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  1. Another good news, I'm in for 1 copy as usual!
  2. @tanuki I'm in for 1 controller, shipped to Italy. Thanks!
  3. If it can be useful for recording, mine SP TutorVision is #A 10045 with WBEXEC 8929 and STIC 8930 1A Ooops, I saw too late that this was already recorded by Lathe26... 😊
  4. Having the console you could use the FW diagnostic cart to test if is a full Tutor Vision without opening it.
  5. Looking at a picture of that auction, trying to catch if it could be a tutor board or not I see this details: compared to the tutor board of my Super Pro it seems the same chip in the same location: even if the big capacitor has a different color. May be an hint?
  6. In the page: https://intvfaq.intvprime.com/content01/Intellivision-FAQ-079-6.0-Organizations.html there is this link: https://media0101.intvprime.com/ba4ef/intellivision-echo/Software/Intellivision-Productions/Nokia-Phone-Astrosmash-with Leo-Laporte-of-TechTV.jpg that it seems to me have a missing "-" but it doesn't work even if I modify it in: https://media0101.intvprime.com/ba4ef/intellivision-echo/Software/Intellivision-Productions/Nokia-Phone-Astrosmash-with-Leo-Laporte-of-TechTV.jpg In the page: https://intvfaq.intvprime.com/content01/Intellivision-FAQ-079-8.0-Publications.html this link: https://media0101.intvprime.com/ba4ef/intellivision-echo/Publishers%20and%20People/Digital-Press/dplite_mattel_intellivision.pdf reports an error. The media links on "8.3 Does an Intellivision II Service pamphlet exist?" are not clickable Hope I didn't miss anything else.
  7. Don't tell me when I removed all the keys to clean the whole thing up.
  8. Awesome work, thank to all of you! Decle, having a Keyboard Component I'm quite curious about Kitty Faker. Is the hardware explained in your video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dv0YWFch48Q&list=PLwC21ZQfQU_ezt7Ey5k_VKIVIIJH4gF6C&t=799s ? Is there any way to be able to get/built it? Thanks
  9. Can't wait my Evercade VS Founders arrives and play with the Intellivision collection cart!
  10. I like Maze-A-Tron, one of the my most preferred game, I played a lot when my parents originally purchased it. Love the sound and the anxious atmosphere. I would love to buy a pro CIB release.
  11. This is my "right to left" copy, how can I recognize if it's a Mattel version or not?
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