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  1. Just bought a Super Famicom from S_crumb. The transaction was super smooth and the console showed up exactly as described. Very happy with my purchase. Thanks Jason!
  2. Interested in the Super Fami. Any pictures?
  3. Wow! Nice score! I hope you're back on your feet soon so you can really enjoy it. In the meantime, you can gaze upon the haul in all its glory and plan your attack! Those Antic and ANALOG magazines are lots of fun to thumb through a reminisce. Maybe you can enjoy those if you have more chemo sessions ahead of you.
  4. Had one too as a kid and it still has a spot in my heart. Despite that mushy keyboard, I do love the sleek grey lines and the red Atari logo label of the XE. I now have a couple of them, but do use the 800XL more just because the mainboard is socketed and has been easier to do upgrades on (like the U1MB).
  5. Yup, the PBI. I love these trash to treasure series from RMC, hopefully he goes for the full restore!
  6. Updated with a new XL for sale. ...and sold.
  7. SOLD Up for sale is another Atari 800XL. This is a Hong Kong model with fully socketed motherboard. All 8 DRAM have been replaced with new-old-stock Samsung memory. The following has been tested as good: cartridge port, AV port, SIO port, all keys on keyboard, and joystick ports. Case has no cracks or damage except for a hole for the ROM toggle (see below). Original RF is installed. The XL has been stripped and cleaned, even the keyboard. Comes with expansion port slot cover and all 4 original feet. The original OS ROM has been piggybacked with the BOSS XL/XE ROM with a red toggle switch on the back of the case. This ROM allows you to switch between original XL ROM and the BOSS XL/XE ROM which allows for OG 800 compatibility (amongst other features). No AV cables or power supply included. Asking $90 + shipping + PayPal fees. Thanks! SOLD Up for sale is a newly restored 800XL. This is a Taiwan model with a mostly socketed motherboard. DRAM and all major ICs (except for PIA) are socketed. Unit has been thoroughly cleaned, all 8 DRAM replaced with new-old-stock Samsung memory, and the following tested: all keys, joystick ports, SIO, cartridge, and AV port. Case has no damage with all interior screws and RF shielding in place. The case is missing the rear expansion port cover and 1 bottom case screw. Comes with a Ms. Pac Man cartridge because that game is just awesome and I have multiples. I can also include a working "OK" style power supply (not the ingot, but not the nice long one) at no extra charge. No AV cables included. Asking $90 + shipping and any PayPal fees. I will have a 2nd Hong Kong model 800XL coming in a week or so. It has a full socketed motherboard, in same general shape, but has a ROM replacement with a switch drilled in the case. Thanks!
  8. Anyone have a spare working Sally CPU they'd like to sell? If not, I'll go eBay...thanks!
  9. Hi there - I'm looking for a heavy sixer in nice condition. Don't need it boxed or even with accessories, though if you have joysticks, paddles, or games, that's OK too. Just would like to find one in nice cosmetic and working condition. I would prefer to not pay eBay prices, but I'm also not expecting a "flea market find" price either. Thanks!
  10. Just for reference, this is the CF card that works perfect:
  11. I purchased a SanDisk Ultra 4GB CF card -- the same make and model that flashjazzcat had success with and posted about in another thread -- and it works perfectly with the 3.10 firmware on the SIDE2. For whatever reason, the old Verbatim 2GB CF card I had running fine on the OG SIDE2 firmware, either does not like the new 3.10 firmware or happened to go bad at the same time as I was upgrading the firmware. Either way, I am happy to report the SanDisk works perfect and my 800XL is now rocking the U1MB with SIDE2 loader. What a combo! Thanks to flashjazzcat for the awesome firmware and help along the way!
  12. The 2600 was my first console and the 800XL my first computer so having both makes perfect sense to me!
  13. Do you use this CF card with version 3.10 of the SIDE2? I'm gonna scour eBay and try a couple of cards out and thought if this is working for you, the odds may be in my favor. I think flashjazzcat had confirmed a SanDisk 4GB working in another thread too, gotta find that one and pick one of those up too. Thanks everyone for the tips!
  14. Hi all - Somehow I seem to have 2 copies of "Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon" from Cinemaware. These are the North American NTSC release. As I don't need 2, I was hoping to trade my spare copy for another Cinemaware or Psygnosis title, as I collect both. This copy of "Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon" is complete in box and in excellent condition. If you're in North America and would like to consider a trade, please let me know! I'm looking for the following: King of Chicago The Kristal Barbarian Menace Bratacus Walker Nitro or others...lemme know! Thanks!
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