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  1. Sold to retrogmr. Thanks!
  2. Selling a spare 2600 of mine. Up for sale is a "Light Sixer" with one of the less expensive composite video mods. The RF modulator has been removed and the composite board put in its place. The original coax RF cable has been replaced with a composite video and mono audio RCA cables as to not drill the case. Unit works well; all switches have been cleaned and are working, video output is pretty good too. Entire unit is clean with no cracks or missing plastic. The bevel around the switches is worn, and the bottom label is missing, but that's about it. Selling just the modded unit only, no controllers or AC adapter. Asking $40 + shipping or will trade for an unmodded 4-switch woody. Thanks!
  3. Ordered stuff from him a few years ago and picked up locally. He gave me a tour of his place. I was shocked at how much inventory he had EVERYWHERE. Overall, good purchase and fun time talking Atari with Ben. Tried to buy some stuff from him a few months ago and asked for photos. He wouldn't send them, so I said no thanks. He lost out to a $200 sale just because he wouldn't send a couple of photos. ??? Oh well. Good to hear he's doing OK though. He was in pretty rough shape when I saw him a few years ago.
  4. The total value of that donation just blows my mind. Very generous donation! I'm sure Adrian will do full tear-downs, diagnostics, and fixes of those. Hopefully he won't take shortcuts in fixing them!
  5. Up for sale is a lot of UK titles for the Atari ST. These are probably PAL since they're from the UK, dunno for sure as I have not tried them. The floppies may or may not work. I have booted a few on my UK TOS STE and they loaded OK, but no guarantees on everything. Asking $30 for the lot SHIPPED in the US. Here is what you get: Atari Family Curriculum: Junior School Module -- Box, Disks, Manual Atari Family Curriculum: Play and Learn Module -- Box, Disks, Manual Atari Family Curriculum: Creative Computing Module -- Box, Disks, Manual Atari Family Curriculum: Business Computing Module -- Box, Disks, Manual Atari Family Curriculum: GCSE Revision Module -- Box, Disks, Manual PipeMania - Disk, Manual Asterix - Disk, Manual Drivin' Force - Disk, Manual Trivial Pursuit - Disk, Manual ST Format - Disks for issue 40 and 41 Spell It! - Disk only Onslaught - Disk and case with insert Fun School 2 - Disk, Box Thanks for looking!
  6. FREE: Must take all of it! See pics. Includes stuff like: Rasp Pi 3 in case Arduino boards Rasp Pi USB hubs Buck converters Panel mount cables (USB and HDMI) CF/SD card reader SD card extender Rotary encoders Can you use this stuff? Take it all for free + USPS medium flat rate shipping. That's it! Thanks!
  7. Hi all - I have a 1040ST that is in great working condition but the case is, uhhh, pretty messed up. I also have a 520ST with a beautiful case, but non-functioning motherboard. Anyone have a 1040ST case in lovely condition (looking for short FDD button version preferably) they'd like to trade for the 520ST case and motherboard? Let me know! Thanks!
  8. So...tempting...if no one claims this by tonight, then I'll take it.
  9. Picked up a nice Tandy 1000 EX but it is missing its top expansion cover! Anyone have a spare they want to sell? If not, has someone designed a 3D printable cover? I haven't been able to find one on the googles. Thanks!
  10. Up for sale are some old PCI video cards. I'm selling all 3 shipped in the US for $20. That's like $5/card + $5 shipping. If they don't sell, they get e-cycled. Thanks! Geforce 4MX with 64MB RAM. Full-size PCI bracket. The caps on this were blown and leaky when I found this. I have replaced them and been using it in P3 PC just fine. (2x) GeForce MX4000 with 128MB RAM. Short PCI bracket. Haven't tested these in awhile but worked last time I tried them.
  11. FREE: Sylvia Porter's Finance for the C128. In excellent condition and appears complete with box and manual -- don't know if it works, don't have a C128. Free + shipping. Manage your finances like its 1986!
  12. Just bought an ST mouse from Paul. It was quickly shipped and exactly as described. THANKS Paul!
  13. Bought several Atari 8-bit games from atari5200dude82. Per usual they were packed well and shipped quickly and were exactly as described. PERFECT! Thanks Terry!!!
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