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  1. Sold to Eldad25. Thanks!
  2. Up for sale is a fairly new VecMulti SD cart for the Vectrex. Comes with SD card. Like new. Paid $103, asking $96 shipped USPS 2-day priority with PayPal "gift" or add 2.9%. Thanks!
  3. I called Ben the other day and he is still alive and kicking.
  4. I was wondering this the other day. If I can find his phone number, I'll just give him a call to check-in.
  5. I have 2 Amiga mice I'd like to sell in a single lot: Amiga 1000 mouse with angle connector Amiga 3000 "pregnant" mouse Both work great. Both have good color, but are a little yellow. The 3000 mouse appears to have been "retrobrited" (no, I did not do it) as there is some uneven discoloration on the bottom of the mouse. Asking $75 + shipping for BOTH mice. Also looking for the following items for full/partial trade: Mac Plus mouse in good cosmetic condition Mac SE logic board (preferably 800k model) in working condition SCSI2SD v5 or 5.1 Thanks!
  6. Sold to Austin! Thanks!
  7. Up for sale is a nice Sony PSP 1001 handheld game system. This has been "rooted" and has CFW loaded. The PSP is in excellent, clean condition with no damage or scratches. Comes with: Sony PSP soft slip case Sony PSP shoulder bag - missing 1 zipper fob, still works fine Original memory card, sampler disc, and manuals Samsung 64GB micro SD with Sony memory card adapter -- SD card is LOADED with free home-brew titles, mostly emulators 2 working batteries 2 working AC-DC adapters Asking $80 + shipping from 98115. This is a very nice portable retro gaming system. Emulators play Atari 400/800, 2600, Turbografx, C64, NES, SNES, Genesis, Lynx and many more!
  8. Bought a VecMulti from Richard. Good honest maker and seller of Vectrex stuff. Thanks so much!
  9. My VecMulti arrived in the USofA today and works fantastic! Thanks Richard!
  10. Yup, payment has been made! (almost) happy day!
  11. Just purchased an Omnibook PC laptop from dafivehole. Perfect transaction. Item was exactly as described, quick shipping, everything packed well. What more can you ask for?
  12. 4 games for the XBOX (original model). All come with instructions and case. Take them all or none, you pay shipping from 98115. See pic for titles. Thanks! "SOLD"
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