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  1. Greetings, I'd like to pick up clean/good shape CIB copies of the following Activision titles for the 5200 if anyone might have any of these for sale: Megamania Decathalon Space Shuttle Kaboom! Thanks in advance for any consideration!
  2. Timing is a funny thing. I posted my reply and a couple of hours later a message from Rafal was in my AA inbox asking for payment! I immediately submitted payment so he's at at least #147 as of 3/20/21.
  3. Thanks for posting this @whatever789, as it helps the rest of us to gauge how the line is moving. I'll do the same when I get my message as well. 👍🏻
  4. Agreed. @XEGS'r - we are all waiting our turn - very patiently. I'm sure Rafal will add you to the list, just check it for your spot number and then sit tight...we're all doing the same.
  5. Greetings @rj1307, I would like to be placed on the pre-order list with the following options, please: Qty 1 Dragonfly cart in red Qty 1 YM2151 module Qty 1 PokeyOne Qty 1 optional power cable Shipping would be to the USA. Thank you!
  6. @batari - I've been checking your online shop every other day or so hoping to see reservations open back up. Will you be posting back to this thread when that happens or is there a better way to sign up for notifications as to when that will happen? I've looked through this thread and didn't see that mentioned, but I do apologize if I missed it.
  7. Great news! Sending you a PM as I would like to order one. Thanks!
  8. These look excellent! PM sent for an order, @Machine Thanks!
  9. Do you have any details on that woodgrain case? I looked at the MisterAddons site and didn't see it, so it must be 3rd-party I suppose. I'd definitely consider this case once it is finished, and I'd like to at least find a website for it, etc. to track progress. Thank you.
  10. Only available via cartridge purchase on the AA store, as far as I know.
  11. No longer looking as these have now been found.
  12. [mention]eightbit [/mention]Oh no worries on the discussion - I’m learning quite a bit! I’d definitely prefer an OEM supply so thanks for the PM! I’ll respond back to that.
  13. If anyone would have a working Atari Jaguar power adapter (OEM) and/or S-Video (preferred) or composite video cable, then please reach out, as I do need both. Thank you!
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