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  1. Looking forward to playing it tomorrow!
  2. It's a Pi 0 so it runs 2600, NES, SMS, 7800, TG-16 just fine. I'm also running some arcade games -- mostly Neo Geo -- just fine on it. It struggles with SNES, though it plays a lot of Genesis just fine.
  3. Up for sale is a mint, like new RetroFlag GPi case with Raspberry Pi Zero W installed. Comes with original box, charging cable, manual, 4GB class 10 SD card with Lakka installed, and plastic baggies. ROMs will be removed prior to sale. The unit is just like new. These cases are $70 new + the RPi 0, I'm asking $70 shipped in the US + PayPal fees for the whole lot. Thanks!
  4. Ben's website has always had issues even when his health was better. I spoke with him by phone last month, and we was still alive and selling Atari stuff then. It was more difficult than usual for him to get stuff shipped, so he's definitely gotten worse.
  5. SOLD I backed the Checkmate A1500 Plus Kickstarter mostly to support Stephen Jones and with the idea of building an A500 in a desktop case -- but I've changed my mind so I'm posting my case up for sale. I have the "White Amiga A500 Base Case" as seen here: https://www.checkmate1500plus.com/Products.aspx?id=325 It's brand new, in box, within the shipping box. Asking what I paid for it: $200 + shipping + 3% PayPal fees (or gift). Will unpack and send photos if interested. Thanks!
  6. SOLD Up for sale are 2 800XL motherboards. 1 works, 1 just gives a dark blue screen. Both are from HK models and are mostly socketed. Also included are a bunch of chip pulls. I think there is a GTIA and ANTIC in there, but I haven't ID'd them all. See pics if you're interested. $80 for everything + shipping + PP fees, or will trade for a working 130XE. Thanks!
  7. SOLD! Up for sale is a nice, clean, working Commodore 64C. Unit has some minor yellowing on the right side. Comes with original manuals, epoxy filled color-matched PSU (works!), and chroma-luma cable. Everything appears to work great. $120 + shipping from 98115 + PP fees. Thanks!
  8. I have a 14805 (NTSC) GTIA laying around that I'd be happy to ship to the UK (from the US). Don't know what that would do in your board tho...looks like you probably need the PAL GTIA instead.
  9. Sold to Eldad25. Thanks!
  10. Up for sale is a fairly new VecMulti SD cart for the Vectrex. Comes with SD card. Like new. Paid $103, asking $96 shipped USPS 2-day priority with PayPal "gift" or add 2.9%. Thanks!
  11. I called Ben the other day and he is still alive and kicking.
  12. I was wondering this the other day. If I can find his phone number, I'll just give him a call to check-in.
  13. I have 2 Amiga mice I'd like to sell in a single lot: Amiga 1000 mouse with angle connector Amiga 3000 "pregnant" mouse Both work great. Both have good color, but are a little yellow. The 3000 mouse appears to have been "retrobrited" (no, I did not do it) as there is some uneven discoloration on the bottom of the mouse. Asking $75 + shipping for BOTH mice. Also looking for the following items for full/partial trade: Mac Plus mouse in good cosmetic condition Mac SE logic board (preferably 800k model) in working condition SCSI2SD v5 or 5.1 Thanks!
  14. Sold to Austin! Thanks!
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