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  1. PC Solasta: Crown of the Magister (826 min) Oculus Quest Audio Trip (103 min) Beat Saber (365 min) Solasta is moving along, got gem five, gem six proved a bit problematic, I had to restart from a save before the mission started after nearly finishing it because I couldn't rest due to lack of food, and I was too weak to take on an elemental/undead encounter and was in a weird "mind realm" that I couldn't retreat from. Unskippable cutscenes kinda suck in that case, but I'm almost back to where I left off now. Found a new BS-like game that I actually like. Audio Trip is sort of like Synth Riders more than Beat Saber, but with way better music, mapping, and visuals.
  2. PC Solasta: Crown of the Magister (1737 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (338 min) Still chipping away at Solasta, the PCs just hit level 8, and I'm part way through the mission to get gem 4 of 8, and I know where to get gem 5. This may go all the way to level 20. Of course, I can't ignore the side missions. They aren't quite Witcher level impressive, but they're pretty good coming from an indie studio. Pretty impressed with the game.
  3. PC Solasta: Crown of the Magister (833 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (314 min) More Solasta this week, and this game is longer than expected. I've got 3 of the 8 gems needed for my stop-the-end-of-the-world crown MacGuffin, so I've got a way to go yet. Man, even Thanos only need 6. Ah well, the journey is fun.
  4. PC Solasta: Crown of the Magister (661 min) Surviving the Aftermath (169 min) Worms World Party Remastered (39 min) Xeno Crisis (10 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (350 min) Not much gaming during the week; I started a game of Surviving the Aftermath, a post-apoc colony builder. It's still in early access, but it's pretty fun. But I found out that Solasta was available on game pass, and decided to check it out and I'm hooked. It's a lot like Divinity Original Sin 2, but with D&D 5e rules (but not the license). It's tough, but I'm having fun. Also played online a little bit with my bro, but it was short-lived, unfortunately. A Worms match and we tried out Xeno Crisis, going to try and get some more online gaming in soon, hopefully.
  5. PC Metro Exodus (96 min) Sid Meier's Civilization VI (914 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (355 min) So even after removing most of the mods from Stellaris, it was crashing on startup, so I'll wait for a stable release and the mods to catch up to it. In the meantime, Civ 6's Frontier Pass monthly release ended, so I went back to play a game of that. And what followed was the shortest game that I've won of any version of Civ, ever. I tried one of the new civs, the Gauls, and went with a True Start Huge Earth map, meaning a map of Earth where civs start in historically accurate areas. Odd thing is, the Brussels civ was also in the game, and the players gets the initiative on turn order. So I quickly placed my city, leaving Brussels unable to place within a 9 hex area of where the settler was. 2nd turn I attacked the settler, took it, eliminated Brussels, and effectively started with 2 cities. Gaul is a culture-rich empire, with some early military advantage. Aside from Brussels, Europe was crowded, as expected. Expansion was difficult, so I declared war on Spain early, taking Madrid and rich area on the Iberian peninsula. Then, my culture started taking over. Scotland's cities fell first, joining my empire of their own volition, followed by 3 city states, Cardiff, Geneva, and Valletta, as well as one of Babylon's cities. Vilnius and Preslav were able to resist, but I made sure I kept suzerain status over them. Then I just built up my culture and won with a cultural victory in 1470. So, kinda cheat-y, but if I'd had let Brussels settle, it would have been a short game the other way, lol. Tried Metro Exodus yesterday, and I'm not sure about this one. I like stealth games, but this one has no HUD whatsoever, and trying to both stay hidden in dark areas, and try to figure where I need to go is super frustrating. And the stealth AI is not great, either. Might give it another go later, not sure.
  6. The release of this game was when young me first learned that an upgraded version of something does not necessarily equate to better.
  7. The Sony PC games so far are on Steam, so it actually benefits both.
  8. It's just a market move to save face. Etenium is about to shut down its mining, and it does nothing to stop mining other kinds of crypto, so this really does nothing but sow confusion.
  9. PC Defense Grid: the Awakening (368 min) Stellaris (489 min) Tabletopia (218 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (363 min) My Stellaris game developed a game ending bug that would pop up when a certain date hit, so I can't finish it, but I was contemplating restarting at a higher difficulty anyway, as I was rolling over the galaxy and it was getting dull. I'll turn off most of the non QoL mods this time around, hopefully that helps. This is my 3rd playthrough of the first Defense Grid game, I really enjoy it. Played Orleans on Tabletopia and came in 2nd somehow after getting royally screwed by an event on the 2nd turn.
  10. Me too. My poster version is open, but I have yet to put any of them up... I need to remedy that. I need to see if there are easy to get frames that fit these (I bought some posters from Eurpoe that were A4...getting those frames over here was not easy or inexpensive).
  11. PC Stellaris (1269 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (302 min) More of the same from last week. My Stellaris game is going well, I probably should have bumped the difficulty a bit, as I'm easily the most important nation in the Galactic Assembly and my vote pretty much decides what galactic laws are enforced. However, we are still a peaceful, diplomatic people (with a "big stick" navy, to dissuade my more ambitious neighbors). No one wants to enter into a Federation with me because I won't start aggressive wars...I guess it's not based on the Star Trek idea of "Federation" lol, so I have a lot of friends but no official allies. Might make the endgame crisis difficult to deal with....
  12. PC Stellaris (519 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (251 min) So I spent most of last week both taking a day to recover from vaccine reaction, and a few days upgrading/repairing my PC, so times are quite low. I started a game of Stellaris, as there was a 3.0 update recently and a sale on DLC, so as a Lithoid race that doesn't eat food, but minerals. They're a more passive, diplomatic, spiritual race, so I think most of the wars I'll be involved in will be defensive, which is fine; it's been a while and a lot of things have changed since I last played a couple years ago.
  13. Do you have the text drop shadows turned off? Or maybe it'll help to turn them off. The instructions for that are here: https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/126714-add-remove-drop-shadows-icon-labels-desktop-windows.html
  14. I missed Darklands the first time around and it's always sounded intriguing, but the Digital Antiquarian's overview of the game made me appreciate the developer's chutzpah, but I'm definitely going to give it a pass...
  15. Probably the longest named game on the tracker, too, hey? PC RimWorld (1347 min) Sid Meier's Pirates! (2004) (64 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (328 min) Finally done my RW game. Endgame was brutal once again, but I only lost 3 people, well, and most of my animals. Most attacks, I send my animals into the "barn" (a cave with a door, straw floor, and feed trough, but it works), but one group pod dropped onto my grazing field, and instead of come to attack my colonists, the went into the barn and slaughtered most of the animals. Jerks. But I got my 10 core colonists off planet. Not everyone gets to leave, because there's only so much room in the shuttle. In fact, after the credits roll, the game comes back, and you can continue playing with the colonists that were left behind. But time to move on. I certainly will play again, there's still different starts and scenarios I want to try, but the 150-200 hours games take a while to get through. I got a hankering to play Pirates! I was going to fire up the C64 to go old school, but I noticed I had the 2004 remake on GOG, which I'm pretty sure I played a bit on the Xbox 360 back when it came out, but I started up a game, and it's still pretty fun. I still think the original is the best version, but this one is fun. Unfortunately, my wireless keyboard doesn't have a numpad, which this game uses excessively, so I need to use my mouse, which is tough for the timing minigames. I just don't have the difficulty cranked up and it's working out alright.
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