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  1. PC The Long Dark (65 min) Certainly plan to get back to this game, but I got distracted this week. I haven't picked up a Switch yet, as I played BotW on WiiU, and I don't do handheld gaming (I had a 3DS for about 3 years before I got rid of it, as it was collecting dust). Seeing the teaser for BotW2 on the Nintendo E3 direct was the final straw, however, so I'll now be helping the Switch dominate this list more than it already does... Switch Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (283 min) Played a bunch of this at my brother's during the Christmas break, so I'm getting some practice in before some of our friends start playing online.
  2. I specifically went a got three 1-year passes to convert, as my XBL membership was due to end this week. Unfortunately(?) they gave me a bonus month with each of the passes, so when I went to enter the third one, it wouldn't let me because it would go beyond three years. So I need to wait a couple months, but I'll be on GPU, as well.
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