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  1. I just got mine today at Toys R Us for $29.95. It works great, and I really appreciate the rom zip list! It appears i have a dead pixel on my screen. That's gonna drive me crazy. Anybody else have this issue with theirs??
  2. Can somebody post a link to where the ROM for M.U.L.E. can be downloaded?
  3. I have 3 XE cartridges that are rattling... anybody??
  4. Has somebody printed these out yet so I can purchase them!?!?!?! PLEASE!
  5. So everybody here plays the Atari version I'm assuming? I like the Commodore version better for a few reasons - the most important one being that I think the AI is a lot more intelligent than the Atari version. We've actually lost to the Commodore computer twice! That didn't even come close to happening in the 10+ years we played the Atari version. The colors are also more pronounced and easier on the eyes on the Commodore. When planetquakes happen mountains never move - I like this. If you only have 2 players or you're playing solo, I'd certainly check out the Commodore version. Hell - there is a guy on ebay that sells "blank re-usable disks" for $7.99 each - and one of them just happens to have M.U.L.E. on it.
  6. Since writing these I found out: -- I believe Crystite can go as high as $300 after a Supply Ship comes! -- You can press "alt" on the keyboard to speed up the Computer's round and to also end auctions when you're done and just the computer is trading. This speeds up the game A LOT! -- The Wampus starts out being worth $100... for every player's round that he isn't caught he goes up by $100 to a maximum of $1000. After being caught that number divides in half and is rounded up. (I.e. you catch him at $900, next player's turn he will be worth $500: which is $450 rounded up) I am all for playing M.U.L.E. on real hardware, but DosBOX being the only way to play this gem is ok with me. Well worth checking out!
  7. Here is a short list of differences I found while playing a 24 round tournament game on the IBM: Supply ship randomly comes and doubles the price of Crystite. One round the price was $172 a unit. The supply ship doesn't count as a round event - a regular event happens after the ship leaves. The line where the buyer and seller meet does not form a solid line to indicate a transaction is taking place - also the transaction itself is too quick. It's difficult to precisely buy or sell the number of units you want. (I played via DosBox set at 311 cycles) In the auction round, the time limit to decide whether to buy or sell goes MUCH too quickly. When the auction shows how much the store has, it's a good idea to be pressing up or down on your joystick to either buy or sell. You cannot hit button to speed up computer player's round - not a huge deal, but a minor annoyance. You see when the computer catches the Wampus - and it seems to be random in amounts... I saw up to $800 - and that was in an early round (I got $200 in round 9). I found it harder to catch Wampus as he seems to move a mountain every flash. I never saw more than 1 land auction in a row in a turn. Crystite does not sell in increments of fours (140, 144, 148).. at one point it sold for $143. I witnessed "bad event music" at the beginning of turns but no text sometimes to tell me what the event was? Also - no scrolling text on beginning of turn events. Orange played as the Smithore maker for the colony - brown and red played normal games (i.e. food/energy - Smithore in the beginning, more Crystite as properties were assayed). When the game is over - you can't hit your button and go back and look at the final board to see how the plots ended up.
  8. This is from the one time we tried the round 12 trading bit. There were only two human players but we got a score of 183,000. Your score of 500,000+ is awesome to see! I guess you retire in the same Luxurious estates you do if you score 125,000? This picture is from years ago on the Atari 800 version. (2003'ish) Honestly - we had never played the Commodore version until sometime in 2013 - but by 2013 we were down to two of us playing (other two human players either got married or moved away) and were itching for a "new" version. I have not tried this trick on the Commodore, but I can't imagine it wouldn't work. Growing up "all things Atari" I was shocked to find out that I like the Commodore version MUCH better! My biggest gripe is that it seems on Planetquakes EVERYTHING gets about 1/4 production... not just mining and it's certainly less than half. I think Dan Bunten moved a decimal somewhere!
  9. Yes, many differences... I wrote a piece about it... just looking for it now! The most we've played is 3... and that was probably a solid 5 hours.
  10. What is the most games of M.U.L.E. you have ever played in a day?
  11. Two Atari 800 games from last night - first time we've played Atari in the a long while. We're breaking in a newbie 3rd player - she didn't do too well. She understands the game and really likes it... but needs to work on her timing and get a lot more games under her belt. I'm always Orange Gollumer and my cousin (The Zonz) is always the Green Spheroid.
  12. Current living room entertainment center set up - Commodore 64 on the left for two player M.U.L.E. - Atari 800 on the right for 3 or 4 player M.U.L.E. and my PC with the Stella 2600 joystick adapter for when I play the IBM/pcjr version of M.U.L.E. on Dosbox.
  13. Played my first IBM/pcjr game. You can play 24 months in this. After having played 100's of games for Commodore/Atari... this is a whole new ball of wax. Sometimes a SUPPLY SHIP comes back and doubles the price of Crystite. Has anybody else played this?
  14. Late to the party here, but I've been playing Gateway since the 80s... this utility with the maps is unbelievable. Thank you SO much!!!! Btw... the Colecovision version has 99 dungeon choices per level! I wish the Commodore version changed the colors of the walls like the Atari version... how lazy is that! Your reverse engineering on MULE is awesome too... another favorite we still play to this day! Simply amazing work! "Your Mule was judged best built"
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