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  1. PC RimWorld (4393 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (462 min) So...yeah, RimWorld. Send help. Lol. I think I see now why my friend has almost 5000 hours logged in this game. Took some time off last week to play, and I didn't do a whole lot else, really. Shortly after posting last week, the colony I had going went down in blaze of glory, so I started again. And things are going better, though there's been some scary moments. I accidentally set my grenadier to autofire, and she lobbed one at an attacking mechanoid, which happened to be next my best fighter, as well as a mortar and a pile of ordinance. There was nothing left of his body and 2 others died, one other lost their leg. Then, there was another later accident where I let a rabid capybara pack into my base, which ended up killing my leader and 3 others in my 8 colonist base (damn screw ups, lol). Shortly after that, I let four refugees stay at my base, which let me send a couple of my own people out on a trade mission for some desperately needed supplies. Well, of course, the "refugees" were really a revenge ambush squad. I was lucky to not lose either of my other 2 colonists, and while none of them escaped alive, they did burn down my kitchen, dining room, and larder with all my stored food, as well as kill 3 of my donkeys. Regardless, the game has me in its claws...
  2. PC RimWorld (1141 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (365 min) Not a lot of variety this week. I got a hankerin' to play some RimWorld, and the game sunk its claws into me. I do enjoy my colony sim games. Things are going a little dicey at the moment, as a sickness has stricken two of the four colonists. Hopefully they get better and don't infect everyone and die. That would be a sad end, lol.
  3. XB1 Medium, The (103 min) PC Among Us (275 min) Hades (404 min) Terraforming Mars (126 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (308 min) Tried playing The Medium again, but the constant framerate drops are aggravating. Played Among Us again on Friday, focusing on the Polus map this time. Came in dead last in the Terraforming Mars game I played with friends on Sunday. And Hades continues to be a treat. Made it past the Hydra into Elysium (the 3rd level) once in my 20 attempts so far.
  4. Yeah, before playing this weekend, I've only seen streamers that play with mutuals, or if they're in a network, others that are a part of that network (like the Eurogamer, Funhaus, or Smosh crews). Makes it easier when you have a built-in play group and can monetize the games.
  5. It plays best with 8-10 people, and it's not a great game to play with strangers, so that makes it a good Twitch streamer game, but it takes some organization to play. I can attest that it's a lot easier to just play a single player or online matchmaker game.
  6. PC Among Us (313 min) Hades (285 min) Medium, The (215 min) Star Wars Battlefront II (14 min) XB1 Donut County (138 min) Monster Train (105 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (338 min) Played Donut County earlier in the week, a short, humorous, very laid back game, and I failed another Monster Train run. Tried out Battlefront II, as my friends are planning to play online. The Medium came out this week. Pretty game, kinda spooky, and I like the underlying single-camera puzzle horror game, but if people thought Cyberpunk was buggy, they should try this. While it's technically playable, every transition between in-game, inspection mode, and cutscene dropped the framerate to a single-digit slideshow. So whole I've played almost 3 hours of a 7-8 hour game, I'm going to wait for it to hopefully be fixed by Bloober Team before continuing. My brother's birthday was this weekend, so my usual Jackbox crew got together for some Among Us, and despite some technical issues with a Discord bot, it was a hit, and we plan on going again this weekend. Edit: Somehow forgot the game I've been playing this weekend: Hades. Fun game, reminds me of Dead Cells with interesting characters and story.
  7. Finished Donut County last night. Short game, pretty funny with relaxing gameplay.
  8. PC Civilization VI (789 min) Tabletopia (132 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (387 min) Finished the Civ game, which got out of hand the last couple hours, as I had 3 or 4 ways I could have won, but I focused on the Religion victory, as that was Basil II's strength. Ended with my highest score in Civ 6, too. Played Wingspan with friends on Tabletopia and ended up tying for first, which is tough with two tiebreakers.
  9. PC Civilization VI (597 min) XB1 Monster Train (260 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (323 min) More of the same from last week, trying to make the world Catholic with my Byzantium empire in Civ6, and it's easier said than done, but always have the army to back it up. Won a run in Monster Train on my 4th try, and I'm trying different mixes of races now.
  10. Almost finished A Plague Tale: Innocence last month, but then Cyberpunk came out. But I got the last hour done this week. Starts a little too easy, almost feels like a walking sim, but it gets trickier as it goes, and the story is interesting.
  11. PC Civilization VI (229 min) Cyberpunk 2077 (751 min) Jackbox Party Pack 2 (34 min) Jackbox Party Pack 4 (35 min) Jackbox Party Pack 6 (138 min) XB1 A Plague Tale: Innocence (62 min) Monster Train (284 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (687 min) Finished my CP2077 game, and the ending was interesting, could be more to V's story in a sequel, I think. Played Jackbox on Discord with friends on New Year's Day, finished A Plague Tale, started a game of Civ6 playing as Byzantium, but got distracted from that this weekend when I tried Monster Train, which plays a lot like Slay the Spire and I'm really enjoying it.
  12. I guess I've been lucky? I've been offered this protection on every device I've bough since the mid 90s and never regretted not getting it. I've used manufacturer's warranty (recently with my PC's PSU, actually), but I find if something works for the first year I have it, it'll live it's expected lifespan. If you get a lot out of it, I can sure see using it. But anecdotally speaking, I could buy a new car outright with the money I haven't spent on this in my lifetime.
  13. Plus, I'm not much of a mobile gamer, myself, but mobile devices aren't consoles, either.
  14. Finished Cyberpunk 2077. Played on PC, had an 80 hour save file. Really enjoyed the game, despite a few bugs, but the world was both great looking and engaging. And while I realize there are a number of different endings, I have a feeling the isn't the end of V's story....
  15. If you focus on AAA FPS games, that might be true. But if look at the number of games on Steam, GOG, Itch.io, etc compared to what's available on console, It's pretty hard to say it's most, let alone nearly all.
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