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  1. These are nice boards and that price was good!
  2. Looking for some working floppy disk drives for an Atari ST project. My preference is for a single long button SF354 single-sided FDD. No case or PSU needed. If you have a short or long button SF314 (double-sided) FDD, I'd be interested too. Yes, I know Best has them, but they want upwards of $150 for a FDD. Thanks!
  3. If you decide to break it up, I'd be interested in that SF314!
  4. Sold to larrylaffer. Thanks!
  5. You're probably right in that the joystick isn't truly analog, but there is a sealed ball mechanism in there and the stick "floats" like an analog stick. I have never opened the mechanism to see what the contacts look like.
  6. I don't know. Nowadays, most MSX users get a Carnivore 2 cartridge (or something like it). It has most of the extra functionality needed for games: RAM, emulated OPL, and Konami SCC (sound chip) emulation, plus an SD card slot for cartridge and disk images. Pop one of these into the MSX and you're golden.
  7. Yeah, a lot of MSX computers had 2 cart ports. Ostensibly 1 for a game cart and 1 for expansion like an FM sound chip or additional RAM at the same time. The built-in joystick is analog and not the best, to be honest. I think it's mostly meant for navigating the built-in "productivity" firmware. The area at the bottom, below the Sony logo, is the handle! It pops out and lets you carry it around. It's a beautiful machine, and cosmetically my favorite of the Sony MSX computers, but I already have an MSX2 and really don't need another.
  8. Selling my Sony HB (Hit-Bit) 101 MSX computer from Japan. This is the sweet, sweet red color HB-101 that was exclusive to Japan. I have stripped this computer down and cleaned it thoroughly inside and out. I have tested cartridge slots, joystick ports, audio & video, and keyboard. All work great! Overall, it's in great condition. Keyboard is a little yellow, with the space bar being the worse; I have not retrobrited anything on this. It does have a few marks on top, is missing the "Sony" white sticker, and the down arrow key has a broken clip inside (that doesn't seem to effect key performance). This unit has NTSC composite and mono stereo out, a power cable hide-a-way inside, and a pull-out handle. This one also has the elusive cursor "joystick" that is usually missing on these. I have performed 1 simple mod as well: stock, the keyboard LEDs do not light up on these models even though there is a JST connector on the keyboard for it. So I have tapped +5VDC from the other LEDs and am powering the keyboard LEDs via the JST. This can easily be "unplugged" if you wish. Built-in power supply works on US mains voltage fine. More info on this model here: https://www.msx.org/wiki/Sony_HB-101 Asking $160 + shipping + PP fees. Ships from 98115. Would also be open to (full or partial) trades for an Atari 1200XL or Atari ST hardware.
  9. larrylaffer bought a 520ST keyboard from me. Great communication and super friendly. Thanks!
  10. Bought a 520ST motherboard from save2600. Board was exactly as described and shipped quickly. Great transaction. Thanks!
  11. I can't find the Atari PC1/3/4s you have for sale on your website or ebay store ???
  12. Hi all - I'm looking for a working CO25915 "GLUE" IC for the Atari ST. Yes, I've tried Best -- Brad has not returned my emails. Hopefully someone has one they'd like to sell. Or maybe you have a complete working 520ST mainboard? If so, I'd happy take that instead. Thanks! Found! Thanks save2600!
  13. For sale: Atari 520ST case and keyboard. No screws, RF or motherboard, just the case and keyboard. Don't know if keyboard works (don't have a working 520/1040ST to test). Clean. Case has very little discoloration. Keys discolored. $20 + shipping. Keyboard SOLD! Atari 520ST case. No screws. In great shape with little discoloration. $10 + shipping. Atari Mega ST keyboard (no case). Tested and works. Keys look nice. I believe this is a German model. Clean. $30 + shipping. Thanks!
  14. Necro-bump! Did you ever resolve this? I have a 520ST with the same behavior. Power supply is outputting proper voltages. Removed, cleaned with deoxit, and reseated all socketed chips. Gonna check each DRAM next.
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