) Rimworld (806 min) Oculus Quest 2 Beat Saber (295 min) Was forced to upgrade to the OC2 when the retaining bar that holds the top strap to the headset broke. Oculus isn't offering repairs and right to repair isn't quite a thing yet, so, while I was hoping to wait until the next gen to upgrade, I didn't have much choice if I want to keep up with my addict...um, Beat Saber playing. Hooray for planned obsolescence (seriously, I'm surprised that flimsy plastic bar held up as long as it did). At least it happened the same week as the new sku with 128 gb storage was released. I'm still playing RW, though I came close to calling it, as the mech attacks I mentioned last week happened, and it was ugly. Had a death, and came very close to losing the whole settlement, but I managed to squeak it out. I had to set up armor racks for my best fighters for when a high tech attack happens. They don't like wearing clothes, but a bit of crankiness beats being riddled with turret slugs... Hero Realms beta continues, my thief ability still sometimes kinda works right at best, doesn't work at all at worst, but I'm still winning more than losing. 25k games of Star Realms probably helps with that, lol.
  6. PC Hero Realms (592 min) Lumines Remastered (44 min) Magic: the Gathering Arena (320 min) Rimworld (747 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (337 min) I'll do my best to post Monday, it was a bit crazy early last week. The RW campaign continues. I've managed to avoid any deaths so far, which surprises me considering the lack of armor worn by the colonists, but I've lost some body parts. One person had to have both kidneys replaced with synthetic versions. I left off with a countdown to oncoming mechanoids that, for some reason, want to kill a corgi named Conan that I'm currently dogsitting... I've actually never played a Lumines game before, so that was fun. And hectic. Hero Realms is fun, but it is defiantly still in beta. My lvl 4 power I acquired for my Thief deck doesn't work properly most of the time, which is aggravating.
  7. Dang it, missed again by a few minutes. I'm slacking... PC Hero Realms (151 min) Magic: the Gathering Arena (619 min) Rimworld (671 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (288 min) More of the same, though I'm in on the Hero Realms beta, which I also play on Android, but like my Star Realms play on Android, it's next to impossible to track playtime when I play asynchronous turns in games whenever I have a bit of downtime to spare. In RW, I was able to buy a bunch of meat from a merchant to keep the stores from emptying over winter, a combat merchant also wondered in near the landing spot of some androids that were causing me a lot of problems, helping me eliminate them. Despite the nudist religion, I think I'm going to need to suit up in armor for big fights...wandering into a swarm of bullets with zero protection sucks.
  8. PC Magic: the Gatheing Arena (444 min) Rimworld (660 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (301 min) Will I ever play something different? History says yes, brain currently says no, not in the foreseeable future, lol. The RW colony is about to get overly unwieldy. I may have expanded too quickly and now I'm going into winter with not much food stockpiled. Crossing my fingers things work out... Still playing at least a bit of MTGA every day. I'm gold tier 2 ranked in Limited (draft) competition, but I can barely win a game in Ranked (free play, I do well, but going into Ranked is scary), which is a great example of skill vs $$$. Still having fun though. I was finally able to update Beat Saber and keep my mods and custom songs. The Oculus BS mod needed reworking and it didn't update in February, so I didn't update BS either. Six months later, I can finally update, use the new UI, get the new free songs, as well as the new DLC. So that was cool.
  9. PC Magic: the Gathering Arena (672 min) RimWorld (448 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (284 min) Did more movie watching than gaming this week, but kept going on Magic, doing some drafts and free play, and my RW colony continues. Had a cold snap in the first winter. Had to micromanage to keep the frostbite down in the nudist colony, lol.
  10. PC Magic: the Gathering Arena (971 min) RimWorld (698 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (395 min) In on time this week *golf clap* MTG has kinda dug its claws in me. I made what I thought was a decent White/Black singleton deck for the current Yawning Portal event and went 30-13 over all the runs I made in that, so that was fun. The final game on Sunday, I was playing against a White/Green deck, and I was down in life 45-2, and then about 10 turns later, I won 45 to -3. Almost felt bad for the other player, lol. The RimWorld game went sideways, as RW games do. Being jerks bit me in the backside. So now I've got a new free love nudist desert colony called Sunsout Bunsout, because I'm actually 12.
  11. Whoops, a bit late this week. Been busy, sorry. PC Magic: the Gathering Arena (261 min) RimWorld (764 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (280 min) Started a new RimWorld game with the Ideology expansion. All of my previous colonies have been helpful and open, so this one is very much not. Scarification ceremonies, sacrificing animals, all the fun stuff, lol.
  12. If I see a game might enjoy, I'll try it. "Importance" doesn't register in the decision at all.
  13. PC Magic: the Gathering Arena (1194 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (286 min) Still playing Magic. Doesn't help that I keep unlocking new theme decks, card packs, and individual cards and keep tweeking the decks and trying them out.
  14. PC Magic: the Gathering Arena (503 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (246 min) Not much this week, but I did fire up MtG after a brief foray during its beta a couple years ago. I quickly left back then once the pay to win whales started taking over in the just for fun Standard play with their netdecks. But the new AFR set piqued my interest, and there now seems to be a lot bigger player base, so I've been having fun with it. RimWorld just announced a big update and new expansion coming, so I'll be back in on that BS before long, lol
  15. I finished Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Fun D&D rules RPG. Felt like it ended a bit prematurely, but the save file was 65 hours, so I can't complain.
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