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  1. Sounds like some confusion. Owners or the OG Quest before October are grandfathered for 2 years before they have to connect a FB account to the device. So the Quest 1 "won't work" anymore in 2 years...if you refuse to make a FB account for it. Not a problem for Quest 2, as you can't use it without the FB account from day 1.
  2. PC Creed: Rise to Glory (34 min) RimWorld (236 min) XB1 NHL 20 (1062 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (674 min) NHL 21 came out last week, but I had a copy of last year's version that I got on deep discount but hadn't played yet, so I built an expansion Quebec Nordiques team using the Vegas Knights strategy and they are doing very well at 21-7-1 a third into the season. Picked up RimWorld, a sandbox/survival/team management sim, on as big a discount as I've seen (-15%) to give a try. I have a friend that has logged over 4100 hours in this game (not a typo), so I though I should give it a go. It's pretty cool. One of my settlers is a pyromaniac, meaning some days he'll decide to just start fires around the camp. He's also a cannibal, so he can eat any invaders that show up. But he also has a cute dog and is good a building stuff, so we keep him around. Good times. Creed is a VR game on Steam, more boxing than rhythm compared to FitXR, so it's not rough on my shoulders. The story mode roughly follows the movie. Beat Saber got a major update with a new UI and multiplayer that completely broke mods. Luckily, I could keep playing without updating, as it took almost a week to get the mod working again.
  3. Pulled the 2600 out for the (Canadian) long weekend and spent some time with it. Atari 2600 Chopper Command (10 min) Frogger (6 min) Frostbite (7 min) Phoenix (9 min) Pressure Cooker (29 min) Robot Tank (10 min) Seaquest (11 min) Solar Fox (7 min) Spider-Man (6 min)
  4. PC Baba is You (138 min) Solitaire Conspiracy, The (283 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (590 min) Not a lot of gaming this week, but I did play some puzzle games this weekend. Mike Bithell's new game The Solitaire Conspiracy, a short, Solitaire-style strategy game, and finally got around to trying Baba is You, which is fun, but it's getting difficult...
  5. Axiom Verge is a very good Super Metroid clone that did come out a few years ago. Excellent game.
  6. PC Star Wars Squadrons (723 min) Tabletopia (306 min) XB1 Night in the Woods (52 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (459 min) Took a break from CK as Star Wars Squadrons was coming out, and it's both a lot of fun and a lot of frustration. I don't normally jump on brand new games, and I kinda wish I hadn't here, either. While the game is a lot of fun when it works, especially in VR and with a HOTAS, it's really buggy. My brother and his friend have it and we may try playing online, but cheating seems rampant, so we'll stick with AI battles for now. Played Orleans in Tabletopia, came in 2nd out of 4, but 1st won easily. Started Night in the Woods, not sure I'm feeling it, but I'll probably give it a bit more of a look.
  7. Yeah, when I first fired it up, I couldn't play fullscreen as the resolution was off and I could only see part of the screen. And I didn't want to play windowed, so I started off in VR. Which worked fine until the menu button, both on the stick or the keyboard ESC, stopped working (didn't realize the game default non-inverted controls which drove me crazy during tutorial). So I had to CTL-ALT-DEL out of the game. Happened again the next day, but not right away, as I was able to fix the controls and stuff, and double checked after I started playing, but when I was done, had to hard close the program again. Yesterday, playing both VR and non-VR, things worked better, and the fullscreen problem was gone, so they're working on plugging the leaks.
  8. It's fine non-VR, but it's a known VR issue. The Steam version is apparently even worse with SteamVR, so glad I went with the Epic/Origin version, at least it's playable.
  9. Game is bit of a buggy mess at the moment, especially in regards to VR and online ranking, but when it works, hoo boy. VR + HOTAS = incredible experience. Constantly craning my head around as my fingers dance over the HOTAS (that took some training though; "To do this press button 9" Uh, which button is button 9??). Luckily, the VR graphics problems are all during the between missions cutscenes in single player. I've never witnessed this level of screen tearing before. How do you optimize zooming around in space so well, but heaven forbid I shift my head slightly while an NPC is talking to me in a static environment? From what I've seen online cheating is rampant in online play and ranking doesn't work properly, so not sure how much I'll play outside the single player missions or playing AI fleet battles with friends...
  10. Yep, those batteries slowly drain, even in storage. Once they hit zero, they can't be recharged. Most people don't realize that when their phone hits zero charge, it's not really zero, it's just the safety point where the phone insists on charge before it will turn on again.
  11. It does support flight stick on PC, so I'm in. Looking forward to trying it in VR...
  12. Damn, it's really hard to pick one. Eventually went with Empire Strikes Back, but it could have been one of another five games, too...
  13. PC Crusader Kings III (1184 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (476 min) Not much variety this week. My CK3 Ireland game continues, I've got Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Iceland, Brittany, and the Kent and Essex duchies of England. My charismatic king was replaced by his intelligent and somewhat more immoral son, whose wife was pretty awesome administrator. The new heir that just took over is tactically minded, and the army is large, I should be able to unite Britannia soon. While I'm assimilating, the rest of the world is breaking up. France has divided into three kingdoms, the Holy Roman Empire is down to basically Germany, the rest is independent kingdoms, the Byzantine Empire is almost dead, and Iberian peninsula is nearly 100% Muslim. Catholicism is collapsing, and the Lollardy branch religion I started near the beginning of the game is starting to creep over Western and Northern Europe. When I took Canterbury from England, I was able to appoint my own pope. There's a big new patch that came out today and one of the things it does is makes a more powerful Mongol nation, so that should be interesting... Oculus sent me a $14 coupon, so I spent it on the new Linkin Park DLC for BS. The maps are pretty complex and hectic. Tried playing through them all in a row and had to quit half way through, as I needed a change of pace before dropping from exhaustion....
  14. There may have been a couple of these, but I think most of the One X and One S sales are just people taking advantage of discounted current gen stuff. Plus, the report is that Amazon sales were up 700%. If they sold one yesterday and 7 today, that would do that, for example. So, grain of salt, and all.
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