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  1. I do and try to bet I but already know that it will go beyond my capabilities...
  2. I have not received any shipping notification, has anyone received it?
  3. Good to know. Do you remember to ship my Battlestar galactica box also? Thanks.
  4. Now that I saw I can buy Amico Glacier White on Amazon.it (https://www.amazon.it/dp/B089M6P1DJ/?coliid=I15XDDCOIQ6A1X&colid=AHIVW9QOYHTY&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it) I think that I'll keep my VIP and FE console in my collection and we'll play with the glacier one.
  5. Played the game some hour and sometime I had to look at my Inty to be sure which console I was playing at! Very fluid movements and reactive controls on the disc. Graphically is very impressive!
  6. Tommy this is dedicated to you, your family and your team... Be strong, guys!
  7. First were the variants of the boxes, then the variants of the cartridges (screws, insert lines, ecc.), then the variants with the part number on the top, then the various versions (German, Canadian, etc.), then the variants of the ROMs, then the painted label and now these, the white labels... I will never end ... What a wonderful world that of our Intellivision!
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