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  1. XB1 Borderlands 2 (133 min) My Life at Portia (1151 min) Dang, I didn't realize what a commitment MLaP would be when giving it a try. Almost 50 hours in, I've evolved only one relationship to "friend", uncovered about a quarter of the map, and have almost finished Year 1. I'll keep playing while I enjoy it, though. I gave up on Stardew Valley in late year 2, so I'll see ho far I keep going with this one.
  2. Not much, but played some 2 on 2 before going to a movie, and tested some hardware with a game of Balloon Fight. Arcade 2 on 2 Open Ice (9 min) NES Balloon Fight (5 min)
  3. For sure. My brother has one, and it works well. Just make sure the dongles and controller have the same version of Bluetooth. The newer controllers have trouble syncing with older versions of the dongle.
  4. For sure. I think this shift is too little, too late. They're about to join Blockbuster in corporate heaven.
  5. Boardgame cafes are literally already things, and are very popular up here in Canada (there's, like 8 of them here in Edmonton). Not sure a "video game cafe" is a thing that would be legal, but someone in Calgary is giving it a go: https://supersmashcafe.ca/
  6. If you plan to use it out-and-about a lot, a case is a necessity. An 8bitdo controller is highly recomeneded. The new Pro+ is about to come out if you can wait a bit for it.
  7. Isn't Burgertime a fair representation of how food is prepared at McDonalds? Great training for the youth of today after entering the job market once they gotten their degree.
  8. PS4 God of War (124 min) So, I thought I was going to be getting back to GoW after setting it aside a few months ago. I'm really wishing I hadn't set it aside, I had to relearn how to fight and the things I learned about puzzule solving in this game was lost and I spent more time wandering around scratching my head as to what I need to do then playing anything. That was frustrating, so I thought I'd get a side game of something else going at the same time.... XB1 My Time at Portia (1704 min) ...and, so much for "side game." This game is similar to Stardew Valley, except you run a workshop instead of a farm. And it hooked me the same way SV did back when I played that. Fun game, not perfect, inventory management is a bit clunky, fighting is fairly simplistic and feels a bit grindy. But it's certainly addictive.
  9. Dude, I've stated more than once that I respect those that prefer to go the physical route. I'm just saying there's no need for hyperbole to rationalize that choice.
  10. My Time At Portia has hooked me the same way Stardew Valley did a few years ago. Also playing Borderlands 2 co-op. Just joined Game Pass Ultimate and I'm a litttle overwhelmed with choice. Metro: Exodus and Shadow of the Tomb Raider are in the queue, though.
  11. So, my Live was a week away from being up last month when they announced this. I picked up three years of Live and accepted the extra months on the first two before realizing it wouldn't let me enter the third year. So I was going to wait two months before entering the third month and converting, until I saw on the 4th that it was ending. So I bit the bullet and just converted what I had. I entered the 3rd code afterwards, but it only converted to 4 months (the monetary conversion, rather than month-for-month). This works great for now, but I did this with the intention of moving away from console to PC for the upcoming generation, so I'll likely just change over to the PC pass when the time comes.
  12. I've had my copy of Civ 4 for 14 years, I don't want to know what the overdue fees are on that rental... Like I said, I know there are a hadful of examples that this has happened, but that's out of literally thousands of games. Statisitically, you're probably more likely to get hit by a car crossing the street than lose a digital game (from a non-shady supplier). It's always possible, sure, but it's also possible that my physical copy is lost or damaged and I lose that, too...
  13. Yeah, for me personally, games are an experience, like meals or travelling. I don't need to hold something in my hand when I finish it to feel fullfilled. Millage may vary, I understand the collector mentality, I used to collect comics when I was younger.
  14. The Chicken Little arguement against digital is amusing. I've been on PC digital (starting with Steam) since 2005 and console digital (starting with XBox Live) since 2010. I've not lost access to any games I've bought digitally. I know there's a handful of games that have been pulled digitally (out of the many thousands you can choose from), but the ones I know of were digital only, so yeah... Now, losing access to the ability to play games-as-service games because the developer shuts down the servers, that's maybe something to be concerned about. But that affects physical and digital copies equally. If you like buying and collecting physical, that's awesome, there are plenty of advantages to that. But the sky is not falling, last I checked.
  15. Ah, from a key reseller. Don't worry, it probably won't work anyway.
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