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  1. First were the variants of the boxes, then the variants of the cartridges (screws, insert lines, ecc.), then the variants with the part number on the top, then the various versions (German, Canadian, etc.), then the variants of the ROMs, then the painted label and now these, the white labels... I will never end ... What a wonderful world that of our Intellivision!
  2. Armor battle because remind Intellivision and because Battle tanks sounds to me like a cheap mobile game
  3. Ordered mine on friday, along with shark shark 2!
  4. This is my list: Cloudy Mountain Armor Battle Soccer Bowling Safe Cracker Auto Racing Missile Command
  5. Received mine yesterday, safe and very well packaged. This small box variant is really nice!
  6. Also my package started moving... Yes!
  7. One of that parcel lost in the warehouse could be mine...
  8. Good to know. To know more how do you know that it doesn't have the expanded Tutorvision EXEC? Is it possible to check it looking at the pictures in some way? Thanks
  9. OMG! Really impressive, I enjoyed it.
  10. Thank God they decided for the final shape as we know it today...
  11. Ok, now I'm really in hype for the next Intellivision games...
  12. I received mine in 3 weeks, pretty fast indeed but I have other packages from USA that are taking months to be delivered due to covid...
  13. I received mine email, thank you!
  14. I hope that loyal people who have endeavored to send you the private message as soon as the sell has started will obtain their whole request having precedence on other people that sent them more later on, beyond your original sale ending time. Thanks
  15. I confirm my interest: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/306372-fs-space-raid-for-the-intellivision/?do=findComment&comment=4533159
  16. For the power supply you can try one of these: https://www.amazon.it/Cuigu-step-down-trasformatore-convertitore-adattatore/dp/B07H5KQ5MM/ref=sr_1_12?__mk_it_IT=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=alimentatore+110&qid=1589711436&sr=8-12 For the RF tuner these: https://www.amazon.it/Ballylelly-Ricevitore-Convertitore-Modulatore-alimentazione/dp/B081CTW5QK/ref=sr_1_7?__mk_it_IT=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=ricevitore+RF+AV&qid=1589711222&sr=8-7
  17. Please count me in for 1 CIB copy for all games. Thanks
  18. Mail sent for 1 CIB copy. Thank you!
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