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  1. SOLD! Up for sale is an XL-style SDrive-MAX w/stylus, power adapter, and 16GB SD card. Asking $50 shipped in the US. Works great! Bought this from TBA awhile back and just don't use. Please note that the 3D printed case has a brown mark on the corner. It shipped this way from TBA. Thanks!
  2. Well, this story had a happy ending for me at least in that I found a virtual brand new in box STfm on OfferUp for $100 a couple months later, and ended up moving the engraved ST along.
  3. Please don't just trash them! If you can't find a local person, consider shipping them media mail to someone up here!
  4. Don't Bother Me But yeah, Ben is a little off, but he has some great deals sometimes! I've bought quite a few things from him long distance and in-person. He once gave me a tour of his apartment. It was amazing! He had a closet full of SC1224 monitors and bed made out of Jaguar carts. I was in Atari heaven.
  5. Sega Astro City cabinet + MiSTer FPGA = Atari 8-bit arcade. Dropzone is pretty awesome in an arcade cabinet!
  6. Bought another game from Cobra Kai and it was perfect per usual. Thanks!!!
  7. that's the cap ID on the circuit board so you can find it.
  8. I have this very nice Nintendo DSi XL up for sale if anyone is interested. It's in excellent condition -- no damage, and comes with original stylus, AC adapter, and a nice Nintendo carry case. This is the blue color model (see pictures). Unit has been MODDED to play, uhhh, backups, yeah that's it, backups. Includes a 16GB SD card for your, uhhh, backups. Will also run emulators and original cartridge games too! The only caveat is the emunand running on the device has the user name "Joshua" which you can't easily change. But if you don't care about that, you'll be in DSi hog heaven with this unit. Asking $70 + shipping, US and Canada only. PayPal only. Thanks!
  9. Here is what I found when I recapped both of my SC1224 monitors (JVC version):
  10. Sorry, I ended up not doing anything. The monitor is sitting dead in the basement.
  11. Up for grabs is an Atari Game Center in rough shape. The top has several cracks and is missing plastic. The base also has some cracks and missing pieces internally, but it would look OK if cleaned up with a 2600 sitting on top. Free for local pickup in the Seattle area. Sorry, don't want to ship this; it might literally turn to dust in transit. Thanks!
  12. Bought several Atari 2600 games from Cobra Kai. They were well-packed, quickly shipped, and exactly as described. Really a great AA seller and looking forward to what else he might liquidate from his collection. Thanks!
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