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  1. Amico is not a crowdfunded project but has his own capital and investors the society (Intellivision Entertainment) has to answer to in terms of return of their investments. Their market strategy have to produce profit so it based to real/documented facts and conseguent marketing/selling decisions. What it seems to me, after reading all the posts here, is that people are complaining based of their personal (and respectable of course) vision base on what the live/use/read about the videogames market, narrowing (in some way) the complete view needed to make real business and profits. I'm a videogamer (my wife too) and a collector, played with many of the consoles the market offered us till now, with my PS4, XBOX ONE X and SWITCH I'm playing offline and online (if needed) having no boundaries about games and game systems. Of course I have my personal game type preferences, like all of us. What I miss till now is the possibility to play local multiplayer games (I like the term "couch playing") without split screen, having all the PGs on the same screen. Splatoon 2 on the SWITCH was a missed opportunity for me. Talking about Amico I can't wait to play with (against ) my wife to Burgetime, Tron Deadly Discs, Frog Bog, Tennis, Armor Battle and so on...
  2. Great! I can't wait to support this project! Inviato dal mio Mi A1 utilizzando Tapatalk
  3. Is that the Vintage Woodgrain version?!? I LOVE it! <3 Tommy, it will be possible to preorder the Amico?
  4. It sounds quite "logic" that a version of Tron deadly discs will come out for Amico, I'm not 100% sure but I hope to 100%!
  5. It would be really cool to find a game catalog inside the Amico box (finding it at videogames stores will remain a dream, those day are gone, sadly), remembering me when I opened my Inty box when I was a child! I know that these sensations can (maybe) be feeled only by people who lived the 70's-80's videogames era (like me) but browse the catalog paper pages and read the descriptions of the upcoming games would recall memories to many of us!
  6. That make really sense to me and I agree with your point of view.
  7. My thinking is that only the original 125 release have to be considered in the gold 125 club. Spyker is the emblematic case, the investment done to purchase the original spiker should be preserved not considering the re-release as the original one. Inviato dal mio Mi A1 utilizzando Tapatalk
  8. Yes, I tried to operate ligtly on all the trimmers on the daugther and mother boards without any effect. I'm starting to suspect that there is comething wrong in one or more of this components: STIC, IC on the daughter board, RF modulator (less probable but not impossibile). The term "daughter" thats refers to the little board is right...
  9. I tried to move gently the wires both on daugther board and on motherboard also but unfortunately the situation didn't change. Now I'm curious: telling me this suggestion you had a specific problem in mind, can you give me more information? At least I have to wait for another daugther (and motherboard?) board in order to make some other test.
  10. I tried another tuning setting the TV tuner to specific PAL UK. I was able to find only very noisy video and sound in black and White. I'm a little bit confused... Inviato dal mio Mi A1 utilizzando Tapatalk
  11. I have a PAL UK Intellivision with wrong colors, it seems that there is brown/red instead of green as you can see in the picture. I already tried to adjust the trimmers on the dauther board, the EF module and the main board without any change. I wasn't able to find the schematics so I don't want proceed further with the trimmers without having a documentation. Could be the STIC the coulprit? Unfortunately I don't have a spare chip to test Do you have any advice to try? Thank you Inviato dal mio Mi A1 utilizzando Tapatalk
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