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  1. PC Civilization VI (494 min) Old World (585 min) Tabletopia (227 min) XB1 Golf With Your Friends (182 min) Human Fall Flat (64 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (666 min) Finished my Old World game and won, getting 10 leader goals first. I had 5 leaders over the game. The game is well done, it just needs some tweaking. It seemed the game updated over the week I played in fact (and broke the name of one of the cities, adding "cityname_" to the front...). I'll try it again in the summer, I think. Meanwhile, the new DLC for Civ 6 came out, so I'm trying the new Apocalypse mode, which bombards the world with constant natural disasters. I'm a sucker for punishment, settling my 4th city on a flood plain next to a volcano... Online, we played Dominant Species once more on Tabletopia. The arachnids won this time, and my insects came in last. Also played through the Castle level of Human Fall Flat with my brother before giving Golf With Your Friends a try. That game is both hilarious fun and a tad frustrating. I can't imagine playing 12 players at a time with ball collision turned on...
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    PC Game Deals

    Civ 6 isn't a mobile port, they somehow made a version of the game for mobile, but it has an entire keyboard of hotkeys and can bring a PC to its knees if it isn't relatively current. Does Epic have the DLC? I just started an Apocalypse Mode game and the natural disasters are like handing the mouse to a 12-year-old to play some of your SimCity game...
  3. PC Jackbox Party Pack 4 (104 min) Jackbox Party Pack 5 (49 min) Jackbox Party Pack 6 (110 min) Old World (663 min) Remember Me (112 min) Tabletopia (136 min) XB1 Streets of Rage 4 (63 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (483 min) Played another session of Remember Me early in the week, got busy in the middle of the week, and then Epic did their free GTA V/Mega Sale/$10 coupon thing on Thursday and just before clicking the purchase button on Anno 1800, I remembered the pre-release of a game called Old World. Which promised to be a cross between Civilization and Crusader Kings set in the Bronze Age , and I'm all, just inject that into my veins, please. Civ 6 has a monthly DLC pass starting next week and CK3 is out in the summer, so I though I'd jump into Old World now, despite it being in pre-release. And I love it. So many awesome little QoL improvements on the 4x genre. I mean, it has an undo button. An UNDO BUTTON! In a 4x game! Whaaaaat? And the massive amount of events that happen in the game compared to CK2 (1-5 ever year(turn) is both fun and a tad worrisome that it might get a bit repetitious over multiple plays, but so far there's been none in the one play though, and I understand each of the player nations has a lot of their own own stuff, so Egypt will play a bit different from Babylon or Greece or Rome. And the art in the game is amazing. I'm currently playing Rome in a 4-player game. I'm on my 4th leader (who's in his 50's and was severely ill when I last saved...). Carthage was kicking butt until they started a war with me and Greece, and now they're in last and Assyria has taken advantage of our squabbling to quietly grow super powerful. Anyhoo, got to the end of SoR4 in my play though with my brother. And the Tabletopia game of the week of was Stockpile, which I trounced everyone at, though the game has a fair amount of variance, so I admit a lot of the trouncing was luck based. Also did some Discord Jackbox with my friends back home whom I, once again, wasn't able to visit as planned.
  4. XB1 Human Fall Flat (96 min) Streets of Rage 4 (51 min) PC Remember Me (175 min) Tabletopia (572 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (634 min) Echo VR (37 min) Caught up on some TV more this week than gaming. Decided I needed to take a break from Persona 5. I want to go back, the story is interesting, but the gameplay is kinda lacking, so we'll see. Started Remember Me this weekend, and it's interesting. Tomb Raider/Uncharted style platforming, DMC/God of War style fighting (with customizable combos), plus puzzles where your altering others' memories in a dystopian cyberpunkish 2084 Neo Paris. Played some more online with my brother, same games as last week. Streets of Rage 4 is great, they really nailed the SoR beat-em-up style. The Human Fall Flat time was all one level (Castle) and we weren't even able to finish it, which I think means we need to start back at the beginning of the level. At least we have all the puzzles for 4/5ths of the level figured out. We were going to try Moving Out, but apparently that is only couch co-op... More online board gaming on Tabletopia this week. Two games of Wingspan, I won the first one, and while I came in last in second one, the scores were close (79, 79, 76). Also played a lengthy game of Dominant Species, where my arachnids came in second to the reptiles. Haven't talked about Beat Saber much lately, but it's my most played game, so I guess I should mention it. It's still my primary source of exercise right now. Getting better, but there are still a lot of tough maps that confound me, even some of the base game's Expert+ levels. Echo VR is a free-to-play 3-on3 team sports game where the goal is to throw a disc through the opponent's goal in zero-g sphere arena. Neat game, but online team games aren't really my shtick, but I thought I'd check it out, it's a pretty popular VR game.
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    From what I understand, each cart has its own emulator.
  6. Agamon

    PC Game Deals

    Just Eidos games, not SE proper, but still a good deal if you want to get your Tomb Raider/Deus Ex/Just Cause/Thief on.
  7. PS4 Persona 5 (338 min) XB1 Human Fall Flat (102 min) Streets of Rage 4 (100 min) PC Tabletopia (324 min) Tetris Effect (via OQ) (40 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (551 min) Continuing to push through P5, but it's getting tougher to go back to each evening. Still planning on finishing it, but I'm not even half done yet, so it could be a while yet... Played some Human Fall Flat and Streets of Rage 4 with my brother online (looks like 3 of us have played SoR4, all on different platforms, lol). Tabletopia was a game of Viticulture and a game of Tichu. I listed Tetris Effect under PC, as per the previous posts.
  8. Only had a chance for about 20 min last night, but it feels like a great sequel so far. Going to dig deeper this weekend.
  9. Yeah reviews have been great. Worst thing that has been said is that it's too much like the first 3 games. Not a negative, IMO.
  10. Just set up the remote dl for the Xbox1. Really looking forward to this!
  11. No, it allows you to play a physical game on another person's console, but doesn't let you just temporarily share your copy with everyone you know and give them the game for free.
  12. PS4 Persona 5 (646 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (549 min) PC Tabletopia (149 min) Almost done the 3rd palace in P5. Not a whole lot of "game" here and very little agency, but it's an engaging story. Played Wingspan in Tabletopia again, but I won this time.
  13. Sega Genesis Streets of Rage 2 (28 min) Played a bit of SoR2 to sate my hype for 4's release this week!
  14. https://twitter.com/Nibellion/status/1253637058888941573 If you haven't yet, now is the 2nd best time to set up 2FA on your Nintendo account (best time was before now).
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