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  1. I sent a request on eBay to combine shipping to reduce cost. If is not possibile or too complicated let eBay calculate automatically the cost reduction also a partial refund is a good way.
  2. Good news, count me in for a board when they will be available!
  3. I sent you a mail because my order is in a weird status. Thanks
  4. Thanks, what about the forum? I already signed in 2018 (with the same nick of the club membership), I have to do anything else to be enabled to the locked sections?
  5. What I understand about Amico's physical games so far, based on what Tommy can say before the official announcements is that: It is possible to sell / trade a game simply by giving physical support An internet connection is required for the first use of the game (I guess at Amico's store) Considering that Amico's internal memory can store a certain number of games, if the game I purchased on physical media and "activated" the first time is no longer in Amico's internal memory, I can still play it even if I no longer have a connection to the Amico store or to the Internet?
  6. We are not thinking that Amico has an SD slot and that slot could be used to read games on special SD cards like Nintendo Switch. I imagine the once inserted the SD the game could be installed into Amico internal memory and the SD could be remove letting us play without have to insert the SD every time. Personally I don't like the idea to have physical games that are only the license on an RFID card, as cool as it can manufactured that card is not the game for me.
  7. This is mine (owned and used): 4-4-4-4-4-4 Played when they were released or recovered later
  8. Great news, thanks! May I already express my interest in the Special Edition?
  9. Oscar, a hug from the bottom of my heart...
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