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  1. Hi all - I have a 1040ST that is in great working condition but the case is, uhhh, pretty messed up. I also have a 520ST with a beautiful case, but non-functioning motherboard. Anyone have a 1040ST case in lovely condition (looking for short FDD button version preferably) they'd like to trade for the 520ST case and motherboard? Let me know! Thanks!
  2. So...tempting...if no one claims this by tonight, then I'll take it.
  3. Picked up a nice Tandy 1000 EX but it is missing its top expansion cover! Anyone have a spare they want to sell? If not, has someone designed a 3D printable cover? I haven't been able to find one on the googles. Thanks!
  4. Up for sale are some old PCI video cards. I'm selling all 3 shipped in the US for $20. That's like $5/card + $5 shipping. If they don't sell, they get e-cycled. Thanks! Geforce 4MX with 64MB RAM. Full-size PCI bracket. The caps on this were blown and leaky when I found this. I have replaced them and been using it in P3 PC just fine. (2x) GeForce MX4000 with 128MB RAM. Short PCI bracket. Haven't tested these in awhile but worked last time I tried them.
  5. FREE: Sylvia Porter's Finance for the C128. In excellent condition and appears complete with box and manual -- don't know if it works, don't have a C128. Free + shipping. Manage your finances like its 1986!
  6. Just bought an ST mouse from Paul. It was quickly shipped and exactly as described. THANKS Paul!
  7. Bought several Atari 8-bit games from atari5200dude82. Per usual they were packed well and shipped quickly and were exactly as described. PERFECT! Thanks Terry!!!
  8. The good news is that the untested 1040ST does indeed work quite well! Even the floppy drive reads/writes (but doesn't eject, should be an easy fix). I was able to boot up and play a few games without issue. I haven't put it through its paces, but so far so good. As for contacting Marlin, I have not. The note in the shipping container was quite clear: all sales final, no returns, as-is, buyer beware, watch for falling rocks, etc... Anywho, anyone have a nice 1040ST top case they'd like to sell?
  9. Don't know yet. My workbench currently has 2 SC1224 and 1 Commodore 1080 monitors torn apart for recap and repair. I'll get it cleaned off in a couple of days and test out the ST. It does power on (LED comes on), but I need to get an SC1224 put together to properly test.
  10. This is just a heads-up if anyone is considering picking up an Atari 1040ST from Brewing Academy. First off, I love Brewing Academy. Have bought a few things from them and everything has been great. I've recommended them and will continue doing so. I've been looking for a 1040ST a project and Brewing Academy has them in 3 grades: tested, untested, and "only a parent could love". The untested ones are $100 + shipping. Good deal! Like the description says "They are generally in good physical shape and come in two varieties: Tested and Untested" and the picture shown is a good looking 1040ST (obviously not the one you're buying, but it looks in good physical shape). So I bought an untested one. Either my definition of good physical shape is different than theirs, or maybe I got one that fell off the "generally in good physical shape" truck, but mine is more of a "only a parent could love" model. Dirt and yellow aside (that can be cleaned up), the big issue is that the front case is engraved. I'm not sure I would classify good physical shape to include a very large engraving on the front of the case. Anyway, just a heads-up that you might want to ask before buying, or expect that at least the untested and lower grades will have physical damage to them even though the description does not say this, considering these are as-is, no returns.
  11. Just an update: I picked up a working SC1224 JVC model and tore it apart. When testing the PSU on the working monitor and comparing it against my non-working monitor, I can confirm that CE40489 in my non-working monitor is the culprit. This transformer at T901 is 115V on the input (primary) and 16.5V on the output (secondary). I cannot find a replacement transformer that has pins in the same arrangement, so I'm going to find something with matching specs and try to carefully wire it in and secure it with hot glue.
  12. Yup, that's the right model -- 2 knobs on the front. Any chance you could take hi-res photos with a mobile? archive.org could use those! Thanks!
  13. Thanks for scan kheller2 but I think this might be for a different version of the SC1224, maybe not. Atari made 3 versions, each from a different manufacturer. The model I have is "version 2" from JVC. Goldstar and some other manufacturer made the other 2. All components on your schematic have slightly different labels than what's on my board, though the schematic appears to match the layout of the power supply. Do you know for sure this is for the JVC model? THANKS!
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