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  1. PS4 The Last of Us Part II (694 min) The Last of Us Remastered (801 min) Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Remastered (48 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (405 min) BoxVR (52 min) So, I finished TLOU2 on Wednesday. What an amazing experience. I've had a hard time articulating how much I enjoyed this game, but when I wasn't playing it, I was thinking about it. And when I finished it, I continued to think about it. Then I tried playing another Naughty Dog game, Uncharted 3, and I just couldn't get into it, because I was still thinking about TLOU2...so, I decided to replay the first TLOU New Game +, which I kinda wanted to do before playing the new game, but forgot. Finished that and the Left Behind DLC, and now this evening I started a new NG+ run of TLOU2. Hopefully by the end of that, I'll be able to focus on something new.... Also, I picked up BoxVR this weekend to supplement my BS VR gaming. And I'm very sore today, lol. It's a pretty good workout of muscles I don't use a lot.
  2. Finished The Last of Us Part II. What a ride. I can die now, I've played the best game, full stop.
  3. You'll have no issues at all. I've got both a desktop and laptop and I'm able to dl any games on either at the same time. It's the account that matters, not the device.
  4. PC ARK: Survival Evolved (583 min) PS4 The Last of Us Part II (917 min) Oculus Quest Best Saber (533 min) More ARK earlier in the week. A couple tamed dinos and a second base has been set up. Still getting my butt whooped when I explore to far from my starting spot, despite getting to 35th level, but I'm figuring out some tactics for dealing with some of the trickier fauna. Then TLoU2 released Thursday night, and it's been nothing but that since. Wow, the story and acting managed to one up the first game somehow. And the stealth action is right up my alley. Really enjoying it.
  5. Only had a chance to play for a couple hours after it unlocked last night, but so far I'm mightily impressed with The Last of Us 2.
  6. Agamon

    PC Game Deals

    Injustice: Gods Among Us is free on Steam, PS4, and XB1. https://store.steampowered.com/app/242700/Injustice_Gods_Among_Us_Ultimate_Edition/
  7. I'm still waiting to see more info. The price is right and apparently no microtransactions, which is nice. VR mode is cool. Flight stick accessibility is great. A short, learn-the-ropes single player mode before moving to 5v5 multiplayer isn't really my cup of tea, though. So, this just might me want to go back to the old LA games...
  8. I'm wondering how many of the games shown are exclusive to PS5? I'm expecting to be able to play SM:MM on PS4. A lot of the indie/AA games are going to be on Switch/Steam/Epic, for sure. Horizon Zero Dawn is about to become available on Steam, so I'd be surprised if Forbidden West is the same in a few years. I didn't really see anything that would convince me that I need one of these. Which is good, I'd accept the odd shape if it was all matte black. So, definitely waiting for that, at least...
  9. PC ARK: Survival Evolved (961 min) Switch Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisama (233 min) Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle (268 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (529 min) Started the week on the Switch going back and forth between Mario+Rabbids and Kotodama. Because of the silliness, M+R looked like it'd be a nice laid back simple turn-based strategy game, but man, it's tough. Kotodama was on sale this week, it's a visual novel/match 3 game that isn't terrible, but I'm glad I didn't pay more than a couple bucks for it. But then ARK was one of the free games on Epic this week, so I gave that a go, and it's been pretty addictive. I've only played the single player version of the original Island map so far, but it's fun crafting and exploring and domesticating dinosaurs. The plan is to play multiplayer with my bro when his new PC shows up this week and it'll be nice to have some backup because some of those dinos are nasty. My gear is currently on the edge of a swamp where a crocodile-type thing killed me. That'll be fun to go fetch....
  10. It's itch.io, so quality is not to be expected. But there are some gems in there, so the price is more than right.
  11. PC Civilization VI (981 min) Twilight Struggle (82 min) Switch Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics (204 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (411 min) Finished my Civ6 game, won with a domination victory (take all the other capitals) and had to bee-line to Spain's and Russia's capitals before Spain won a diplomatic victory. Hungary's capital got nuked by me and then a little while later it was hit with a meteor and wiped from the map. In fact, there were meteor strikes every other turn after the modern age started, and all but one hit me (granted, I was 2/3 of the map by then, but still). Apocalypse Mode is crazy. Got Clubhouse Games, which is pretty cool.played a bunch of Mancala and Backgammon and a bit of Golf, President, Slot Cars and Klondike Solitaire, some with my brother, who also picked it up. We also played Twilight Struggle, and I won with Russia when I forced my bro to play a card that started WW3. Well, I guess I won, but realistically we both lost, right?
  12. Hopefully. Riichi sure doesn't look simlple...
  13. I went to perorder it last night and it was already released, so I play a quick game of backgammon. Beat the normal AI, but it made some smart moves.
  14. Never played Shogi, so I would likely be a lesser opponent than the AI. Looking forward to learning the Asian games, Hanafuda, Riichi, Takoyaki. I know Go, but both that and Hearts are not included, which is a bit confusing. Instead, we get the worst board game ever created, Ludo (aka Sorry/Trouble). Monopoly is chess compared to that game....
  15. PC Civilization VI (905 min) Tabletopia (131 min) Oculus Quest Beat Saber (357 min) Lighter schedule this week. My Gran Columbia Civ game is going alright. I very much doubt I'm going to get a domination victory, even though Bolivar has some great bonus for unit movement and strength. I've only just taken Carthage's capital, there's 6 more civs and we've hit year 1700. Doing pretty good with science though, so I might be able to fall back on that. Tabletopia was another game of Wingspan, and I didn't do all that well, but it was fun nonetheless. And of course, more Beat Saber. Still not tired of playing that every day.
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