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  1. Ahhh...we are still wishing Albert a Happy Birthday. Well deserved. Happy Birthday...again. All the best. ~Tom (AtariAger)
  2. Geez. I just noticed this thread on top of the forums. What the hell is going on over there...besides you looking like you came out of retirement to step in the Senior Division ring against Mike Tyson..!?!?! From one stubborn German to another...just get better. ~Tom
  3. THANKS..!!!



    1. CPUWIZ


      You don't post for 8 months, and this is it?

    2. Kiwi


      He's 150 years old.  He probably started typing this status 8 months ago. 

    3. AtariAger


      Hello my Friend.  How have You been..!?!  I hope all is well with You & Yours.  I was just going through ALL those carts You made for me way back when...I have A LOT.  

      All the best.


      ~Tom (AtariAger) ;)

  4. Still looking for #1..!?!?! Might be interested in that #2...looks to be in better condition than my copy.
  5. Thanks...not looking to, ‘swindle’ anybody..!!! It is a great collection in the BEST condition..!!! Thanks again...all the best. ~Tom
  6. Is $1,200/shipped asking to much these days..? ‘7’ are sealed brand new mint with store price tags...8, 9 & 10 are mint complete...and...I’m guessing it is still hard to find Survival Island & Sword of Saros...with their original instructions. If I’m off...let me know. All the best. ~Tom (AtariAger)
  7. Hey Shawn...all good over here...how goes by you..!?!?! Yeah...the ex moved a couple of weeks ago and I had to get a bunch of stuff out of the old house. Found a ton of Atari & BMX stuff. All the best. ~Tom (AtariAger)
  8. Yes...this is really Tom (AtariAger) still have quite a large 2600 collection
  9. I know I haven’t been around in quite a while...but...I have 1-10, Survival Island & Sword of Saros with their original books...1-7 are sealed never opened 8, 9 & 10 are complete but opened. Quite a nice collection...came across them while moving some stuff around. Yes...pics or it doesn’t exist. My kids are in charge at the moment...but trust...very cool set...very complete. if any interest...let me know. All the best. ~Tom (AtariAger) *Pics they exist*
  10. I'm bringing my kids to the Cradle of Aviation Museum this weekend for the Long Island Retro Video Game Expo...in Garden City/Mitchell Field.
  11. I would really love to meet Mr. Bushnell and maybe have him sign one of my boxed Heavy sixers...also...to tell him how much my 4 year old loves Chuck E. Cheese...!!!!! Maybe...someone might know when he'll be around to East Coast for something soon...!?!?!
  12. Looks like it is an, "Exploding '77 hex stick"...
  13. Yep...Haven't sent mine out as well...but it will be there by next week... My gift has not arrived yet...but no worries...the suspense makes it fun... ~Tom
  14. There is nothing I love more than...Christmas...!!! I'm in... ~Tom
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