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  1. Happy birthday, @Stingray!

  2. Stingray

    OVGE 2006

    Hi guys, long time no see! I'm going to do my best to make it to the show again this year. Hope to see some of you there. -S
  3. I don't need more than one GBA. My SP is still good as new, so I don't see me buying a micro. -S
  4. As long as Nintendo keeps making Mario platformers, I'll contunie to buy, play and very much enjoy them. They're consistantly among the best platformers in their generation. I have no interest in Mario Kart, Party, Tennis, Baseball or whatever, but others enjoy them and I have no problem with that. If a sequel to Luigi's Mansion comes out for the Revo, I'll be among the first to buy that one. Apart from the NES, the current Nintendo system was never my only console per generation, but I've always bought one, and always enjoyed it. -S
  5. So why did you buy it? $23 isn't much, but it's more than I'm willing to pay for anything that I know in advance is going to suck. -S
  6. Yes they did, although they were larger than that iirc. -S
  7. Well it is possible to remove a label with a solvent like Undo and then glue it back later. However the masking tape and the crooked PCB would lead one to believe that the surgeon in question wasn't quite that meticulous. Maybe it was a transporter accident. -S
  8. I love the looks of them but 1)They cost too much and 2)They aren't playable. -S
  9. Skip the GG and get a Nomad, this goes double if you already have a pile of Genny games. -S
  10. I threw a lot of quarters into RallyX as a kid. I still play it pretty often on my MAME cab. Hard to believe that it never got a console release. -S
  11. I agree with you there. It's very easy to be shot while inside a building or behind a wall. I guess that's a feature and not a bug, huh? -S
  12. Every single FPS on the N64 makes me sick after about 30 seconds. There's a lot of gold to be had though. Mario 64 is worth owning the system all by itself. -S
  13. I didn't even know a sequel was in the works. I'll have to keep my eyes open for this one. -S
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