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  1. Hey Tom! I’m missing a bunch of these. I need to put my order in please. All the best. ~Tom
  2. Ask my kids…just another, “[email protected]$$”. Unfortunately. I’d still like to have my 2600’s autographed by Mr. Bushnell if possible..???
  3. Talking with Bill Allen was fun…but just like anything else…
  4. Nah…as always…right place…right time. The same time time that everyone was hunting Atari games on eBay…I happened to pop in a search on old Mongoose BMX bikes. Complete bikes with all the fixings…the shipping was next to nothing. Old School BMX is…well…throw your old stuff up and see for yourselves. I just happen to have a good eye…
  5. I was just thinking about, RAD. On October 14th last year…I brought my kids to the 35th Anniversary showing of, RAD. One show…One night…7:00pm. Never understood the movie..??? You have Cru riding a Mongoose the entire movie…then winds up on a Team Murray at Helltrack..!?!?! All the while Mongoose are the, “Bad Guys”. Don’t get me wrong…I love it. Own the VHS, Laser Disc, Vinyl sound track, cassette sound track…all the new dvd this and that stuff and an original movie poster. I also purchased Bill Allen’s one of a kind prototype bike back in the summer of 2019. Had these made up for the movie…
  6. “I'd replace that mongoose with a nice chrome HUTCH ”… Haha…I own a little over 125 Mongoose bikes at the moment going all the way back to 1975. Still have my 1st ever…1986 Californian TC in chrome…purchased with my paper route $$$. But…I do have quite a few chrome HUTCH bikes here and there thrown in…along with some other colors they put out… To think back on those days a typical week & weekend was… -Wake up -Go to school -After school…baseball, hockey & football -Deliver Newsday -MAYBE do my homework -Video Games til 3:00 or 4:00am -Then up for school all over again That was just Monday - Friday..!!! The weekends were even crazier. If I tried that nowadays…eeesh…I wouldn’t even be able to function.
  7. Hahaha…”Fountains” above..!!! Sad he passed away…I remember hearing it on the radio on the way to work…Scott Shannon…talking about how nice of a guy he was.
  8. “Yeah, in a way...it also has a bit of a fulfilled fantasy vibe to it too. When I was younger I always dreamed of having piles and piles of carts. Well, now I'm older and can make it a reality. I guess the physical hoard of carts adds a degree of realism if that makes sense... Actually owning all the physical carts... its like "look at me now younger self, we made it!" Since of course the 10 year old version of myself would definitely deem my future self (who owns 400+ atari carts) as being very successful 😃” ‘EXACTLY’. I just recently watched, “8-Bit Christmas”. I was cracking up. I’m sure the movie version was toned down a bit to be more PG…so I purchased the book. Growing up as a paperboy on Long Island…Mom was stay at home until my sister became old enough and Dad drove for UPS. Rented a house for about 20 years…you kind of appreciate and take care of everything you were lucky enough to have. Everyone’s 10 year old self had different wants and dreams of this and that. It just so happens that us lucky gents all had similar wants and dreams. For me personally…Baseball cards, Video Games, LEGOs, Action Figures & BMX bikes (Mongoose mainly). So…of course…my 10 year old self would think I am the most, “RAD Dude” ever..!!! Hahaha…a little RAD the movie quote never hurts. My kids favorite quote, “You over rotated”…”NO $&[email protected]“. I was 10 in 1985-86…December baby. Best time to be a kid…in my opinion. I love how this thread keeps evolving. All started by trying to obtain all NTSC 2600 carts. Back to, “8-Bit Christmas”…I knew that kid who owned the first NES and had everything you can think of for it as well. Luckily he was a super nice kid, one of my best friends and lived around the corner. Divorced parents…Dad felt bad and got him the coolest stuff…super hot Mom also. That is another story!
  9. Yeah…I was after every cart at one point…boxed, loose…whatever..!!! I had all of the, “9’s” except for Puzzy Space Tunnel and was pretty deep into the, “10’s” when I kind of dropped off in the 2000’s. I did pick up a few games here and there over the years. Wish I had kept the complete mint Eli’s Ladder…that was a cool one.
  10. Hey Brian…Great thread..!!! Glad you’re still at it. This post gave me the spark I need to go and open up some old boxes. Let’s hook up when all the dust has settled on all your hustle & bustle… …maybe I’ll have one or two you need. I might throw my boxed Wizard games up after reading this thread.!!! All the best. ~Tom
  11. 😎😎😎 👍🏻👍🏻
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