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  1. Exactly. And for this almost all of us is thankful to you guys! Inviato dal mio Mi A1 utilizzando Tapatalk
  2. $25 cart $50 CIB $75 Special Edition, depends on "Special"
  3. The pre order practice is quite common in the collectionist world, it's a way to gain a particular version of an item, game or console speaking of video games. The particularity could be a low serial number, additional items not available in the regulard versions, and so on. Even some recent Intrellivision games gone on preorder for these exact reasons. The "Founders" edition of a game or console is another way to satisfy both enthusiast and collectors and it's pretty normal to have a pre order on that particular edition because IS NOT the normal edition of that game or console. For Amico the pre order amount is not the full price of the package and will be totally refundable, not so many pre orders policy are like that. To purchase the regular edition is enough to wait his release. It's a preorder, not a crowfound, can be perceived like a crownfound but isn't it.
  4. And why not 5200 or 7800? Just to give more chance to everyone to get a Founder's Edition... 😋 😎
  5. For me these are the two perks I would like to receive in the Founders Edition, signed and numbered console on top of all. As an alternative to the signed console (which I still prefer) could be the signed box, like the Blue Sky Rangers did some year ago with the Intellivision Flashback.
  6. Your 2nd question is an interesting one that I would love to get feedback on from the folks in here (regarding demo's ruining the day 1 experience). Please let me know. In my opinion releasing small demos of the included games could be helpful for those people that need to know what they are going to buy but, at the same time, you must be very careful about the ways you use to promote these demos, avoiding pubishing names, screen shots or videos or anything else that could ruin the surprise effect (yes, I will love to discover them by myself... ). For example publishing simple links (without any name/image/video preview or in the link text) pointing to those demos could me an effective way to do this and mantain "the secret" at the same time.
  7. Thank you for the information. I'm afraid it's a faulty ROM... Inviato dal mio Mi A1 utilizzando Tapatalk
  8. Is the special game working with Intellivision II or INTV System III? I tried mine but I get only a green screen, other games work fine. Thanks. Inviato dal mio Mi A1 utilizzando Tapatalk
  9. We have a Switch, my wife's main console. When you have few games (4-5) the menu is quite funcional but it become really tedius to use as soon as you gain more titles to play (a little bit lesser if you use the touch screen instead of the controller) because you have to scroll to reach the desired game. There is no "last played" list or other kind of filters. We never used the store so I can't say anything about his usability.
  10. 4th is Demon Attack, I like it but isn't my favorite. I like Beauty & the Beast but I prefer Tropical Touble (I prefer side scrolling to climbing, Mario forgive me! ) Your short list (expecially Dracula) is interesting too... I can't wait to play the reimagined version of all the games you mentioned till now.
  11. Nailed 3 out of 4 of my favorite games! The Amico retro library is growing better every day.
  12. You should also open it anche check if the custom chip is present. Is not rare the case it were removed at the end of his rent life cycle. The custom chip if the red framed one.
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